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  • Iris
  • I added in Ivan in this page, and I removed my intro, since the words too smallKelvin LeungSenior Affiliate Manager – Asia PacificBased in Hong Kong, over 7 years of internet marketing experienceStrong in SEO, PPC and SocialNetSpeaker of several Neverblue Interact Events at Hong Kong, New Delhi, Singapore, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and BangkokSpeaker of Neverblue Monthly Webinar
  • Iris WanAffiliate Manager – Asia Pacific Based in Hong Kong, 3 years of Internet Marketing Experience Former Account Executive of a PPV network and Ad Agency Experienced in Paid Search, Pops traffic, Display network and social mediaI added in Ivan in this page
  • Tips for Affiliate Preparing – question myself: what tipsI am new to NB – most ppl here are more experienced (nervous)* Was a affiliate in nb and other CPA networkWork in the ad network – adoori – similar as leadimpact (not promoting) don’t use that Understand the concerns, emotion(click)
  • (slow) Instead of tips, how about - - - -Experience that can bring in to useShare learning from the common questions in nb
  • Most common questionSome: tell me Tell me the good campaign and the traffic source and how people how to target (if I know that, I will be really rich now – like Ivan)(click)
  • What Campaign should you runThere is no such things as a good campaignCampaign works for Ivan, may not work for Sam - different traffic source - even same traffic source – different targeting understand your strength Myself: keywords.. utilize2) Stick with few traffic source -
  • - campaign recommendation from your AMSpend some time to readDiscuss with us we can see something that you want to know (tell you later)Analyze offersNegotiate for custom payout
  • What me and Kelvin can see?We are in the same boatWe are talking about business, moneyYour campaign works wellWho will be happy? You? Who else? Me haha(points)sorry guys my answer is yes and noWhat can we do
  • Traffic – Yes and Nobased on our experience and daily communicationWe can expect what is the traffic sourceTargeting – we know what the advertiser targeting (demographic)But not how affiliate target their campaign on FB, LeadimpactAd CopiesAM and give you adviceBetter at the ad spy website or softwareSame thing for LP
  • Was in Adoori – Traffic source like lead impactPPV traffic - where I met Ivan some are my affiliate nowIvan – talk on daily basisTraffic source (i.eAdoori)See others:LPTargetingDay PartingIncrease your trafficLower your bid rateSee what campaign is running for long (what is the converting campaign)Be Friendly to your Account Manager of your traffic source


  • 1. Neverblue Interact Event @ SingaporeKelvin Leung – Senior Affiliate Manager (Asia)Iris Wan – Affiliate Manager (Asia)Jun 6, 2013
  • 2. RUNDOWN Tips for New Affiliates Traffic Source – FB, PPC, Mobile, Paid Search, PPV Case Studies Personal Experience Sharing – Andrew Wee Q&A
  • 3. Today’s Session presented by…Kelvin LeungSenior Affiliate Manager – Asia Pacific-Based in Hong Kong, over 7 years ofinternet marketing experience-Strong in SEO, PPC and SocialNet-Speaker of several Neverblue InteractEvents at Hong Kong, New Delhi, Singapore,Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Bangkok-Speaker of Neverblue Monthly Webinars
  • 4. Today’s Session presented by…Iris WanAffiliate Manager – Asia Pacific• Experienced in Paid Search, Pops traffic,Display network and social mediaAndrew WeeGuest speaker
  • 5. Neverblue Introduction Established in 2004 Started Neverblue Mobile More than 1700 active offers International Reach Ranked #1 in CPA Blue Book 2012
  • 6. International ReachNeverblue HeadquarterVictoria, Canada Neverblue EuropeLondonNeverblue AsiaHong KongNeverblue USACalifornia“Anytime, Anywhere”
  • 7. Compliance RulesLegit Promotional Methods-SEO-PPC-Social Network-Email-PPV, Media BuyPromotional Methods that You Need to Avoid-Cash Incentive-Offline Marketing-Content LockingPromotion MethodWeb SEO, Media buy, BannerSearch Adwords, adCenter, YSM, 7SearchSocialNet Facebook, POFRegPath Force someone to signup your offersduring registration processDLS TrafficVance, LeadImpact, MediaTraffic
  • 8. How to Split Test?Split Test is important, all successful affiliatestest these• Traffic Sources• Landing Pages• Offers
  • 9. Facebook Optimization Tips- There are a lot of campaigns that are not allowed to run viaFacebook, such as casual dating campaigns.- Check with first, this is the score that Facebookprovides to the advertiser/website- Facebook can target different age groups and gender, it’s best torun general dating and gaming campaigns
  • 10. Facebook Optimization TipsCTR CRGood Ad Copy = Relevant message to Landing Page + Call to ActionBad Example
  • 11. Facebook Optimization TipsCTR CRGood Example
  • 12. Facebook Optimization TipsAsk your AM about which demographic you should target
  • 13. PPC Optimization Tips- First Tier Search Engines, such as Google Adwords and Bing do not allowdirect linking most of the time- Best to run Insurance, Finance, Pay Day Loan offers- Second Tier Search Engines, such as 7search, will find more success withdirect linking
  • 14. Split TestEvery angle should split test in different ad groupsFor example: Pay Day Loan CampaignAd Group 1: Targeting to generic audienceAd Group 2: Targeting to people who needs to pay offtheir credit card billAd Group 3: Targeting to people who needs quick cashfor small businesses
  • 15. Landing Page5 things that landing page should have…1) Headline2) Bullet Point3) Call to Action4) Testimonial5) Simplicity
  • 16. What to look for look when you do split testAd Group 1 Ad Group 2 Ad Group 3CTR 10% 3% 5%CR 0.50% 1% 3%Split Test Out Keep KeepAd Group Level Keyword LevelClicks Conversions ResultKw1 20 5 KeepKw2 30 5 KeepKw3 10 5 KeepKw4 200 7 OutKw5 120 7 OutKw6 23 3 KeepKw7 34 3 KeepKw8 67 1 OutKw9 1 0 OutKw10 2 0 Out
  • 17. Successful PPC CampaignsThe right paid traffic mindset:Stage 1: You will lose money (initially)Stage 2: Aim to break evenStage 3: Aim to be profitableStage 4: Massively scale winning campaigns.
