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NewHostCity introduces the world's first reseller-focussed Website Design Solution - Built-It-For-Me, that's beside the end users.

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NewHostCity - Build-It-For-Me Website Design

  1. 1. Website Design Professional Website Design
  2. 2. Why should you offer Website Design?• There is HUGE Market Potential• Why leave money on the table• Tap into a high margin product at a low cost• Diversify your product portfolio• It’s a great fit with your business• Your competition is doing it
  3. 3. Reason #1 There is HUGE Market Potential• 55 million+ websites added in Incremental No. of Websites Per Year 2010 (in Millions) 60• 255 million+ websites on the 50 internet as of 2011 40• The Web Development 30 market is expected to grow over 20% 20 by 2011 10• 40% of domain names have an 0 active website 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 that’s more than 1 page Source: Netcraft
  4. 4. Reason #2 Why Leave Money On The Table ? Your Revenue From Domains Domain Volumes = 5,000 = 5,000 X $9 = $45,000 40% have an active website with more than 1 page 1200 domains buy800 domains buy SiteBuilder SiteDesign from your from your Competitors CompetitorsYou Lose = 800 X $5.99 X 12 You Lose = 1200 X $399 = = $57,504 $478,800 $536,304
  5. 5. Reason #3Tap into a High Margin Product at a Low Cost $800.00 Annual Profit Margin For Various Web $700.00 Products/ Services $600.00 $500.00 Profit Margin $400.00 $300.00 $200.00 Annual Selling Price $100.00 Annual Cost Price $0.00 Domain Names SSL Certificates Web Hosting SiteBuilder SiteDesign Tool Service
  6. 6. Reason #4 Diversify Your Product PortfolioMargins on Domain sales are After buying Domain names/Hosting fromSHRIN KING you, your Customers are buying Website Builder/Design from your COMPETITORS
  7. 7. Reason #5 It’s a great fit with your business ! Customers prefer to buy all web services from the same vendor Increase customer stickinessGain an edge over your by offering additional competitors products Offer critical value-added Expand your product services & increase your portfolio profits
  8. 8. Reason #6 Your competition is doing it 75% 80%OF TOP 20REGISTRARS & OF TOP 20 HOSTING COMPANIES Are selling SiteBuilder Tool Or SiteDesign Services WHY SHOULDN’T YOU?
  9. 9. Enter NewHostCity’s Website Design Service• The world’s first reseller focused completely white labeled web design service that you offer to your customers, that’s beside dealing with the end user directly.• An elegantly simple design process that is completely handled by us• You save on investments in infrastructure & designer overheads• You get to focus on sales while we handle all the design & support• All this at a price unmatched in the market
  10. 10. What website design packages do we offer? Standard Website Package Ecommerce Website PackageEverything you need to get your business online: Everything you need to sell products online: - One-on-one consultations with a web designer - One-on-one consultations with a web designer - FREE Domain name - FREE Domain name - Unlimited Web Hosting / Email Accounts - Unlimited Web Hosting / Email Accounts - Get Online within days! - Get Online within days! - 10 professionally designed pages - 15 professionally designed pages - and much more ... - FREE Setup for 20 Products (up to 200 products supported) - Accept payments via Credit Card/Debit Card/PayPal/Google - and much more ... $349 One-time setup fee $499 One-time setup fee + + $24/per month (optional) $26/per month (optional)
  11. 11. Competition’s Products$785 + $99/mo $610 $349
  12. 12. What is included with each package?Domain NameWeb Hosting Unlimited UnlimitedEmail Accounts Unlimited UnlimitedSelf edits once site is liveNumber of pagesFREE setup of ecommerce productsTotal ecommerce productsScrolling Product GalleryPayment Gateway Integration Google Checkout, PayPal, Authorize.Net, 2CO, WorldPay, Bank TransferShopping CartOnline Shopper RegistrationShipping Configuration Free / Flat / By weight / Price-basedConfigure tax rulesSite build time 2 weeks 2 weeksAccess to DesignCenterDesign of Site MapContent Writing
  13. 13. What is included with each package? (Continued)FREE High-quality stock imagesBlogCalendarEmail newsletterSite/Product SearchIntegrate with Facebook /Twitter/LinkedIn /RSSContact FormImage GalleryEmbed VideoEmbed AudioGoogle MapsGoogle Website AnalyticsGuest bookXML SitemapOne-time Setup Fee $349 $499Monthly Maintenance Fee (Optional) $24 $26
  14. 14. Will you maintain my website after it is built? Absolutely! We offer the following optional website maintenance packagesConsultation time per month 30 minutes 60 minutesAdding / Removing / Updating Products 5 / monthCustomizations to Tax / Shipping / Payment GatewaysAdding / Removing / Updating ContentAdding / Removing / Updating ImagesAdding / Removing / Updating Website PagesMonthly Maintenance Fee $24 $26
  15. 15. How it Works: Learn about our simple design process WE design YOUR customer’s website Confirm the order 3 2 NewHostCity + You Professional Website Design Solutions Buys the service NewHostCity informs the Design Team Our Designer contacts Your Customer to start 1 the project 4 Your Customer Professional Designers 6 5 The Designer works with the customer through the DesignCenter to complete the project
  16. 16. Constant Interaction with Designers The Customer is always in control through Real-time tracking and constant interaction with the designer Real-time status trackingThreaded comment engine to interact with the designer
  17. 17. What will my website look like? We offer cutting-edge designs, new age features, & the best looking websites you will see anywhere! Look-and-feel: Lots of widgets: Scrolling image Site search, emailgalleries, beautiful newsletter, Googl designs, stock e photos Maps, blogs, and many more … Ecommerce: Social media Shopping features: cart, user Facebook / registration & a Twitter/ RSS/ full-range of YouTube ecommerce features
  18. 18. Can I see some websites you have built?Sure, please click any of the images below to view a live website we have built
  19. 19. Contact me for any further Information NewHostCity