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NES anniversary celebration is a complex event which embraces a long period of time and various activities. During the whole year we hold these activities at different venues in different cities and countries. Literally, the whole world is celebrating our anniversary! In order to plan this large-scale action clearly, the Coordinating Committee approved a Conception of the celebration

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Conception of the celebration. NES is 20

  1. 1. Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia since 1992NES 20th Anniversary Celebration: ConceptualFrameworkNES 20th Anniversary Celebration: Conceptual Framework -1-
  2. 2. Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia since 1992CONTENTS Conceptual framework and the main theme of the NES 20th Anniversary Celebration ......... 3Main Management Divisions................................................................................................... 4Main Principles ...................................................................................................................... 5Planned Activities .................................................................................................................. 6The Role of the Coordinating Committee ................................................................................ 8Working Groups ..................................................................................................................... 8Alumni Reunion ..................................................................................................................... 9Guest List ............................................................................................................................ .9AttachmentsAttachment 1 The list of 2012 activities dedicated to the Schools 20th Anniversary…………………………..11Attachment 2 Expense reimbursement policy ……………………………………………………………..……….13Authors: Zarema Kasabieva Maria SavushkinaNES 20th Anniversary Celebration: Conceptual Framework -2-
  3. 3. Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia since 1992 The main theme of the NES 20th Anniversary CelebrationTo ensure successful organization of the anniversary celebration and to work out a unifyingframework, it is necessary to set up the main theme that would be key for the entire pre-celebration period and that would correlate with the NES mission and vision.Theme: 20 years of Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia It is also necessary to decide on the title of the research conference held as part of celebration activities. “The NES 20th Anniversary Conference”The theme description, along with the School logo adapted for the 20th Anniversary, mustappear at all events planned for the entire calendar year 2012 and in all printed and digitalpublications of the School.Furthermore, it is recommended that the 20th Anniversary theme and, where appropriate, theSchool’s logo be used by all NES faculty and staff in their correspondence (placed at the bottomof their letters as part of signature).The following activities should support the annual anniversary theme:  Message(s) of the school’s rector (vice-rectors) listing facts and general statistics for the last 20 years (video to be posted on the website) + letter (invitation) to the broad circle of the School’s stakeholders;  A 2-day conference to be held on two celebration days of 14 and 15 December 2012 with the agenda directly related to the annual theme and NES. There will be two round tables held as part of the Conference: one on current issues of economic policy, the other on modern challenges in the field of higher education (tentatively, in cooperation with Skolkovo, Higher School of Economics);  Lectures, seminars, open discussions related to modern economic issues (which is already actively carried out by NES); (please refer to Attachment 1);  Meetings with NES alumni, including those holding positions in corporate management, and opportunities to discuss financial and economic matters (according to the plan of Alumni Relations Center; broaden the usual scope of these activities at NES);  Statistical portfolio preparation;23.07.2012 NES 20th Anniversary Celebration Conceptual Framework -3-
  4. 4. Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia since 1992 *For instance, the number of alumni for the past 20 years (statistics, percentage of alumni in the government and other state structures and in the commercial sector, participation of students and alumni in the public and social life of the country (city);  Content development of statistical reports based on aggregate data; work out Staff members responsible for statistical reports and materials preparation: - Faculty and staff; - Alumni; - Events; - Fundraising;  Preparation of External Communications Department press releases;  Preparation of a series of materials characterizing the main achievements of the School in all key directions of development and implementation of the mission (Exhibition). Social events  NES Basketball Challenge March 2012  Photography exhibition (competition) with photographs of graduation groups and milestone events hosted by NES over the last 20 years; (or, an exhibition of photography by alumni and students