  • 18. Successful PPC CampaignsStage 1 (1-2weeks): Testing, collecting keyword dataResearch offer, study payoutDecide on your budget:1) How much pay per click?2) What is conversion rate?3) What is your marketing goal?Example:$5 payout dating offer.Assume 10% conversion rate, Assume 50% profitWhat is your pay per click budget?Profit = $2.50 (50% of $5), 10 clicks to be profitable (10% conversion)Cost per click = $0.25 ($2.50 cost per lead, $5 payout = $2.50 profit)
  • 19. Successful PPC CampaignsStage 2 (2weeks to 1month): Breaking evenWhat does your keyword data tell you?Are you getting enough clickthroughs?Solution: improve adcopy, images, call to actionAre you getting enough conversions?Solution: rotate landing pages (better converting), adcopy images, split testsimilar offers
  • 20. Successful PPC CampaignsStage 3,4 (as long as you’re making a profit!): Achieving profitability,scalingIntention:Stage 3: Achieving consistency in profit (aim for steady, stable $xxx/day.Sweet spot $1,000 or more per day)Stage 4: What is similar traffic keywords, what other ad network gives yousimilar traffic quality.Talk to your affiliate manager!
  • 21. Offer promotion guide: Weather Blink Browser toolbar/extension Track Local Weather. Pay per install offer
  • 22. Offer promotion guide: Weather BlinkNew Affiliates: “Local Weather” “New York Weather” “Boston Weather” Weather forecastProblem: Too competitive, HighCPCResult?“Not making money”“Offer does not work”
  • 23. Offer promotion guide: Weather BlinkExperienced affiliates would ask:Who needs the map?• Outdoor Sport Players• Campers• Road Trip Backpackers
  • 24. Offer promotion guide: Weather BlinkTarget:Outdoor Sport PlayersKeywords:• New York Football venue• New York Outdoor Tennis venue• Boston Outdoor Tennis venue• Boston Outdoor Baseball ParkAd Copy“Looking for Tennis Venue?Make Sure you have the mostupdated weather report before youhead to the venue. Download thisfree toolbar today!”
  • 25. Offer promotion guide: Weather BlinkTarget:Road Trip BackpackersKeywords:• “Grand Canyon Las Vegas”• “Big Sur California”Ad Copy“Heading to Grand Canyon?Make Sure you have the mostupdated weather report beforeyou head to Vegas. Downloadthis free toolbar today!”
  • 26. Offer promotion guide: Be2 CanadaDating offerNew Affiliates:• Dating in Canada• Matchmaking• Happy Relationship• Single MenProblem: Too competitive, HighCPCResult?“Not making money”“Offer does not work”
  • 27. Offer promotion guide: Be2 CanadaTarget Different Groups• Dating Partners in DifferentRegions• Find Dating Partners withSame Hobbies• Find Dating Partners indifferent ProfessionsAd Copy:Date a Tennis Partner?Find and Date Your PerfectTennis Partner. Sign up Today!
  • 28. What are Mobile Devices?Smart PhonesiPhoneAndroidBlackberryPalmWindows PhoneFeature PhonesEverything elseTabletsiPad or iPod TouchAndroid Tablets
  • 29. Mobile Carriers USAAT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, VerizonIsrealOrange, Cellcom, PelephoneCanadaRogers, Telus, BellUKVodafone, O2, Orange-T-MobileAustraliaTelstra, Optus and Vodafone
  • 30. Server to Server trackingAll of our offers are tracked with the advertiser throughServer-to-Server tracking. This means that every timethere is an impression, click, or conversion, our serversreceive direct notification from a server side call fromthe advertiser.This is important because without S2S tracking, yougenerally see a 10-20% loss in conversions.
  • 31. Picking a Campaign What vertical are you comfortable with? Do you know your traffic source?Web/App/Search? Is there a certain time to run it? (ie/ Christmas or TaxSeason) What is your AM saying about offers? Do you think it could be successful?
