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Attracting leads to your business
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Attracting leads to your business


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  • Ever wondered what it takes to get frequent visitors on your website? Just launching a website is not sufficient to boost your website traffic and attract leads. Your efforts should go beyond adding tags and keywords.Here are a few things to get you started -
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    • 2. As a business owner you might find yourselfstruggling with lead generation because youwouldn’t have a marketing department to supportyou by providing quality leads. Neither will youhave a sales team at your disposal to go convertthose leads into deals.Here are some very effective tips that would helpyou generate quality leads yourself -
    • 3. WEB PRESENCEEstablish a strong web presence. As a businessowner, you will not have a physical officeaddress, as such, but that shouldn’t stop you fromgetting a virtual office space. We’re talking aboutwebsites here! Having a business website will lendcredibility and a touch of professionalism to yourhome business.
    • 4. ADD VALUEIf you want to attract leads make sure you addvalue to them through your products, services andeven the content that you have on the web. Forexample, if you sell baked goods from home, it’s agood idea to provide culinary tips on your website.Something like that will attract people to yoursite, where they will eventually find more aboutwhat you do and perhaps become a customer.
    • 5. GET INFORMATION Get as much information as possible about yourprospects. You could have your prospects fill upone line web forms that help you gatherinformation about them. When someone visits yourwebsite or social media page, you should betracking their online behavior. There are goodmarketing automation software programs thatallow you to do so. You can later use this insight toposition your business offerings in a manner thatmost appeals to them.
    • 6. ADVERTISEMENTS ON FACEBOOK & GOOGLEFacebook and Google Ads are catching up big time.These advertisements place your product/serviceson relevant web search results and web pages. Forexample, if you are selling baked goods fromhome, then you can choose to placeadvertisements of your products on sites andFacebook pages that talk about cooking or on thesearch results for ‘cake shops’ or ‘bakeries’ onGoogle
    • 7. SOCIAL MEDIASocial networking sites such asFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are fast becominga home business owner’s best friend. Not only dothese sites offer unlimited audience for yourservices, but are also low-cost marketing media.Along the same lines are blogs, newsletters andYouTube videos. All these avenues act as greatplatforms to showcase your expertise andknowledge in the domain of your business and toattract leads in the process.
    • 8. PARTNERS & REFERRALSIt can get a little overwhelming to do it all atonce—all alone. That’s when you could use apartner to help you out. You could partner withbusinesses that complement your start-up. Forexample, if you bake cakes at home, considerpartnering with the local supermarket or groceryvendor. Similarly, ask every happy customer toprovide you with a referral. Leads through referralsare more likely to convert than the ones yougenerate in random.
    • 9. So, even though lead generation can seem like achallenge for business owners, it can be easilysurmounted if you have the right strategies inplace.
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