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Wolfpack Press Volume

  1. 1. Wolfpack Press VOLUME III, ISSUE 2 OCTOBER 5, 2011 University of Nevada, Reno K-KIDS: The elementary version of cki By Megan Jackling I pledge to uphold Circle-K International is In order to get the we work hard to learn their the objects of committed to volunteer children to become more names and make the Circle K International, To service at all levels. K-Kids aware of the community and experience more personal. foster compassion was created to do just that - world around them, we Once we get all the kids and goodwill involve elementary school involve them in together in a circle, we begin towards others children in the community community-wide service the service project, and through service and get them excited about projects. Students are always work on it with them and leadership, To develop volunteering. This branch of currently collecting soda tabs so that they know what they my abilities Circle-K meets every Friday for the Ronald McDonald are doing is important. and the abilities from 12:00pm-1:00pm at House Charity, and are also When they have finished, the of all people, And Sierra Vista Elementary participating in the national second half of our time is to dedicate myself to the realization School. Volunteers work greeting card competition spent playing with and of mankind’s with students from 4th-6th within Circle-K getting to know the kids. potential. grade during their lunch International. When the bell finally rings, break. Any student at Sierra When I first heard about they don’t leave until they Vista may participate, but it K-Kids, I knew that it was are each wearing one of our is not mandatory. We the perfect program to get name tags, to show pride that usually have at least 20 kids involved in - I am studying they love attending K-Kids! show up, and they are all to be an elementary school We give these children excited to be a part of this teacher. The students are something to look forward fun and engaging program! always excited to see us to, and a reason to be excited show up, and appreciate that to go to school!SERVICE 1-2New! - 3crosswordpuzzleCALENDAR 4Member 5of the month&BoardContacts1 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  2. 2. SERVICE WOLFPACK PRESS discovery museum By Victoria Silva Early on a Saturday morning on highlighting Nevadas history, a September 3, myself and twelve room where kids got to generate other Circle Kers made our way to their own natural energy, a Center St. for the grand opening of outdoors exhibit where you could the Discovery Museum. Hearing camp under the stars, and an art the word museum, I figured our room where they got to paint on job for this service project would walls. The epitome of it all though be to direct tours around exhibits had to be the giant cloud jungle and say random facts about gym kids could climb to literally dinosaurs. This museum however, reach the clouds! It was called a was no regular boring museum, no childrens museum, but the other it was more like a giant fun house volunteers and I certainty had a for kids! This giant facility blast assisting the kids at play. consisted of an interactive roomadopt a park/BBQ & water balloon socialBy Erika Mettke On Saturday September 10, at water balloons and 10 minutes later10am we all went over to everyone was soaked and we couldUniversity Ridge Park to pull not stop laughing. The proceedsweeds, cut plants, pick up trash and from the water balloon fight wentmove mulch around. Because to Relay for Life, which isCircle K has adopted University important because my goal is toRidge Park, it is important for us to fundraise $3000 by the time Relaykeep it clean for everyone to enjoy. for Life roles around. This eventIt was very labor intensive and we was by far one of my favoriteall worked hard for two hours. events; it included service, social After cleaning up the park, we and fundraising and I had a lot ofall enjoyed hanging out and eating fun.pizza and snacks while bees keptattacking us. My favorite part of thewhole event was definitely thewater balloon fight. Five hundred2 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  3. 3. VOLUME III, ISSUE 2 CROSSWORD PUZZLE NEW! CROSSWORD PUZZLE ** = no, not really.3 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  4. 4. WOLFPACK PRESSCALENDAR October 2011 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 Golfing with Kiwanis, 10am—noon The Noteables, 7:30-11pm 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Relay for Life RFL Bake Sale, RFL Bake Sale, RFL Bake Sale, RFL Bake Sale, Football Bake Sale, 10am—2pm 10am—2pm 10am—2pm 10am—2pm Concessions, 10am—2pm 5pm Intramurals 8pm 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Wolfpack Food Fight Club Fair Pride Video Talent Show 5pm, Manzanita PTP dolls, after $ FTC dues! 1pm, Gateway Football 7pm Bowl meeting Plaza Concessions, 5pm Intramurals 8pm 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Intramurals Kiwanis E-Waste Recy- 8pm Takeover cling, 8am— noon Football Concessions, 5pm 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Key Club RTC Intramurals NO MEETING Nevada Day— Adopt a Park/ Scrapbooking 7pm Red Robin NO SCHOOL BBQ Social Social Fundraiser 10am-1pm 2-4:30pm, MIKC 30 31 HALLOWEEN Intramurals 7pm = General Meeting 7PM, JCSU 422 = K-Kids noon-1PM, carpool 11:45AM = HOMECOMING WEEK4 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  5. 5. VOLUME III, ISSUE 2 MEMBER OF THE MONTH & BOARD CONTACTS member of the month September: Amanda tran Year and Major: freshman, Biochemistry Hobbies: I like to converse and laugh Favorite event, so far: I liked cleaning the zoo in San Francisco and that Homeless Awareness & Prevention Day...facepainting, yaaay! Event(s) you’re looking forward to: I look forward to FTC...all the events to come, actually... Item you’d love to see in the raffle: I liked that scarf that was raffled off a few weeks ago...I cant really think of anything else ._. board contactsPresident: V.P. of V.P. of Service: Treasurer: Secretary:Kaci Hartwick Administration: Cynthia Uba Nam Hoang Alex Kieu(775) 240-7471 Rachel Davis (702) 823-6201 (702) 302-6152 (775)313-4948president vpservice treasurer secretary (702) 203-0205@nevadacki.com @nevadacki.com @nevadacki.com @nevadacki.com vpadmin @nevadacki.comK-Kids: Kiwanis Family: Historian: Relay for Life:Noah McKay Boris Zhang Christine Erika Mettkek-kids (702) 768-3866 Bonuel (702) 882-1860@nevadacki.com kiwanisfamily relayforlife (702)768-7812 @nevadacki.com @nevadacki.com historian @nevadacki.comSpirit: Technology: UniversityJ.O. Salva Victoria Silva Connections:(775) 338-6625 (702) 374-2128 Hectorspirit technology Mendoza@nevadacki.com @nevadacki.com (775) 247-1178 universityconn @nevadacki.com5 nevadacirclek.webs.com