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Fall 2007
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Fall 2007 Nevada Wilderness Project Newsletter


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Fall 2007 Nevada Wilderness Project Newsletter

  1. 1. Nevada Wilderness Project Photo by Warren Shaul Pumpkinman Triathalon! by Rush Clark It was quite an honor and a privilege to take swim practice (or at least semi-regularly) – NWP’s very ownpart in NWP’s annual fund-raiser. I missed the boat last year Cameron Johnson. Overall, the training wasn’t all that bad. Ihaving just moved to the area. So, I pledged to do my part this think I actually reduced my carbon footprint over the trainingyear, especially since I’ve explored some of Nevada’s unique period because I rode my bike just about everywhere I wentlandscapes. I never realized what an interesting and breath- – work, errands, even the bars.taking place the desert can be; I still feel like I’m part of an old Less driving and more riding seemed to do the trick.western with every visit. So, again, I felt compelled to make a Race day came before I knew it, and next thing I know, I’mcontribution and felt that participating in the Pumpkinman standing in cold water up to my waist at 7 a.m., wearingTriathlon fund-raiser was a good start. spandex “tri” shorts that feel and look funny, thinking to I can’t express how much fun the whole experience myself, “Well, there’s no turning back. Would the race startwas. Before I began my fund-raising push, I made an effort already!?!?” Then the gun sounded! I was off, hoping to keepto learn more about the up with Cameron in the swim be-organization itself, its cause I knew his stronger swim-history, its mission, and ming might give him the upperthe areas that they’re hand. But I was soon engulfed byworking to protect on the sea of swimmers and had nothe next campaign. Even way of tracking Cameron down.working right next to I was on my own and discoveredNWP and hanging out that the countless laps at thewith Cameron over the Moana Pool didn’t really preparelast year and a half didn’t me for the chaos of 200 peopleimpart the knowledge battling for position in Lakethat I gained from the Mead’s open water. Where werelast couple of months the lanes!?of study and fund-rais- Nevertheless, the swiming. That research and ended fairly quickly, and Iknowledge made it much proudly donned my Viva Laseasier to talk to folks and Wilderness jersey, taking off onpaint them a picture of my bike to chase Cameron down.Nevada’s desert land- Robb Wolf bikes by the shores of Lake Mead. I don’t know how much atten-scapes and provide an idea of how their donation would tion the jersey drew on the ride, but the announcer at thehelp. Knowledge was more than half the battle because folks finish line noticed the red jerseys as we ran across and gavedefinitely asked a lot of questions, especially folks beyond team Viva Las Wilderness some recognition for our efforts tothe confines of the sagebrush. In the end, asking for support protect the wild.wasn’t as difficult as I once envisioned. A few emails followed The finish line was the hub of activity and team spirit,by a few phone calls, maybe a prod here and there, and my notably Team Viva Las Wilderness; all teammates gatheredfund-raising was up and going. at the finish/transition area and rallied big cheers, high five On the other side of things, I still had a race to prepare trains, and took lots of pictures. Participating in such a largefor. I may have solicited the fund-raising support, but I also event, the support of twenty wilderness-protecting, fun-lovinghad to live up to my end of the deal – I had to compete in a teammates definitely instilled a sense of pride and camara-triathlon! I wasn’t too concerned about the run and figured I derie I haven’t felt since competing in high school sports, ancould handle the bike, but the swim did elicit some feelings especially rewarding feeling knowing that all participantsof anxiety. A 750m (1/2 mile) swim is a long swim! Luck- joined together in an effort to keep Nevada wild! What a wayily, I had a partner in crime to offer motivation for regular to spend the weekend. I look forward to more of those!
