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Toronto online video workshop
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Toronto online video workshop


Published on

We are happy to share the slides from the Toronto June 2nd luncheon on creating online video with measureable results.

We are happy to share the slides from the Toronto June 2nd luncheon on creating online video with measureable results.

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  • In fact this year mobile internet usage increased 25% thus providing ‘real time anywhere’ web access.
  • For communicators this is an opportunity to reach as millions of Canadians everyday, are saying.....
  • You can upload your video to YouTube, include on your Facebook page, add to your website. These kinds of targeted postings of your video reach consumers who already know about you. They are already interested in your products, service or idea, but .
  • Mass reach will connect you to a wider audience
  • Mass distribution increases the odds that you’ll be found when Canadians are looking for your information.
  • How do you achieve mass reach for your video?First you have to do your research. Investigate what sites and portals are people visiting –what is their audience reach - what makes them popular – what kinds of content do they have. Your list could include Portals, websites, all types of media -as they all have associated websites, targeted or specialty sites, retail sites, local associations like hockey sites. And ask yourself how do you develop a message to work within that framework
  • Select Quality Sites; Canadians are more wary than ever of where and whom information is coming from. Canadians look to sources that have credibility to help them figure out what is legitimate and what is not. They visit sites where there are authorities or experts in their fields offering tips and advice. Consumers will navigate through multiple sources, and if they don’t find what they want, they will quickly move on to the next site. Therefore it is important to target sites that have a good reputation and quality SEO so your video can be found.
  • Portals have tremendous reach because they offer one-stop shopping for content and quality media providers like CBC, CTV , Canadian Business Magazine, Consumers Report - so whatever the users want information, RRSP information, health concerns or issues on the environment Canadians go to Portal. Many of the top Portals provide greater daily audiences that the traditional print and television audiences. The portals also have superior SEO of their content, so if you get on them you will capitalize on the Portal’s SEO.
  • It’s all about establishing a relationship with website editors and that takes time..... so its time to get started. Figure out what the Portals need, how will your content compliment their editorial. Who is the web editor...the person you want is probably not the webmaster (but they might steer you in the right direction) and how is the best way to communicate with the web editor and how often. Also determine if whether you are able to provide them with lots of video content or is it just a one off video. Either option will require a different pitch to the editor. Ensure your content is editorial. Video content that is too branded, too promotional or looks like advertising will not be accepted as it jeopardizes the sites own advertising revenue, and might get you black listed.
  • Each
  • Increase your offerings- that could be including articles with your video, it could mean offering a steady stream of video content – maybe partnering with other government departments to offer videos every monthIt’s just hard work and dedication.
  • Focus on the traditional media especially in that they all have associated website and supply the major Portals with content.
  • Understand some of the web editors challenges – make it easy for them to use your video...provide them in the formats they need. Do they need FLASH or Windows Media or QuickTime or HD –We provide Rogers Yahoo! with video content and we deliver 5 different bit-rates, however as the industry formats becomes more standardized this will become an easier process.
  • In Social media sharing is caring. The more sites you are on the more chances Canadians will include your video on their social media sites. The consumer is moving from being a creator to the distributor.
  • Measuring results of an online video or any web content can be an enormous task without the right tools. Knowing what to measure is key. Watch the comments and see if the viewers engaged (via sharing and comments etc)
  • Measurement has been around for many years and it is still true today that the best analysis tool is you with the help of ME
  • Transcript