  • 32. Traffic SourcesWith this hot market, new traffic sources are popping up all the time. WithSmartphones now accounting for more than 50% of the US, inventory isgrowing faster than the demand.Different types of mobile traffic:Traditional Traffic Sources/Ad Networks:TapIT, Jumptap, AdFonic, AdModa, MobFox, Mojiva, MellenialIn App traffic (Available on most Ad Networks):AdMobPush Notification (For Androids):Airpush, SendroidMobile Search:Adwords, MS Ad Center
  • 33. Traffic Sources140 Proof4th ScreenAdCell MediaadfonicAditicAdMarvelAdmiaadmobAdmoda;AdultmodaAdsmarket MatomyAdsmobiAdTripleAduruAirpushA-mo-beeAOLAppendaBurstlyBuzzcityCaulyconvertstarDSNR MediaeBuddyEGS MediaexoclickFlurryG+J Media SalesGreystripeHandsHunt Mobile AdsiAdInMobiIZPjiwireJumptapkiipKomlimobileLead BoltLetangLogiaAdMadhouseMadvertiseMarimediaMDotMMedialetsMetapsMicrosoft MobileMillennial MediaMob GoldMobClixMobFoxMobile FuseMobile TheoryMobPartnerMOceanmojivaMoPubMotrixiNAVTEQNextagePandoraPontiflexRadiumOnereporoRovioShazamSingle PointSmaatoSponsorpayStartAppSurikateTapit!TapjoyTrademobVdopiaveltiVservWebmediawhereAdsWidespaceXadXtendmediaYahooYbrand DigitalYieldivisionyoc group
  • 34. Neverblue Analytical Reporting
  • 35. Neverblue Analytical Reporting
  • 36. Tips for Launching MobileUnderstand the demographics of each carrier and platformExamples how demo’s per platform are different:• Android users are 10% more likely to be men. iPhone users are 18% more likely to be women.• Android users are more likely to be middle-class. iPhone users are more likely to be upper-middle class.Examples how demo’s per platform are different:• Carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint have a high percentages of younger subscribers, particularlythose between the ages of 18-34, the most voracious consumers of mobile content.• Nextel subscribers are 47.4 percent more likely to be a 35 to 44 year old male compared withsubscribers on other networks, and the carrier has the highest percentage of users whosehousehold annual income surpasses $100,000 per year”
  • 37. Tips for Launching MobileBidding Strategies and Analyzing Data• Analyzing Data: First things first, make sure you have enough statistically significantdata, then act on it.• Key Variables: Platform, Site ID, Carrier, Handset, Banner Size, Version• Find a good combo, know your EPC, break it into it’s own campaign and bidaggressively.• Example: Creative 1 x Android x AT&T – blocking Site ID 4910 – 0.09 CPC• Goal to scale is obviously make your offer work on the broadest targeting possible.What’s the point of 400% ROI if you can only scale to $30 a day spend becausetargeting is so tight.
  • 38. Tips for NewAffiliates
  • 39. Tips for NewAffiliates
  • 40. Sharing with New AffiliatesQ: Can yourecommend me agood campaign?
  • 41. Q: What Campaigns to run?1. Understand your Strength• Ad copies?• Keywords?• Building Landing page?2. Stick with few traffic sources• Test out different creatives• Test out different campaigns
  • 42. 3. Your Affiliate Manager is your FRIEND!• Campaigns recommendations• Discuss with us before you run Analyze the offers Best countries, creatives, networks Monitor and negotiate for a better payout• Go for the public CampaignsQ: What Campaigns to run?
  • 43. Q: What traffic source iseasiest to start off?
  • 44. Q: What AM can see?• Traffic Source• Targeting• Ad copies• Landing Pages
  • 45. Q: What AM can see?• Traffic Source• Targeting• Ad copies• Landing Pages Based on past history Advertiser Affiliate
  • 46. Q: What AM can see?• Traffic Source• Targeting• Ad copies• Landing Pages
  • 47. Q: What AM actually see?• Top Campaigns by verticals Top Countries Top Creative ID Best Converting Time• New and Potential Campaigns
  • 48. Q: What to write incampaign application?Sharing with New Affiliates
  • 49. Q: What to write incampaign application?• Promotional Method• Traffic source• Direct linking or Landing pages• Ad copies• Estimated Lead can drive• Follow up with your AM!
  • 50. Guest Speaker: Andree Wee
  • 51. Next Out of Bounds – Rocky Mountain!Affiliate competition recognizing the best affiliates in Neverblue.Top affiliates in various categories get to interact, learn and network.Current competition period: Jan 1 to May 31, 2013Categories:Top revenue (10 winners)Top incremental revenue (based on highest increase) (8 winners)Visit to get contest details and participate
  • 52. Neverblue Referral ProgramMake 5% of the first 6 months of revenue for everyaccepted affiliates that you refer
  • 53. Thank YouKELVIN LEUNGSenior Affiliate Manager – Asia PacificEmail: kelvin.leung@neverblue.comPhone: +852 3972-6123 ext 207Skype/Twitter: neverbluekelvinIRIS WANAffiliate ManagerEmail: iris.wan@neverblue.comPhone: +852 3972-6123 ext 210Skype/AIM: iris.wst