An intro to Social Media
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An intro to Social Media



An intro to Social Media is where you need to start if you haven't a clue about what Social Media could mean to your business. The second thing to do is to contact

An intro to Social Media is where you need to start if you haven't a clue about what Social Media could mean to your business. The second thing to do is to contact
Newtricks for business - Social Media Outsourcing. Stop dabbling - start doing!



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An intro to Social Media An intro to Social Media Presentation Transcript

  • An Intro to:“Social Media”
  • Social Media - What could it mean to your business?
  • What it is not is…
    The whole story
    A ‘golden bullet’
    The only game in town
    A ‘dead-cert’
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  • …one piece of jig-saw
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  • ...A Question
  • Q: How do you network?
  • Quote: “Network”
    “A network is a collection of terminals, computers, servers, or users which allows the easy flow of information and resources between each other”
  • Add the word ‘Social’...
    “A Social Network is an online group 
    of people with a 
    common interest”
  • Social Network - Let’s Expand
    Individuals in groups
    The interaction of like-minded people within groups
    Being online we could have a wider spread
    Online - we could involve other related groups
    We specifically could target business people
    We could communicate with our clients
    We could communicate with soon-to-be clients!
  • Social Media could be – a million business cards to interested parties
  • Social Media
    and the ‘Smart-Phone’
  • The “Smart-Phone”
    What is it? – well, it’s more than a phone!
    A mobile computer – with mobile net access!
    You can run your company emails
    It can keep you in contact with the office...
    But, run your company’s ‘Social Media’
    So you can contact...
    And be contactable by your clients
    ...all on the move!
  • ....All On The Move?
    BBC quote Aug 2011:
    “UK mobile internet use nearing 50%”
  • What are they doing?
    Making phone calls? – occasionally!
    Playing Solitaire? – may-be!
    “Interacting via Social Media?” - yes; mostly!
    Interacting – what does that mean?
    Your business talking to your clients…
    Where-ever your clients are!
    Your clients talking to you…
    Where-ever you are!”
  • Why is mobile internetusage going up?
    ...because of Social Media
    And the ‘Smart-Phone’
  • Social Media - “The New Email!”
    A connection to your business
    Enables your availability
    Where-ever you are
    Cheap communication channels
    A platform to ask questions...
    A platform to be asked questions...
    From/to the most important people in yourbusinesses world – your clients
  • Who here has had a ‘dabbled’at Social Media?
  • Knowledge - Time - Persistence
  • - Social Media Outsourcing
    We are four blokes all above a certain age
    We can identify your needs
    We configure your platforms
    We network from those platforms
    We ‘maintain’ those networks
  • - Social Media Outsourcing
  • Any Questions?