    • 1. From Storyboard to YouTube: Creating Video with Measurable Results
    • 2. The Panel
      Charlene Nadalin, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing
      Angela Di Stasi,Video Communication Specialist, in-video
      Diane Williams, Executive VP, Digital Services/Print & Web Media Relations
      Jenny Cruxton, Senior Account Executive, MRP
    • 3. Agenda
      Angela Di Stasi
      Tips and insights to create compelling content in a manageable way
      Jenny Cruxton
      Using audience reach data to determine the potential of your video to be seen
      Access to data using the Media Relations Rating Points system
      Media relations
      Diane Williams
      Insights into online media and tips on getting your video picked up
    • 4. Who is News Canada?
      For over 30 years, we have provided the media (print, broadcast and Internet) with ready-to-use editorial content and we provide your organization with the opportunity to be featured in that content
      Producing video for television since 2000
      Entered the online video space in 2005
    • 5. Online Video in Canada
      • 90% Canadians on the web watch video content
      • 6. Canadians watch 251 videos/month
      • 7. Canadians spend more time online than watching TV
      • 8. Half of that time is spent watching videos
    • The Video Section
    • 9. Many might think that Making a Video is SIMPLE
      2. Get someone to talk in
      front of the camera
      1. Grab a Camera
      3. Get editing software
    • 10. However to Make A Great Video
      with purpose
      3 major parts to production
    • 11. Pre-Production
      Planning for the day of the shoot
      • Scriptwriting
      • 12. Call Sheet
      • 13. Location Scouting
      • 14. Detailed Shot-list
      • 15. Equipment Requirements
    • Pre-Production
      Scriptwriter’s Role
      To develop the content of your video ask yourself these questions
      • What is this video about? What message do you want to convey?
      • 16. What does your audience want (viewers/media)?
      • 17. How is this beneficial for the consumer/Canadian?
    • Pre-Production
      Scriptwriter’s Role
      Choose the style of video that suits your message
      Some popular styles of videos:
      “How To”
      “Documentary style”
      *When being creative, always have the viewers’ best interests in mind.
    • 18. Pre-Production
      Video Styles – How To
      Watch this video
    • 19. Pre-Production
      Video Styles – Webisode (with Host)
      Watch this video
    • 20. Pre-Production
      Video Styles – Webisode/Documentary
      Watch this video
    • 21. Pre-Production
      Video Script
      Scriptwriter’s Role
      • Write for video- NOT for a print article
      • 22. Write the way people talk
      Print Article
      Tips for purchasing a fuel-efficient vehicle
      (NC)—When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, you might want to consider buying the most fuel-efficient one that meets your needs. Follow these tips to help you make an informed decision:
    • 23. Pre-Production
      Scriptwriter’s Role
      Scriptwriting – B Roll/Visuals
      Watch this video
      • At least one visual for every 1-2 sentences
      • 24. Stay away from a talking head
      • 25. Talk to your editor- helps with visuals
    • Pre-Production
      Scriptwriter’s Role
      Scriptwriting - Timing
      • Recommend videos be 2 minutes
      • 26. 1-2 message(s) per script
      • 27. The shorter the better
      • 28. 400 words = 2 minutes
      • 29. 1 page (NC template) = 1 minute
    • Pre-Production
      Producer’s Role
      Shot list
      Read through script and make a list of all required visuals/shots
      Add in any extra shots that the scriptwriter may not have accounted for
      Organize the order of shots
    • 30. Pre-Production
      Producer’s Role
      Shot list
      SEC 1 - Living room
      Organization of shots
      Grouping of shots
      Location assessment
      Shot assessment
      SEC 2 - Kitchen
      SEC 3 - Basement
    • 31. Pre-Production
      Producer’s Role
      Call Sheet
      Included in a call sheet is the following…
      • Names and phone numbers of everybody on the shoot
      • 32. Date
      • 33. Time
      • 34. Locations
      • 35. Schedule for the day
      *Call sheet should be sent out 48 hours before the shoot day
    • 36. Production
      Bring the ideas to life through filming
      • Producer/Director
      • 37. Camera
      • 38. Lighting & All Production Equipment
      • 39. Production Crew
      • 40. Time-code
    • Production
      Producer & Camera Crew
      Day of the shoot — before pressing record on camera
      Consider: Technical capabilities/ Camera Crew
      • What equipment will you need to bring your video to life?
    • Production
      Producer & Camera Crew
      Day of the shoot
      Dual daylight molefay lights
      Camera on a crane
      Lowel light inside the car x2
      Kicker lights under the car
      Water on the floor to create shine
    • 41. Production
      Producer & Camera Crew
      Day of the shoot
      ‘Pro light’ in the corner
      ‘Diva’ lights
      Camera on a mini tripod
      Very small attic!
      Steady Cam
    • 42. Production
      Producer & Camera Crew
      Day of the shoot
      • Take every shot at least twice
      • 43. Different framing and angles
      • 44. Always leave time for b-roll
      • 45. Always get more b-roll than planned
      Angle 1-MS
      Angle 2-CU
      Angle 3-CU
    • 46. Production
      Producer & Camera Crew
      Time-code = Money saver
      * Always take time-code
      * Helpful for editors
    • 47. Production
      Producer & Camera Crew
      Got the tapes?
      *Make sure you have the card or tape after the shoot.
    • 48. Post-Production
      All the elements come together to create the original vision
    • Post-Production
      Editor’s Role
      Make sure you have
    • Post-Production
      Editor’s Role
      Work with a professional
      editor and software
      • Well versed in editing software
      • 55. More precision
      • 56. Creative flexibility
      • 57. More effects
      • 58. Technical obstacles
      • 59. File formats
