Advertising Through Banner Ad Networks


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You do not need to be a highly skilled designer or an experienced programmer to advertise through banner ad networks. You can find the most advantageous place and attract interest in your products or services to start enjoying the experience of your traffic.

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Advertising Through Banner Ad Networks

  2. 2. Banner Ads    Banner ads are graphical images that attracts visitors to click them to get more information. They are rectangles displayed at the top or bottom of websites. Although they are more expensive than blog commenting, their results are much faster because they draw people’s attention.
  3. 3. Banner Ad Networks  Banner Ad Networks are large websites and search engines where you can purchase banner advertising.
  4. 4. BANNER AD NETWORKS Advantages  It is the most popular way to advertise your business in the web.  If used properly, they can be profitable for your business.  They can give you more visitors than other forms of advertising.  You can get visitors to your site for cheap  You can attract many visitors to your site from elsewhere by promoting special offers.  You can increase website traffic effectively  They act as a middle-men between your website and advertisers.  Banner networks are the best resources you can utilize to make some money off your blogs and websites.
  5. 5. Examples of advertising networks  The following are some advertising networks that you can use to spread your ads on multiple websites:  Google Adwords  Yahoo! Bing Ad network  Microsoft Ad network  Amasson Associates  Banner space  Adify  Commission Junction  ValueClick Media  AdOn Network  Ad Brite
  6. 6. BACK TO BASICS After knowing the basics it is important to start experiencing the benefits. You must understand how and where these websites advertise before contacting them directly. Google Adwords Google Adwords display ads on websites within the Google Content Network based on keywords and demographics. I consider them as is the biggest because they are owned by the biggest search engine in the world.
  7. 7. Yahoo! Bing Ad Network This is an ad network similar to Google Adwords. It allows you to place your banner ads on websites across Yahoo!'s network. It is formed by a collaboration of two tech search engines: Yahoo and Bing. They provide advertisers a wide exposure and possibilities for reaching a high number of clients. Microsoft Ad Network This is a great ad network run by Microsoft. If you are looking for an ad network that can reach a wide global audience, microsoft Ad network can offer great advertising solutions across multiple devices such as PC’s, TVs, and mobile screens.
  8. 8. Amazon Associates This is an online giant retailer which offers a network platform for advertisers and publishers. If you do not have room fo r large web banner ads, can offer wiedgets that can be used to highlight a product, at special times. BannerSpace BannerSpace also has a wide global reach, covering several publishers world wide and in different business niches and multiple industries. Adify Adify offers several online advertising related products and services to web owners and operators.
  9. 9. Commission Junction Commission Junction is an online advertising and internet marketing company where you can connect with to display banner ads on websites, e-mails and RSS feeds. ValueClick Media ValueClick Media is another popular online advertising platform which has collaborated with other Ad Networks such as commission junction, Greystripe, Mediaplex and Dotomi to cater to advertisers of all sizes and across all industries.
  10. 10. AdOn Network AdOn Network is an Ad Network Provider which offers customized advertising solutins basing on a user's browsing history. Ad Brite Ad Brite is an independent online advertising agent that lets you purchase banner advertisement spots for a flat monthly fee or on a pay-per-click basis. Other advertising networks are BuysellAds, project wonderful, ADSDAQ, Fusion, the Deck etc
  11. 11. How to buy Advertising space If you are interested in buying advertising space, you have a few different options. You can:   Approach Web sites yourself – it is important to place a banner ad yourself as it can allow you to control your advertisement. You can find them online, send them an email or even call them for inquiries. Make sure you get an advertising arrangement that meets your needs. Employ an advertising agency – before employing an advertising agency, you must do enough research about available agencies to make an informed choice. Ensure you choose the one that meets your budget. You can either consider large companies or small one, depending on your interest. It is important to spend most of your money on actual banner ad placement, than marketing plans, especially if you have a limited advertising budget.
  12. 12.   Join a banner ad network – This is an important option because it lets you put banners on several sites without having to negotiate with these sites yourself. Therefore you will not be aware where your banners will be displayed. The banner ad networks will simply acts as brokers between advertisers and publishers. You must do enough research when shopping for suitable banner networks. You can consider to use an online banner maker to create effective online banner ads will be appealing to everyone. Start an affiliate program – an affiliate program is a way you can use to get your banner ads on different sites.
  13. 13.    You can target different markets by creating multiple banner ads. They are great ways to attractively display your products/services for recognition. They are highly effective tools that can greatly enhance your marketing campaign.   They are more efficient than traditional banners like newspapers and televisions. A good online banner maker can help your advertising campaign and ease your marketing endeavors in many ways.
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