Introduction to Neverblue

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Learn more about Neverblue in this introduction deck. Who we are and what we do.

Learn more about Neverblue in this introduction deck. Who we are and what we do.

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  • 1. An introduction to Neverblue Media
  • 2. Meet Neverblue Media Pulse Mobile  A GlobalWide Advertising Agency GlobalWide Media ( Parent Company )  7+ years in the Digital marketing industry Neverblue Media  10+ years in the Performance marketing industry
  • 3. Neverblue Performance Marketing. Redefined.  Global Publishing Networks  Creative and Design Services  Data Optimization Programs  Email Networks & Distribution  Internal Media Buying Programs  Managed White-label Properties  Mobile Networks & Distribution
  • 4.  Client-focused service teams in: Hong Kong, China London, England Los Angeles, California Victoria, BC  Dedicated Advertiser management teams  Dedicated Publisher management teams Neverblue Client Teams
  • 5.  One-Stop Digital Marketing Agency  Over 800+ Advertisers  Over 25,000 Publishers  Over 100 Billion managed impressions 2013 track record Neverblue and GWM operate Publisher networks with extensive experience in the Data, Display, Email, Web Properties and Social verticals. Network Results
  • 6.  24 billion mobile consumer ad impressions served by the Agency  Over 5.5 million mobile conversions completed for our advertisers  Over 1.8 million mobile app downloads completed for developers 2013 track record Neverblue has access to global mobile inventory through demand side platforms with real-time bidding systems. Mobile Results
  • 7. Neverblue 2013 Vertical Results Travel: 1.5 million reservations Dating: 2.6 million sign-ups Gaming: 4.7 million installs Finance: 1.3 million applications Digital: 5.85 million toolbar downloads
  • 8. Performance Marketing. How it works.
  • 9. Neverblue Launch Process Working with our personalized publishing network could not be easier. We have no setup fees and a timely on- boarding process. Neverblue is not selling you just a network of effective traffic, but a solution for really understanding your affiliate channels.
  • 10. Neverblue Awareness As well as increasing traffic and sales, performance marketing can help grow your brand. Our varied network options provide you with a much stronger online presence across a wide variety of relevant verticals. Performance marketing is all about reaching new consumers that you would not otherwise reach.
  • 11. Advertiser ROI The Cost per Acquisition model (CPA) means that our publishing partners are rewarded when a consumer completes an action. This model means advertisers gain a fantastic return on investment that can be assessed on a truly granular level.
  • 12. Publisher ROI Create campaigns across all media channels with one easy-to-use platform. Our strength is matching world-class advertisers with dynamic publishing programs.
  • 13. Performance Marketing. Redefined.
  • 14. Performance Networks The Neverblue network has more than 25,000 publishers driving over 100 billion impressions per year. Internal Media Buying Team Our internal buying teams have direct access to premium first-impression inventory. Neverblue’s open relationships with Real Time Bidding (RTB) ad exchanges allows us to optimize your campaigns with 100% transparency.
  • 15. Neverblue CPx Business Models Brand Campaigns CPM Email Marketing CPA App Downloads CPI Click-2-Call Marketing CPA Lead Gen Marketing CPA Rich Media CPV
  • 16. Neverblue Compliance Department Neverblue is recognized as an industry leader in quality client risk mitigation. Our core objective is to protect our partners by proactively mitigating fraud. We leverage our in-house monitoring systems, so our partners receive the highest quality traffic.
  • 17. Mobile & Email Campaigns 1 - Ad:tech North America. “Digital Consumer Analysis” 2013 2 - Google and Ipsos. "Our Mobile Planet: Understanding the Mobile Consumer". May 2013 3 - Mobile Marketing Association 2013  Over 1 billion active smartphone users in the US, European and Asian markets  64% of mobile phone time is spent on apps  42% of consumers open their email on a smart phone  Top 50 online firms ALL HAVE mobile apps In today’s market - you must have a strong, unified experience across all platforms 1 2 3
  • 18. Neverblue ENGAGEMENT We like to think that our advertiser and account teams are the best in the industry. Performance marketing relies on advanced technological frameworks – but, we believe that our personal account management is the real difference. Pay Outs In today’s competitive landscape - it is crucial that your business cash-flow remains a high priority. In recognition of this, we pay our partners on a weekly basis.
  • 19. Contact the Neverblue Team Bjorn Hougaard VP – Network ----- Jeff Kwok Director, Business Development - Asia ----- Jim Piper Agency Strategist Eric Gerritsen VP – Mobile Jennifer Labbett Managing Director, Europe Reed Pridy VP – Internal Media