organized jointly by Alumni Office and Students council). It could be placed inside the School’s or CEMI’s premises. With the help of Irina Uspenskaya, could be arranged at the Moscow House of Photography (O. Sviblova);  NES Economic Start, dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of NES; various target groups invited; September 2012;  Charity concert by alumni performers and their children; invite children from Obidimo. At the same time – a fair of handmade articles and drawings. The contributionsto be used for charity projects. Responsible parties – charity committee NP. September – October 2012 (то bе confirmed). Main Management DivisionsManagement divisions involved in the preparation to the School anniversary celebration –Coordinating Committee and working groupsNES 20th Anniversary Celebration: Conceptual Framework -4-
  5. 5. Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia since 1992Coordinating Committee – management division responsible for thebasic ideological development of the event.Working groups – teams responsible for performing theactual work and reporting its results tothe managing committee.Coordinating Committee = NES Executive CommitteeFrom the resolution of the Executive Committee dated 26 October 2011“Form the Coordinating Committee in order to prepare the NES 20th Anniversary Celebration,and include all members of the NES Executive Committee into the Coordinating Committee.Appoint Z.Yu. Kasabieva the chair person of the Coordinating Committee”: S.A. Anatolyev O.P. Budjko A.P. Goriaev S.M. Guriev Z.Yu. Kasabieva G.M. Okhramenko Yu.E. Selukova K.I. Sonin Organizing Secretary – O.S. Suchkova (project manager)Working groups (Attachment 3)Pursuant to the resolution of the Executive Committee, the following working groups werecreated: 1) WG for contents (theme, program, scenario, conference); 2) WG for financing (fundraising, budgeting, expense reimbursement policy); 3) WG for IT support and equipment supply (delivery of equipment, roll up stands, appliances, IT support); 4) WG for logistics (registration, visas, tickets, accommodation, event management, transportation); 5) WG for PR & Marketing (media relations, website section dedicated to the 20th anniversary, movie, stories from NES life, presents, publications). Main Principles 1. All activities carried out throughout the entire year need to show and promote the mission of the School – modern economic education and research for the Russian society, business, and state;NES 20th Anniversary Celebration: Conceptual Framework -5-
  6. 6. Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia since 1992 2. Recognition and honoring of the School’s key historical milestone dates, for example, the founding of the School, opening of the Master’s program, creation of the Center for Modern Research, Outreach Center program, international recognition of the modern academic Master’s program, expansion (opening of the MiF and BAE program – celebration of MiF’s 5th anniversary BAE’s1st anniversary), corporate training, international labor market recruiting, publications, alumni, etc.; 3. The 20th Anniversary of NES is an additional opportunity to tell about oneself and one’s role in public life, including professional circles; a special PR plan needs to be drawn up; 4. The NES celebration will enable the expansion and reinforcement of networksand will improve communication (among alumni, state and private structures, etc.); 5. This is usually preceded by an informational campaign, and a fundraising event (campaign) is recommended after celebration. We will start the campaign straight away “Your gift for the School on its 20th Anniversary…” Planned Activities During the year, key events are usually scheduled and added to the general NES calendar (on the website). The banner might be marked “Celebration of 20th Anniversary of NES, 13–15 December 2012. See the events calendar!”. The banner would lead further to the NES calendar showing what is scheduled for this month. Placement in social networks is mandatory. A separate group dedicated to the celebration of the 20th Anniversary is being created in Odnoklassniki. Place the banner “XXXXX days left before the Anniversary!!!” Events can be divided into three groups (by target groups stated in the mission) – society, business, and state. For each of the target groups a separate communication strategy needs to be developed and relevant materials should be prepared. A separate page dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of NES should be created on the School’s website. The page will not only reflect all celebration activities, but allow crowdsourcing as well. Banner – “XXXXX days left before the celebration” (as of 10 March 2012 – 40 weeks). Links in Odnoklassniki to the group of the 20th Anniversary of NES Proposed minimal structure of the website section: (similar to  Rector’s (President’s) Message;  Events Calendar;  NES 20th Anniversary Celebration: Conceptual Framework -6-
