How to use Facebook to connect with potential clients ?

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A lot has been said about leveraging Facebook for marketing. Even though there are about thousands of strategies to tap the opportunities that Facebook has to offer, it is important to understand how …

A lot has been said about leveraging Facebook for marketing. Even though there are about thousands of strategies to tap the opportunities that Facebook has to offer, it is important to understand how Facebook can be used to get more clients.

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  • 2. A lot has been said about leveraging Facebook formarketing. Even though there are aboutthousands of strategies to tap the opportunitiesthat Facebook has to offer, it is important tounderstand how Facebook can be used to getmore clients.
  • 3. Create your Facebook account if you don’t haveone. It’s always better to keep your personalaccount and your business account separate,though it may work for some. Your clients maynot be interested to know what you did over theweekend or which party you attended. Instead, byhaving a business account you can focus onsharing informative content with them.
  • 4. Gone are the days when you handed out cards orasked for contact details. It’s now time to findyour potential clients on Facebook. So make anemail list of your prospects and send them afriend request on Facebook. Avoid sending outtoo many friends requests in a day and sendfriend requests only to people you know asFacebook might consider your requests as spamand block your account for a few days to amonth.
  • 5. • If you have a business page, invite your Facebook friends to visit your page and become a fan• Grab your prospects attention to your page by posting regularly. You can post your listings and informative articles alternatively• If you have a website, add your Facebook page badge for website visitors to see your live Facebook feeds and to get immediate access to your Facebook page
  • 6. • If you’re posting articles and blogs, set them up to automatically post the articles or blogs to your Facebook page• Post links to your monthly newsletter and email campaigns to your Facebook page• Try to create a professional yet personal relationship with your clients. It’s a good practice to ‘Like’ the posts they publish or to leave a message on their birthdays
  • 7. • Acknowledge every comment that your fans post. If someone posts a comment criticizing or complaining about your services, take it in a positive way, apologize and suggest a solution instead of ignoring it.• Tag people in photos and comments whenever you can. Just don’t go overboard with tagging as some people may not like the idea of posts showing up on their wall• Try not to use your Facebook profile to oversell and avoid exposing yourself too much by over posting
  • 8. Facebook marketing is effective and simple. Thekey is to keep it simple and focus on buildingyour fan base. All you need are a few minutes andyou can triumph over marketing. If you want helpwith Facebook, contact us and we will be glad toguide you
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