  2. 2. Fall 2007Nevada Wilderness The colors of fall, et al. by Ross Cooper Project I’m not being merely literal here, I’m speaking metaphorically. When I bleed, say from my nose or a paper cut, I bleed Red Sox red. Oh, sure, to the casual observer (you; Northern Office a doctor; any sane person) it’s the same, but to the true fan, it’s a color steeped in 86 8550 White Fir Street years of tradition, heartbreak and curse, ready to rupture at any moment like a Taran- Reno, NV 89523 tino film. 775.746.7850 So what would it take for a native member of Red Sox nation to miss the opening Southern Office round of the baseball playoffs and 4220 S. Maryland Pkwy not complain? With Boston winning Suite 402D and the Yankees losing!? Something Las Vegas, NV 89119 pretty spectacular, I can assure 702.369.1871 you. Fortunately, the wild areas of Esmeralda County qualify. A 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation I had arrived Friday night well after sunset, so I woke Satur-NWP Board of Directors day morning to the stunning and Bret Birdsong, President surprising vista of the desert below Brian O’Donnell, Vice President the remote high-point of Nevada, Lynn Schiek, Treasurer Boundary Peak. It is in a vast sweep Chris Todd Tori King, Secretary of land just north and east of Dyer, Skip @ Silver Peak Rene Valladares known as Fish Lake Valley, complete with the natural hot springs of NWP Staff The Crossing and below the dramatic ridge of the White Mountains, then set with their John Wallin first fall of snow. Director The opening day involved hiking Icehouse Canyon in the Silver Peak WSA. Here Kristie Connolly was rock of a different color, so to speak. The oxidation of mineralized rock leads to Associate Director an array of scenic tints and hues. The reds, pinks and yellows come from iron salts, the greens from the decomposition of mica, the purples a result of manganese. And as John Tull picturesque as these striations are, they were surpassed the very next day on our hike Conservation Director through the roadless backcountry of the Boundary Peak Wilderness. Down the entire Mackenzie Banta canyon were the willows and alder, the cottonwoods and aspen, already gone deep red, Development Director bright yellow and flaming gold in their autumn turn. Cameron Johnson Go nature. Nice play. There was only one October; go out and enjoy it. N. Nevada Outreach Director Nick Dobric More from Pumpkinman! by Rush Clark S. Nevada Outreach Director We ran, we swam and we biked and along the way we helped NWP protect wild Cynthia Scholl land in Nevada. On October 14th, 16 Wild Athletes converged on Boulder City, Nevada to Membership Coordinator run the Pumpkinman Triathlon for NWP. Their efforts raised over $13,000! Nancy Hall Many thanks go out to: Katy Gold Butte Organizer Chandler-Isacksen, Rush Clark, Kristie Connolly, Nick Dobric, Coalition Partners Ramsey Hong, Cameron “Mr. Campaign for America’s Wilderness Febuary” Johnson, JD Kreimer, Friends of Nevada Wilderness Josephine Old, Pauline Orendain, Red Rock Audubon Society Carrie Sandstedt, Jen Schmidt, The Wilderness Society Cynthia Scholl, Chris Todd, and Robb Wolf.The Nevada Wilderness Project Read other accounts of theis committed to saving the spectac- race and see photos @ ular, rugged-and imperiled-publiclands in Nevada as Wilderness, the strongest protection possible
  3. 3. Fall 2007 Gold Butte Update by Nancy Hall Nevada Wilderness Project typically does not ask This left 316,000 acres of potential wilderness unprotected!its members to engage in the many transportation plans The future is not so gloomy for Gold Butte! We arebeing implemented throughout our public lands but Gold working closely with the BLM to monitor the area asButte is special. Once again, NWP members came out in stewards, implement protective measures for sensitive re-force with comments to the Bureau of Land Management sources, and address the heavy visitation that is impactingconcerning the Interim Transportation Plan for Gold Butte the land. Locally, the Friends of Gold Butte meet monthlyin Southern Nevada. Thank you to all members who sup- with the Moapa Band of Paiutes for presentations, serviceported trips andthe pro- fun. Thetection of next stepcitizen- for Goldproposed Buttewilder- is theness designa-areas and tion ofendan- Nationalgered Conser-cultural vationresourc- Areaes. with As wilder-we pre- ness inpare to spectacu-celebrate lar areasthe 5th such asanniver- Garrettsary of Buttes,the Clark theCounty VirginPublic Moun-Lands Bill we reflect on the many victories of this Act. Con- tains and Billy Goat Peak.sider Wee Thump, the first designated citizens’ proposed What next? Write to Congressman Porter, Senators Reidwilderness and Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area and Ensign and express the need for wilderness in Gold(NCA) and the North McCullough Wilderness area desig- Butte!nated within. These legislative victories are milestones that Congressman Porter – 218 Cannon HOB Washington, DC 20515will set precedents for future wilderness legislation. Senator Reid – 528 Hart SOB Washington, DC 20510 Meanwhile, Gold Butte became highly contentious Senator Ensign – 364 Russell SOB, Washington, DC 20510with some local rural residents and did not receive thewilderness designations it greatly deserved in the 2002 bill.Lime Canyon and Jumbo Springs were both designatedas wilderness and Garrett Buttes was released from Wil-derness Study Area (WSA) status. In all, an almost equalamount of acres were designated as released from WSA.Wee want your stories and photos is a blog chronicling our adventures in wild places and NWP’s efforts to protect them. We invite youto be a part of it by posting comments on the blog, adding your photos and sending us your stories from Nevada’s Wil-derness, You can also find articles from the newsletter on the blog as well as extended content including interviews withprominent people in the community, photography, and additional informative articles on the web.
