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As a real estate agent, you need every edge you can get. As home buyers and sellers increasingly move online, you need to meet your customers where they live and work. Using technology to help manage your workload and connect with buyers and sellers can dramatically increase your effectiveness as an agent.

Check out New American Funding's list of the Top Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents!

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Top Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents | New American Funding

  1. 1. Technology and Real Estate Successful real estate agents understand the value of integrating technology into their sales and client management processes. There are literally hundreds of tech tools designed specifically for the real estate industry. The hard part is finding the right mix of apps, hardware, gadgets and services to maximize your efficiency. The following screens highlight a few of our favorites. Tip: There is no magic bullet when it comes to real estate tech. No individual smartphone app or digital strategy will immediately turn your year around. Experiment to find a combination that works best for you.
  2. 2. Try Out a Tablet For real estate agents on the go, tablet computers are far more convenient than laptops. Not only are they lighter, they also start up more quickly, allowing you to show photos, videos and data to clients in a flash. Tablets provide access to several apps designed specifically for real estate agents. There are numerous tablet models to choose from, some for less than $200. Tip: You won’t always have Wi-Fi access when you need it, so be sure to connect your tablet with a data plan, available through cellular providers. You can also look into Wi-Fi hot spot service.
  3. 3. Take Note of Evernote When it comes to apps, Evernote is a real estate agent’s best friend. It allows you to create, store and transfer files across all your devices: phone, tablet and computer. Evernote also makes it easy to share professionally formatted files with clients and colleagues. From communication and time management to accounting and marketing, Evernote’s features cover it all. Tip: Evernote recognizes and reads text within images. That means you can take a picture of a sign or a document, add it to Evernote and later search for a phrase contained within and Evernote will find it.
  4. 4. Be On Call with Curb Call Real estate shoppers love doing drive-bys, cruising neighborhoods and dialing the listing agent when they see a house they like. Of course, the listing agent is rarely available to do a showing immediately. With the Curb Call app, you can list yourself as “available for showings” and buyers can request a showing of any nearby home from you. Tip: Curb Call is licensed for exclusive use by one real estate brokerage per metro. The company provides ad materials and runs a digital marketing campaign in the market when they launch. (photo via)
  5. 5. Sign on the Line with DocuSign No more running across town to print documents to be signed, with DocuSign for Real Estate Plus (formerly Cartavi), you can get signatures on your phone or tablet. DocuSign provides a secure, legal way to sign, share and send real estate documents. You can make documents available online only to the specific people you invite. Works with PDFs, Word documents, you name it. Tip: Electronic signatures are legally binding in the United States and in most parts of the world. DocuSign uses extremely high security standards to protect you and your clients’ information. (photo via)
  6. 6. Scan on the Go Tangible, printed documents are sometimes unavoidable in real estate, even in the digital age. When one comes your way, the Xerox Mobile Scanner keeps you from having to run back to the office or duck into your local copy shop. Best of all, it’s battery operated and completely wireless. Scans quickly and easily upload from the scanner via Wi-Fi to your phone, tablet or PC. Tip: The Xerox Mobile Scanner’s rechargeable battery can scan more than 300 pages on a single charge. Scanning a standard 8.5” x 11” page takes just 10-seconds. (photo via)
  7. 7. Give GoPano a Go Real estate clients today expect more than just still photos, they want virtual tours. GoPano Micro is the easiest possible way to create 360-degree videos using your iPhone. GoPano comes with an attachment that allows your iPhone to simultaneously record video from all directions. The free GoPano app then translates that footage into an interactive video. Tip: You can simultaneously record audio to narrate the walk-through of your newest listing. Videos can be emailed to prospects, added to your website and uploaded to YouTube. (photo via)
  8. 8. Make Movie Magic with iMovie You don’t have to be Martin Scorsese to create quality videos. iMovie is free video editing software available for Macintosh computers, iPhones and iPads. Most people would rather watch videos than flip through photos or read descriptions. Great video content gives you a way to stand out from competitors and makes for better social sharing. iMovie makes it easy. Tip: Video content can be much more than home tours. Create videos of homebuyer tips, explaining the closing process or showcasing your community. (photo via)
  9. 9. Give ‘em a Rent/Buy Nudge First-time homebuyers sometimes get cold feet midway through the process. They may have been renters for years and find the idea of buying a bit scary. New American Funding’s Mortgage Calculators may be just the tool you need to demonstrate the long-term financial value of making a home purchase. Inputting rental costs along with potential home loan terms provides a side-by-side comparison. Tip: provides multiple calculators to help prospective homebuyers make informed financial choices, from affordability to the best mortgage options.
  10. 10. Top Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents For tips, info and insights you can share with clients, visit…