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Ten Winning Stats for Association Marketers
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Ten Winning Stats for Association Marketers


What Successful Teams Do.

What Successful Teams Do.

Published in Marketing , Business , Technology
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  • 2. C O M P I L E D B Y New Planet Studios, Inc. w w w . n e w p l a n e t 1 . c o m
  • 3. Content marketing typically costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods – yet it generates three times as many leads. -B2BMarketingInsider Winning associations create, execute and evaluate a well-defined regimen of targeted content marketing. Which begs the question: why aren’t more of us doing it? SOURCE: http://www.b2bmarketinginsider.com/content-marketing/2014-content-marketing-imperative 62% 3xSAVINGS RETURN WINNING STAT # 1: CONTENT MARKETING
  • 4. Websiteconversionrates arenearly6xhigher forcontentmarketing adoptersthanfor non-adopters– 2.9%vs.0.5%. –KAPOST Theconclusionisobvious. Yourprospectswillengage withtimely,compelling contentaboutsubjectsthat interestthem–andthey’re willingtoclickthroughto “FindOutMore.” SOURCE: http://content.kapost.com/Aberdeen-ContentChaos 6xHIGHER CONVERSION RATES WINNING STAT # 2: CONTENT MARKETING
  • 5. Howdoyouconnect mosteffectivelyand efficientlywithyour institutional,corporate andotherorganizational members? 94%ofallB2Bmarketers usesocialmedia for theirorganizational announcements – vs.just71%whostilluse traditionalpressreleases. –MarxCommunications SOURCE:http://b2bprblog.marxcommunications.com/b2bpr/surprising-b2b-pr-survey-results-infographic 94%ARE USING SOCIAL MEDIA WINNING STAT # 3: SOCIAL MEDIA
  • 6. TheTake fromtheTop. 82%of audiencesfeel anorganizationismore trustworthywhenitsCEO isactiveonsocialmedia. –MarketingProfs.com CEOengagementsshould betimely,regularand strategic– focusingonkey topicsthatmemberscare aboutthemost. SOURCE: http://www.marketingprofs.com/chirp/2014/25268/the-psychology-of-sharing-infographic WINNING STAT # 4: SOCIAL MEDIA 82%LIKE SEEING CEO ENGAGEMENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA LEADERSHIP COUNTS
  • 7. Nottoomany. Nottoofew. Justright. AccordingtoINFORMZ, sendingemailcampaigns every2-3workdayswill oftendeliverthebest open-and-clickscores. YourGoldilocksNumber mayvary–sokeeptesting andtrackingresults. 6to10EMAILS PER MONTH SOURCE: INFORMZ. http://www.informz.com/blog/am-i-sending-too-much-email/ WINNING STAT # 5: EMAIL CAMPAIGNS What’syourGoldilocksNumber?
  • 8. Nearlytwo-thirds ofallemailsare openedonmobile devices. -VentureBeat Howdoyouremails lookonsmartphonesand tablets? Everythinglegible andeasilynavigable? Checktoseethatyou’re stilllookinggoodonce you’vegonemobile. 66%OF ALL EMAILS ARE OPENED ONTABLETS OR SMARTPHONES. SOURCE: venturebeat.com/2014/01/22/65-of-all-email-gets-opened-first-on-a-mobile-device-and-thats-great-news-for-marketers/ WINNING STAT # 6: EMAIL CAMPAIGNS
  • 9. It’svirtually unanimous. 99% of marketers said they find unique value in trade shows they don’t get from other marketing investments. 47% place high value on the ability to meet with a variety of players face to face. –CEIR SOURCE: CEIR:The Changing Environment of Exhibitions OF MARKETERS FIND UNIQUE VALUE IN TRADE SHOWS NOT FOUND ELSEWHERE WINNING STAT # 7: TRADE SHOWS
  • 10. According to On24, the average conversion rate from registrants to attendees is 42.9%. 5% ask questions. 21% respond to polls. 12% download from resource list. 13% register for both Live and On-Demand versions of webinar. SOURCE: http://www.on24.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/ON24_Benchmark_2014_Final.pdf 56% OF WEBINARS HAVE 200+I N AT T E N D A N C E WINNING STAT # 8: WEBINARS
  • 11. 70%ofnonprofits outsourcedesign servicesfortheir contentmarketing. -ContentMarketingInstitute Nonprofits will typically utilize up to11 different content marketing tactics like social media, blogs, webinars, enewsletters, videos and infographics. Good design is critical. SOURCE: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/nonprofit-marketing-stats-list 70%OUTSOURCETHEIR DESIGNWORK WINNING STAT # 9: OUTSOURCING DESIGN WORK
  • 12. AccordingtoCVENT, SlideShare isnowtheworld’slargest professionalcontentsharing community. With5timesmoretraffic frombusinessownersthan Twitter,Facebook,YouTube andLinkedIncombined, postingherecanhelpto enhanceyourassociation’s credibilityasatrusted industryresource. SOURCE: http://blog.cvent.com/blog/jenise-fryatt-bio/5-reasons-you-should-be-using-slideshare-to-market-your-events NumberOneIN PROFESSIONAL CONTENT SHARING WINNING STAT #10: SLIDESHARE
  • 13. Want to share some of your own ideas and insights? We’ll include the best ones in a future SlideShare post – with full attribution, of course. Or let us build an original SlideShare deck for your organization. Just send an email to mike@newplanet1.com. THANKS AGAIN FOR VIEWING.
  • 14. Mike Houle New Planet Studios, Inc. www.NewPlanet1.com mike@newplanet1.com