  4. 4. Fall 2007
  5. 5. Fall
  6. 6. Fall 2007 Wovoka Happenings by Steve Pelligrini On September 8 twenty-one people fromthe Yerington area visited Bald Mountain. Formany this was their first view of the proposedWovoka Wilderness. The caravan left Yering-ton at 8:00 AM and arrived at Bald Mountainshortly before noon. After lunch everyone hikedto a point east of the first caldera where there isa good view of the east slope of the Pine GroveRange and of the East Walker Valley. Roger Scholl spoke briefly to the group aboutwilderness, particularly about what wildernesswould mean to Lyon County. Most attendees ing. Great food, wine and good conversation made for a most enjoyable evening. Roger Scholl and Cameron Johnson gave a brief talk about wilderness and answered many questions. Short- ly before midnight friends parted and our grow- ing coterie of supporters of wilderness in Lyon County left with new resolve to see this dream come to fruition. As they discussed at the pot luck, there is little new news from Lyon County at this time. The leadership in the county is still in a stale- mate with our Congressional Delegation over several aspects of a combined lands bill for Lyonchose to hike southward to enjoy a better view of and Mineral Counties. The best thing that we asBald Mountain and the canyons on its east slope. supporters of wilderness in both counties can doAt days end we lingered, hat- is to focus on becoming familiar with the idea ofing to see the trip end. At last wilderness and the proposalit was decided we wanted to areas themselves. Pleasekeep our momentum go- continue to check our eventsing so plans were made for a calendar for the next valuespot luck at Debbie and Steve trips to one of these spectac-Pellegrini’s house. ular areas! The potluck was heldon the evening of September29th with 30 people attend- Photos by Kurt Kuznicki Ice House Canyon Map: Icehouse Canyon is in the Silver Peak Range Wilderness Study Area that Ross mentions in his recount of the Wilderness Rendezvous. It is a gorgeous winding canyon full of amazing mineralized colors and rock formations. Access to the canyon is all on good dirt roads, allowing vehicles with 2WD and clearance to access this unique area. The Silver Peak Range is the eastern border of Fish Lake Valley. When traveling to Icehouse Canyon, the most notable landmark is the Dyer Ranch, which is private property, but the turn is at the northern end of the ranch. If you go please send us pictures and stories of your adventures! In the Benchmark Atlas (Black) – pg. 70, B5 In the DeLorme Gazetteer (Red) – pg. 58, D4
  7. 7. Fall 2007 Exposure by MacKenzie Banta The 2008 Wild Men ofWild Nevada calendars areBACK! This year twelve full colorphotos and twelve spanking dandiesgrace your wall showing spectacularNevada land (and man) scapes. Each calendar is $20 and goestoward the Project’s work to keepNevada wild. You can order yourstoday at Keep posted to to vote for your favoritewild man! The Nevada Wilderness Projectlaunched our 2008 Wild Men ofWild Nevada calendars in Las Vegason October 12th at the Palms Casinoand Resort. Thanks to the sup-port of the N9ne Group, Fiji Water,Southern Wine and Spirits and the Nevada. Thank you to all those people and businesses thatArt of Music, the calendars (and many of the models) were helped to make our wild night possible.the hit of the party! This fundraising event located in theRain nightclub provided the dancing crowd the opportu-nity to learn more about our spectacular wild lands around Please help us support Senator Harry Reid’s opposition to the coal-fired power plants proposed for Ely. This is an important issue to wilderness in Nevada. We have collected info on coal power on our blog @ Post your comments and thoughts, and tell your friends how Harry Reid’s energy and environmental policies are good for wilderness and Nevada. This is what’s at stake: Near proposed coal power plants.
  8. 8. NWP Events! Northern Nevada:Happy Hours @ Great Basin Brewery: Hikes/Events:Nov 0th -8pm Nov th – Wovoka Proposed Wilderness, Lyon CoDec 11th -8pm Dec 1st – Wovoka Proposed Wilderness, Lyon CoJan 1th -8pm Cameron Johnson is there for all your NorNev Wilderness info needs @ cameron.johnson@wildnevada.orgSouthern Nevada:Events:November 6th (Tuesday) we will have an event to celebrate the 5thAnniversary of the 2002 Wilderness protections in Clark County. At6:30-8:30pm at the Clark County Public Library, Conference Room at 1401E. Flamingo (at Maryland). We will have keynote speaker David Bert, hostof KNPR’s Along the Way, free raffle, food, and fun.November 18th Wilderness values trip Gold Butte with an Archaeologistsharing knowledge about this spectacular area.December 8-9 Wilderness values trip to Gold Butte with optional camp out.Happy Hours:November 28th Happy Hour 6-8pm Steiner’s Nevada Style Pub, 1750 N BuffaloDecember 19th Happy Hour 6-8pm Freakin Frog, 4700 S Maryland Pkwy Please contact the illustrious Nick Dobric for details on these events @ (702) 369-1871 Protect your Wild LandsIt’s really easy to help the Nevada Wilderness Project preserve your land... Just cut this form off, write a check, cram it inan envelope and mail it to us @ NV Wilderness Project, 8550 White Fir Street; Reno, NV 89523Enclosed is my donation of: I would like to make a recurring donation: comments:$35 Monthly$50 Every 3 Months$100 Annually$250$500 Please make check or moneyOther Amount _______ order payable to: For secure credit card transactions, please visit Nevada Wilderness Project Permit #200 Reno, NV PAID U.S. Postage Non-Profit Org. Reno, Nevada 89523 8550 White Fir Street