New Madison Ave: Marketing, Creative & Data Technologists


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We are Marketing, Creative & Data Technologists - a unique blend of marketing execs turned geeks, former CIOs and senior technologists brought together to support the critical Data & Technology needs of the CMO and their agencies.

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New Madison Ave: Marketing, Creative & Data Technologists

  1. 1. New Madison AveAn Introduction
  2. 2. What we doMarketing | Media | SocialBusiness IntelligenceVisualizationAnalyticsData25/30/2013
  3. 3. What sets us apartWe’re Marketing Technologistsonly marketing and mediasolve marketing data complexitysimplify technologyvalue priced35/30/2013
  4. 4. We Help Solve YourMarketing Data Challenges45/30/2013Forging a partnership betweenmarketing and I.T.Proven ability to bridge the gapbetween Marketing and ITImprove marketing decision makingand personalize customerexperience.Business Intelligence Strategy andTechnology Implementation practice.Break down functional silos Data Management Governance practice.Missing key technologyplatformsMarketing Business Intelligence &Big Data Gap Analysis and StrategyInsufficient expertise Team of Data ScientistsInability to to segmentand targetSales Order Data Mining, Data Analytics Practice& Custom StudiesBad Data Data Quality Management PracticeChallenge NMA Solution
  5. 5. Our Marketing B.I. Services55/30/2013Technology Partners: Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, TeradataOpen Source: Hadoop, Hive, H-Base, PIG, Manhut, Sqoop, RStrategyBusiness IntelligenceReadiness AssessmentBig Data – HadoopReadiness AssessmentBusiness IntelligenceArchitectureBig Data ArchitectureCurrent Situation GapAnalysisDevelopmentDatabase DesignExtract-Transform-LoadAPI IntegrationExecutive DashboardsOperational DashboardsSales DashboardsAnalyticsVisualizationDescriptive AnalyticsPrescriptive AnalyticsKPI’sSales Order Data MiningCustomer SegmentationCustom AssignmentsManagementMarketing DataGovernanceData Quality ManagementData CleaningProject ManagementVendor EvaluationRFP’s | Contracting
  6. 6. New Analytic Service OfferingInsightsSegmentation by sex, average ordersize, frequency of purchase, locationconcentration of customers, product salesanalysis, customer segmentation bypurchase behavior and much, much more.BenefitRefine target audiences, optimizemedia, refine messaging, increasepenetration & loyalty; update products andservices, price optimization, new productdevelopment, test sacred cowassumptions and more.SimpleYou provide us with your order data, whichis easy to get, and we provide you withgreat insights.ValueCompetitive, low OOP cost2 week turnaroundLIFTSales Order Data Mining65/30/2013
  7. 7. The company we keep5/30/2013 7
  8. 8. FAQ’s85/30/2013• A. We see this often. There are many potential root causes such asbad data, confusing visualizations, over-use of charts, slowperformance, etc. We would recommend a two week “GapAnalysis” to pinpoint the root cause(s) of your issue andrecommend a strategy to correct.Q. I have a business intelligencesystem, but it is not meeting my needs.Can you help?• A. Absolutely, marketing business intelligence is our specialty. Wehave deep experience both on the client and media agency side.We know marketing data, KPI’s, analytics, third party datasources, business processes, eco-systems and emerging trendsand technologies. And we have experience with small, medium andlarge organizations, with each having its unique challenges andopportunities.Q. I require a partner who has deepexpertise in marketing data. My currentI.T. staff has limited knowledge in thisarea. Can you help fill this need?• A. Our recommendation would be to perform a “Marketing BusinessIntelligence Readiness Assessment”. It will evaluate your vision andneeds, current technologies, skills and payoff and provide you witha comprehensive presentation for management.Q. I would like to implement amarketing business intelligencesolution, but I’m not sure my companyhas the resources or desire to make itsuccessful.What should I do?
  9. 9. We look forward to working with youRob Kingston:914-406-0604rkingston@newmadisonave.comNew Madison Ave:www.newmadisonave.com9
  10. 10. Thank You