Is the C+I SIG Creative?


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A presentation to the Creativity and Innovation Special Interest Group of the Qualitative Research Consultants' Association

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Is the C+I SIG Creative?

  1. 1. Creative? C+I SIG Meeting July 13, 2009
  2. 2. I am excited to hear about ways I am similar to or different from my colleagues who joined this SIG.
  3. 3. In what ways might I change my business practices to incorporate more of the fun of creativity into my everyday work?
  4. 4. I want to have a qualitative practice that is also well known for its ability to facilitate creative problem solving sessions.
  5. 5. Very few of us have already reached the point where we could be considered creativity consultants.
  6. 6. Yet, we think of ourselves as quite creative beings.
  7. 7. On a scale from 1 to 10, we rate ourselves 7.5 1 = Not 10 = Very Creative at All Creative US!
  8. 8. In non-business settings, we jump into many creative endeavors such as…
  9. 9. Those who offer something offer…
  10. 10. Even among those who do offer creative services, these services only account for an average of about 12% of our annual billings. Annual Billings 12% Creativity Stuff Everything Else 88%
  11. 11. It is hard to define creativity and therefore it is also hard to find specific training to help us towards our goal.
  12. 12. Most of us think of creativity as an essential part of what we do in qualitative research. I N H E R E N T C N R S N S E P O T Q U A L I T A T I V E R T R A E I K T T V R E S E A R C H I H T E A C H Y
  13. 13. There appear to be natural links between what we consider creative and what we do as QRCs.
  14. 14. Projective techniques, brainstorming sessions, and creative de-briefing techniques are all part of qualitative research.
  15. 15. When asked about specific degrees or certifications, most could not answer the question.
  16. 16. Creativity and Innovation are intriguing because they are fun and help us blend our work selves with our play selves to keep us young!
  17. 17. Many of us work alone or work in very small firms.
  18. 18. 49% of those responding work alone.
  19. 19. On average, we work in firms with 2.3 people.
  20. 20. Creativity work thrives in an environment that encourages interplay and response from others – harder to do by oneself.
  21. 21. If we look at the three stages of a qual project, many suggest ways to employ creativity.