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Facebook Basics
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Facebook Basics


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Facebook Basics …

Facebook Basics
Welcome to "Facebook Basics!"
July 12, 2011

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  • 1. By: Jennifer Taylor
  • 2. Founder of:• Launched Facebook from his Harvard dorm room on February 4, 2004.• The idea for Facebook came from his days at Phillips Exeter Academywhich, like most colleges and prep schools, had a long-standing tradition ofpublishing an annual student directory with headshot photos of all students,faculty, and staff known as the "Facebook".• Once at college, Zuckerbergs Facebook started off as just a "Harvard-thing", until Zuckerberg then decided to spread Facebook to other schoolsand enlisted the help of roommate Dustin Moskovitz.• They first spread it to Stanford, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell and Yale,and then to other schools with social contacts with Harvard.
  • 3. As of January 2010, Zuckerberg is the youngestself-made billionaire in the WORLD!
  • 4. Why should you use Facebook?• 750+ million users worldwide.• Fastest technology to reach that many people.• It can be your home on the Internet. - It’s a place where people can go to leave you a message, browse through your photos, or even chat with you while you’re online.• Great way to keep in contact with family and friends.• Network!
  • 5. Why should you use Facebook?• Connects you with your customers• Builds relationships with consumers
  • 6. Sign Up – It’s free to join!
  • 7. Step 1:Find your friends
  • 8. Step 2:Fill in your Profile Information
  • 9. Step 2:Fill in your Profile Information
  • 10. Step 3:Add your Profile Picture
  • 11. Welcome to Facebook!
  • 12. Welcome to Facebook!1. Log in to your email to see which of your contacts are here, and which to invite.2. Expand your profile and help friends find you by adding basic info about yourself.3. Get up-to-the-minute friend updates and notifications sent directly to your mobile.4. Type a name or email address to find friends, family, coworkers, classmates and more.5. Control what information you share
  • 13. Facebook Home See what your friends are doing, view updates from Pages, and more.
  • 14. Facebook Home Top News
  • 15. Facebook Home Most Recent
  • 16. Messages Type the name of a friend, list, or email address
  • 17. Events
  • 18. Create An Event
  • 19. Create An Event
  • 20. Create An Event
  • 21. Message Guests
  • 22. Find Friends
  • 23. Create Group Create a shared group for you and some of your friends. You can keep it public or private.
  • 24. Games See what games your friends are playing, play your favorites or find new ones.
  • 25. Applications See which applications your friends are enjoying, access your favorites or find new ones.
  • 26. Privacy Settings
  • 27. Facebook Profile Page
  • 28. Introduce Yourself
  • 29. Show Friends Your Tagged Photos
  • 30. Get Around More Easily
  • 31. Share Your Experiences
  • 32. Showcase Your Interests
  • 33. Notifications
  • 34. Compose A Message
  • 35. Compose A Message
  • 36. Getting A Message
  • 37. Getting A Message
  • 38. Tagged In A Photo
  • 39. Tag Someone Or Something In A Post
  • 40. Created Hyperlink
  • 41. Copy URL Insert A Link
  • 42. Click On “Link” Insert A LinkPaste URL
  • 43. Manipulate It!