  7. 7. Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia since 1992  Materials (documents) related to the anniversary (poll results, new polls, for example, White Paper, press release, etc.) - (possibly using login/password – in which case an internal platform could be used);  Fundraising campaign – your gift to the School on its 20th Anniversary! (Can I give you anything besides love?);  Anniversary campaign update (press release, media coverage, blogs, recollections, key achievements over the last 20 years by divisions and academic programs);  Development strategy until 2015;  MiF celebrates its 5th Anniversary!!!  Professors’ publications for the last 20 years;  Congratulations on milestone dates and birthdays;  Snapshots / videos 1992-2012;Visual symbols  Printed materials (logos, reports, informational bulletins, etc.) may include a reference to the 20th Anniversary of NES; for example, the logo would be followed by the inscription: “20th Anniversary of NES”, or “We are 20 years old!”;  It is important not to change the NES logo, only add an element that would highlight the date. Example: it could be simply a figure “20,” or a palm branch, etc.  Memory album of photographs illustrating the School’s funding history, graduations and NES milestone events;  Souvenirs (teddy bears in multi-colored T-shirts inscribed “I love NES”, medals, postcards, badges, ball-pens, T-shirts, etc.) with anniversary symbols (best symbol and design competition) may be also ordered and sold (presented) throughout the year;  Competition for the School’s emblem (the seal);Participation of different target groups Students Extensively deploy students as assistants and participants of the event. The key coordinating role is assigned to Coordinator of academic and student affairs and to program coordinators. It is important to maintain an open dialogue with them about the activities aimed at the target audience of students and society in general. Student council (with representatives from all academic programs) is to be responsible for the preparation of the anniversary skit at the Reunion, and for volunteering. Reconcile class schedule with celebration dates.NES 20th Anniversary Celebration: Conceptual Framework -7-
  8. 8. Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia since 1992 NES faculty and staff Professors are members of Coordinating Committee and/or workgroups and, therefore, immediate participants to making decisions and (or) arrangements of events. Professors take part in organization and holding of the research conference. Additionally, professors are engaged as participants to numerous events listed in the NES calendar (depending on the topic), for example, with a report or a welcome speech dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the School. They prepare a skit for the 20th Anniversary. NES alumni of previous years As with the student audience, it is necessary, to make provisions for, discuss, and receive feedback from NES alumni. In this respect, the Alumni Relations Center maintains the key role. Discussion of themes and scheduled events will be organized during alumni meetings andNP board meetings digitally, as well as via Internet polling. Ideas and themes can be also collected (which is being done already) in “NES Alumni and Friends in social networks” sections. Practically, the third evening of the celebrations will be the GALA REUNION... In addition, a fundraising campaign will be held – “Your birthday gift for the School.” The goal is to increase the involvement of alumni to 25% and to push the campaign “degree” to $500,000. The Role of the Coordinating Committee The Committee’s goals and objectives:  Approve and endorse the Conceptual Framework* of activities for the NES 20th Anniversary Celebration;  Approve the key theme;  Design and approve the action plan for celebration arrangements and monitor its implementation. Hold working group meetings at least every month;  Approve the logo and symbols (design) for the materials;  Outline the scope and scale of events (date, number of days, number of people, target audience, etc.); 1* The Framework will serve as a key document, detailing and coordinating all anniversary activities.1 Prior to questioning of all divisions with regard to the lists of invitees, the estimated number of inviteesfor the event is2380 persons (total) 1730 (in Russia) 650 (abroad)NES 20th Anniversary Celebration: Conceptual Framework -8-
  9. 9. Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia since 1992  Approve and endorse the resource requirements (dates, auditoria and halls to book, scope of work for the relevant working groups);  Approve and endorse participants and plans for working groups;  Endorse the budget for events;  Endorse a number of policies (for example, the expense reimbursement policy, Attachment 2, the informational materials design approval policy). Working Groups Working group are organized according to their objectives and their target audience. Key objectives:  Implement the approved action plan in compliance with the schedule and the approved budget;  Prepare the implementation plan, calculating resource requirements and budgeting the event;  Monitor the implementation of the plan, reporting. Alumni Reunion On 15 December 2012, the Alumni Reunion is to be held. The alumni living abroad are self- organized. I think they will support the idea to dedicate their next running marathon or meeting to the upcoming celebration. A sort of marathon is possible around the continents where NES alumni live and work, which is to be finished in Moscow as part of the official celebration. They could send videos and photos about their meetings.  Meeting in a business format (with representatives of commercial firms invited)  The ceremony of Alumni Association Award  Gala concert (skit) and partyNES 20th Anniversary Celebration: Conceptual Framework -9-
