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Wolf pack press 1

  1. 1. Wolfpack Press VOLUME III, ISSUE 1 SEPTEMBER 7, 2011 University of Nevada, Reno message from the president I pledge to uphold Hi everybody, my name one is welcome to join, and by the objects of Cir- is Kaci Hartwick and I am the joining you will have so many cle K Internation- current Circle K President! great experiences and make al. To foster com- Usually in these messages, peo- countless friends. passion and good ple share things about them- At this point I would will towards others selves, so here goes- I am a Pre- also like to thank the entire Cir- through service Nursing major, I was actually cle K Board for all their hard and leadership, to born in Kansas, and I love gi- work thus far (we’ve been at it develop my abili- raffes! As you will soon discov- since April!). Also, thank you ties and the abili- er, Circle K is a great thing to to all of our returning members- ties of all people be a part of. I hope you will don’t forget about our Member and to dedicate take advantage of the numerous of the Month program by the myself to the reali- service events we have, along way! I am so excited to meet zation of man- with our awesome leadership everyone, and I truly hope that kinds potential. opportunities and fun social you will feel welcome when events as well. In case you did- you come to Circle K. If youInside this n’t know, Circle K is the largest have any questions, comments,issue: collegiate community service concerns, (anything!) please organization in the world! One feel free to contact me at presi- thing that is so great about Cir- dent@nevadacki.com. Thanks cle K is that anyone and every- and here’s to a great year! message from our ltg Hello Reno! My name the University of the Pacific. is Erin Szelagowski and I am Some events we have your Capital Division Lieu- coming up as a division in- late is a food group, I just re- tenant Governor for the 2011- clude; going to the chocolate cently started reading JanetSERVICE 1-4 2012 year. Some of you may festival in San Francisco and Evanovich novels, my favor- 5-6 not know what that means, so helping out at the San Francis- ite movie is Pay it Forward, IMember ofthe month in short it means I help all the co Zoo, and the last weekend love the song “All Star” by clubs within the Capital divi- of September we will be go- Smash Mouth, I love to playBoard bios 7- sion with any problems you ing over to Sierra College and almost any sport, and I have 10 guys might have and I let you helping them plant trees. been in Circle K for 5 yearsNew! - senior 11 know what is going on in the Since you won’t see now. If you ever have anyacknowledge- district. The district is made me as much this as in years questions about Circle K, orments up of California, Nevada, and past here are a couple things just in general, feel free to Hawaii and we have that split you need to know about me: I contact me at szela-CALENDAR 12 into 8 divisions. In Capital graduated from UNR last gow@gmail.com.Board con- 13 division we have UN Reno, year, I am going to UC Davis And just remember,tacts UC Davis, Sacramento State, for my Masters degree in Fo- CAPITAL ROCKS! TMCC, Sierra College, and rensic Science, I think choco-1 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  2. 2. SERVICE WOLFPACK PRESSSACRAMENTO HOMELESSBy Erika Mettke On May 21, 2011 I had the opportunity to volunteer atHomeless Connect in Sacramento. My job was to assist the home-less to the Housing Stations that was provided for them. It feltgood to see many of the homeless get temporary or permanenthousing. Many of the homeless walked out of Housing Stationwith a big smile on their face. I received so many words of appre-ciation that I felt like I was making a huge difference. To me thiswas one of the most meaningful service projects I have participat-ed in. I felt I was improving so many lives and was able to reachout to the homeless and give them hope.Kiwanis bike shopBy Boris Zhang On June 11, 2011, Univer- had fun with the hula hoops sity of Nevada, Reno Circle K and game, but was surprised by TMCC Circle K went to the the young girl who could Sparks Kiwanis’s grand opening of manage 5 hula hoops at once. their new bike shop. Upon arrival, After a while, we tried to we swept the floor to remove any teach our Vice President of excess dust and hung up signs to Service, Cynthia Uba, how to prepare for the big day. After- bike. It was managed success- wards, we hung up balloons fully haha. Overall, the event (which popped very often) next to was successful, and the the signs outside and out on the Sparks Kiwanis were excited bordering fence. Our president, to have us there. I would real- Kaci Hartwick, got interviewed by ly recommend this event for Channel 2, which was very inter- other volunteers since there esting. When the day picked up a are bikes that need to be bit, Circle K and TMCC were put tested (as long as a helmet is in charge of games and books. A worn). nun chuck game, jump ropes, a bean bag toss game, and hula hoops were set up for the kids. I2 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  3. 