    • Post-Production
      Editor / Motion Graphics Artist’s RoleMotion Graphics
      • Brings your video to life
      • 60. Contemporary flare
      • 61. Use professional Motion Graphic Artists
      • 62. Very time consuming
      • 63. 1 graphic taking up 10 seconds takes 1-4 hours or more to create
      • 64. For a 1-2 min video leave 5-8 days for editing/graphics
      Watch this video
    • 65. In Conclusion
      • Complete each of the 3 Ps
      • 66. People will watch
      People will watch
    • 67. Distributing your Video
    • 68. Technology has dramatically altered how we consume media
    • 69. This year Canadians will buy more smartphones and tablets than computers.
      In the next 2 years Google anticipates 50% of searches will come from mobile devices
      Today’s technology enables consumers to access content in ‘real time’ from any location
    • 70. Since searching for content has ‘no bounds’
      It is more important than ever to have an online presence
    • 71. Millions of Canadians everyday are saying “I need this information” “I am researching this topic”“I am looking to buy these products”“I need health care advice”
    • 72. Now that you have decided to build it, how will they find it?
    • 73. It’s a matter of distribution
    • 74. Niche placement is easy
    • 75. But —to build a brand, promote your expertise, execute a launch and engage in consumer education...
      You need mass reach.
    • 76. Mass distribution increases the odds that you’ll be found when consumers are looking for your information
    • 77. To achieve mass reach online:
      Investigate what sites Canadians are visiting: Google top 50 sites, look for media lists
      What is the audience reach of site: tools such as MRP
      Ensure that your video has the quality that is required – story, production, value
      Go beyond the obvious – look at retail sites, associations/community
    • 78. Selecting where your video is going to goAny ol’ site won’t do: Canadians are more wary than ever of where, and from whom, they receive informationWebsite Considerations: - Search ranking (SEO)- Reputation- Subject authorities and experts- Current and relevant - Sharable
    • 79. Portals have tremendous reach
      Globe & Mail
      Ottawa Citizen
      Global News at 6
      CBC National News
      Daily Reach Web
      Daily Reach Print Edition
      Daily Reach Television Audience
    • 80. This may or may not surprise you, but......
      Mainstream media sites are the best approach to reaching bloggers.
    • 81. Researchers at Cornell tracked 1.6 million mainstream media sites and blogs
      96.5 % of stories originated from traditional media
      3.5 % of stories originated from bloggers
    • 82. How do you harness the potential of portals and websites?
      Through Media Relations employing the same outreach techniques as with traditional media
    • 83. Outreach Tips
      • Establish relationships
      • 84. Web editor not webmaster
      • 85. Best method of communication
      • 86. How much content can you provide?
      • 87. Ensure content is editorial
    • Be Unique
      Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.
                       Our content is powerful and ready for you.
                                          Roses are Red and Orchids are Peach.
                        Our content will - quadruple your reach!
                                       Violets are Blue and Daisies are Black.
                        If you can't use our content I am sure to get sacked!
                                        Rich thought I must call and provide solutions to your needs.
                       He feels the value of our message you should really heed.
                        My poetry is  -  a bit juvenile,                but our content's power is beyond denial!
    • 88. Successful Strategies
      • Compelling Content
    • Successful Strategies
      • Increase your offerings
    • Successful Strategies
      • Think outside the box
    • Successful Strategies
      • Don’t forget traditional media
    • Successful Strategies
      Understand some of the challenges of the web editor
      Make it easy for the media to use your video
    • 89. Successful Strategies
      • More sites, more sharing
    • Recap
      • Online presence is critical to your communication strategies
      • 90. Prepare a media relations plan including targeted and mass reach sites
      • 91. Don’t forget traditional media
      • 92. Make it easy for the websites to use your video content
    • How do you measure online videos?
    • 93. Measuring Results
      Quantitative – Audience
      Potential audience that might view your content (similar to print and broadcast)
      Use audit data source to report audience like comScore, Nielson, or Alexa
      Return on Investment (ROI)
      Was your message achieved
      Sentiment analysis
      was the reception positive (comments/shared/engagement)
    • 94. Video
      Who they are
      Top Canadian 2010 online trends
      How they measure
      Future of online – online media and mainstream media – and measurement in Canada
    • 95. Watch comScore Video
    • 96. How can you access this online data and measure your program?
      Research the audience reach data and build your own reports
      Use a service with that uses automated sentiment analysis
      Use a service like MRP that employs - audience data and DIY analysis reporting
    • 97. What is MRP?
      What is MRP:
      Introduced in 2006
      Created for the industry, by the industry
      Created by the CPRS and endorsed by the Canadian Chapters of IABC and the Canadian Council of PR Firms
      Managed and governed by the CPRS Measurement Committee
      What does MRP provides:
      Easy report building and exporting tools showing quantitative, qualitative analysis
      Provides audited audience data such as comScore
      ROI – cost per contact
    • 98. Recap on Measuring success
      Use auditeddata sources for audience reach
      Show quality and quantity of coverage
      Consider the implications if you use an automated sentiment analysis
      What was your ROI
      What was the level of engagement
    • 99. Questions?