Cable guy slideshow of Newlec Cat 6 Trunking


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Presentation as featured in Neweys News, where product tester Ewhen Kochan out the Newlec Cat 6 trunking through it's paces. Purchase :

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Cable guy slideshow of Newlec Cat 6 Trunking

  1. 1. The Cable Guy Newlec product presentation
  2. 2. Data integrity is vital in a modern working environment,so with the launch of the Newlec Cat 6 trunking we get our product tester Ewhen Kochan from Leksicon Ltd to put it through its paces.
  3. 3. “Having marked off the trunking toa height of 90mm on the wall andchecked its alignment using a spiritlevel, my first job is to fix the base.”
  4. 4. “I have marked off where I needthe fixings to go through thepredrilled
holes in the base.Thetrunking is then
cut to lengthusing a hacksaw.”
  5. 5. To maintain a Cat 6 ratingoverlap the trunking base on internal corners and use segregators for the external corners.
  6. 6. Step 2: Now to determine wherethe accessories will befitted……….
  7. 7. “The knockouts on the back boxes areeasily removed by pressing them out byhand. The back boxes simply snap into place, which I do now to visualise the installation, they are easy enough to remove before cabling begins.”
  8. 8. “Next I work out where to drill through from the top compartment to find the centre for the datacabling. The shallow V groove in thecompartment wall of the divider is a real help in positioning the drill.”
  9. 9. “Having worked out where the back boxes go, I just removethem, lay the cables and thensnap them back into position.”
  10. 10. “Right, I just need to feed the cabling into the back boxes and then terminate them in the accessory..”and, yes, this is great
  11. 11. Step 4: Almost done, I just need to fit the covers…
  12. 12. “Again these are easily cut to length and simply snap into position. Final job is to fit thecorners, joint covers and end caps and checkthat no gaps exist between the fittings and the trunking covers.”
  13. 13. and, yes, this is great.. Completed installation Review: The trunking is easy and fast to fit. With the extra bend radius on the corners it is also Cat 6 compliant making it suitable for virtually all modern commercial projects. It also looks good which is important for the end user- Review completed by Ewhen Kochan from Leksicon Ltd forNewey & Eyre March 2012
  14. 14. 3 Compartment Cat 6 Dado Trunking System : Supplied fully assembled, it The NEW CAT 6 compliant trunking comprises of a three system combines compartmental trunking withsuperior performance each compartment having a and fast fixing with separate cover, with the affordability. bases pre-drilled for easy yet accurate fixing.
  15. 15. Newlec Cat 6 trunking range• Easy to assemble and install• Improved curved aesthetic Key• Easy clean• Durable and impact resistant Features• One piece corners and end caps• Pre-drilled trunking base• 35mm back box to accommodate Cat6 compliance• Manufactured from 90% recycled PVCu• Made in the UK
  16. 16. Find these productsThe Newlec Cat 6trunking is available inthe new 2012 Newleccatalogue and can bepurchased online in your local Newey& Eyre branch.
  17. 17. Join in.....Send us your own review or installation video via “”
  18. 18. Product Order Codes ReferenceOrder Code Product Code Description1052051439 NLPPTSTLL Flat Tee1052051438 NLPPTSFAL Flat Elbow1052051431 NLPPTSLIC6 Internal Corner CAT61052051430 NLPPTSLEC6 External Corner CAT61052051432 NLPPTS97 Jointing /cover1052051433 NLPPTSLS End Cap ( R + L hand pair)1052051434 NLPPTS11 Cable Retainer Centre1052051435 NLPPTS12 Cable Retainer Top/Bottom1052051436 NLPPTS6025 One Gang Accessory box 25mm1052051437 NLPPTS7025 Two Gang Accessory Box 25mm1052051441 NLPPTS6035 One Gang Accessory Box 35mm1052051442 NLPPT57035 Two Gang Accessory Box 35mm
  19. 19. Order Online at Neweys Online• Order before 8pm for Next Day Delivery• Free Delivery on orders over £50• Click and Collect in branch Register today for a trade account.