  10. 10. Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia since 1992 Guest ListResponsible: A.MikhalitsynaThe following key NES stakeholders are included in the database:  Faculty  Students from all programs  Alumni  Visiting professors 1992-2012  Staff 1992-2012  Sponsors  Partners  Members of IAB, Board of Directors, Board of Trustees.Please send additional information.NES 20th Anniversary Celebration: Conceptual Framework - 10 -
  11. 11. Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia since 1992 Attachment 1 List of 2012 activities dedicated to the Schools 20th Anniversary (Highlight the events directly related to the NES 20th Anniversary Event)2012 EventFebruary, 17th Round table with employers;February, 24th First in this season lecture from the NES new course “Questions to Economists” supported by Ernst & Young;March, 12th Round table “Career in Public Sector: pros and cons”March, 14th The course “Economic Policy” (first lecture): Sergey Guriev: “Economic Goals of the New Presidency;March, 21th Lecture “Economics of Health” Irina Denisova;March, 25th 20th NES Anniversary Basketball Challenge;March, 28th Lecture “How to Trade Human Kidneys. Today. Now.” Andrey Bremzen. Polytechnic Museum;March, 30th Round table “Career opportunities in think tanks”April, 11th Lecture “Eurozone. Anatomical Pathologyst’s Report”, Konstantin Sonin;April, 12-13th Annual research conference (students);April, 25th Lecture “From Bill Brauder to Alexey Navalny – the History of Shareholder Activism in Russia”, Sergey Stepanov;May, 16th Lecture “Is the World Facing the Second Great Depression”, Konstantin Styrin;May, 17th NES Alumni Reunion in Washington, DC;May, 19th NES Alumni Reunion in New York;May, 19th NES Alumni Reunion in Palo Alto;May, 20-24th Workshop with D. Nort – B. Veingast “Institutes, Development, and Interest Groups”, Higher School of Economics;May, 23th Lecture “Internet and Elections”, Ruben Enikolopov;May, 30th Lecture “Obama or not: USA Foreign and Internal Policy after the Presidential Elections”, Shlomo Weber;June, 8-9th “The International Conference on Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy”, organized by Higher School of Economics, New Economic School and Northwestern University; NES 20th Anniversary Celebration: Conceptual Framework - 11 -
  12. 12. June, 17th IV NES Football Tournament;June, 18th Lectures by John Campbell, Professor, Harvard University;June, 20-22th Zvi Griliches Memorial Lectures, Ariel Rubinstein, Professor, Tel AvivJune, 30th University; NES Alumni and Friends Summer Bliss Boat Trip;July, 6th The 19th NES Commencement Ceremony;July, 14th – August, 3th “Morden Literature, Politics and History of the USA”. The first NES Summer School at the University of Texas in Austin;July, 21th Lecture “Economics of Beauty and Happiness”, Sergei Guriev;July, 25th – August, 8th NES Summer School in Nizhniy Novgorod;September, 4th The start of the 21st academic year: NES Welcome PartyBefore September, 20th Traditional NES Charity Run, New Economic Start 2012;October , 10-17th NES in 360 Festival;October , 18-19th Conference “International Cooperation in Times of Global Crisis: Views from G20 Countries”;October , 18-20th The III International Conference of the Russian Association of Higher Education Researchers devoted to the 20th Anniversary of HSE and NES;December, 10-12th The final winter seminar of the faculty development project (ReSET) HESP;December, 13-15th CELEBRATION of the NES 20th Anniversary December 13 - Opening Ceremony December 14: 09.00 -17.00 - The NES 20th Anniversary Conference 19.00 - 24.00 - Formal dinner devoted to the NES 20th Anniversary; December 15: 09.00 -16.00 - The NES 20th Anniversary Conference 17.00 -24.00 - Alumni Gala Reunion NES 20th Anniversary Celebration: Conceptual Framework - 12 -
  13. 13. Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia since 1992 Attachment 2 Expense Reimbursement PolicyGeneral rule: 1. Conference speakers and IAB members of all years a. Expenses reimbursable by NES: 1. Airline tickets (business class for 2-3 key speakers, economy class for others) 2. Transfers 3. Invitation 4. Visa 5. Hotel b. NES provides full logistic support c. Cultural program may be provided, extended to accompanying persons 2. VIP guests coming from abroad a. Expenses reimbursable by NES: none b. NES provides services related to issue of invitations, hotel accommodation and order of transfers at the expense of VIP guests c. Cultural program may be provided, extended to accompanying persons 3. Alumni a. Expenses reimbursable by NES: none b. NES provides services related to issue of invitations, hotel accommodation and order of transfers at the expense of alumni c. Cultural program: none.Special rules: 1. In special cases, participants from any category may be eligible to other expense reimbursement rules. 2. The decision regarding other expense reimbursement rules will be taken by Sergey Guriev, NES Rector, and Barry Ickes, member of NES Board of Directors, AFNES President.NES 20th Anniversary Celebration: Conceptual Framework - 13 -