3. VOLUME III, ISSUE 1 SERVICE Slf weekend By Christine Bonuel From June 3 to June 5, ley, even assisted a runner during 2011, Circle K members from the last lap of his two-mile run! TMCC and from the University The third day, we received lead- of Nevada, Reno attended the ership training from Lindsey, Service Leadership Fellowship Carly, and Tom, advisors from weekend. It was three fun-filled the Kiwanis family. We did team days of events focused on the -building exercises and brushed three tenants of Circle K. On the up on our knowledge of each first day, we volunteered at the board member’s duties. The Ki- Special Olympics opening cere- wanis advisors also gave us ad- mony and had a movie social. vice on how to deal with conflict The second day, we timed the within the club. Overall, SLF track & field events for the Spe- weekend was a great experience! cial Olympics Summer Games at I had a lot of fun, and it also pre- Mackay Stadium. Being a “time- pared me for my stopper” was fun: waiting for the chair position this signal to start timing, watching upcoming year. for the exact time the athlete crossed the finish line, and cheer- ing for every single athlete. Two Circle K members, J.O. and Hay- Corn dogs By Kaci Hartwick How can I even begin to se dogs are home made, and we flew by as describe the Susanville Corndog got to learn the entire process. we served event? Simply put, it is one of my countless First, favorite events, and I am so hap- people and you have py that it has become a yearly fried up an to cook Circle K tradition. The event be- insane amount of corndogs. the hot gins with a one and a half hour dogs and I love this event because it defi- drive to Susanville, and from m a k e nitely keeps you on your toes, but I also there we meet up at the Lassen sure you stick them just right. love how we all worked together as a County Fair. Once we enter the After that, they are rolled in some team. As “corny” as it sounds, you real- fair, we find the infamous corn- dry batter and then dipped into ly count on every single person in that dog booth, which is run by the the secret recipe batter. From tiny trailer to do their job right; other- Kiwanis Club of Susanville. there, it’s straight to the fryer, wise you’re going to run into trouble. The corndog booth is a and then the little holders called Even though it was stressful, it was small white trailer with two large boats. great to hear the cooks in the back say windows and a few Kiwanis good job to one another, or “I need five As we mastered the signs and logos. While the booth corndogs!” followed by, “Thanks, cooking technique, we also had may be modest in appearance, the you’re awesome!” In conclusion, the to become expert cashiers and product that comes out of it cer- Susanville Corndog event is definitely soda fillers. Some people would tainly is not. They don’t joke an event you cannot miss! come up to the window and order around on their sign that says, six corndogs to go, so there was- “World Famous Corndogs”. The- n’t much time to rest. The night3 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  4. 4. SERVICE WOLFPACK PRESSDistrict summer service social (dsss)By Kristen VanCitters, Cynthia Uba, and Christine Bonuel your favorite part(s) of dsss? My favorite part about DSSS was meeting a ton of new CircleKers! We rarely get to see the southern schools at events, prettymuch only at FTC and DCON, so meeting all of them was awesome!DSSS was filled with opportunity to bond with other members overservice projects, laser tag, workshops, board games, and so muchmore. We represented Nevada and Capital well and everyone wasvery impressed that we made the trek down to So Cal! We woke up pretty early on Saturday and all headed out to an awesome service event, where we helped clear the path leading to a preserve. This event demonstrated how amazing at teamwork Circle K‟ers can really be. The most memorable part of this day for me was presenting a workshop; it was about being healthy and being a hardworking member of Cir- cle K. It had a great turnout, people loved it! DSSS is one of my favorite events ever. My favorite part of DSSS was all of the social aspects of it. One day we did a photo scavenger hunt at the Fashion Valley Mall. My team, „Team Woo!”, won the first part of the challenge, but we were unable to complete the second part: finding our District Gov. Brett Butler who was hiding somewhere in the mall. Another one of my favorite parts? Singing “I‟ll Make a Man out of You” to pass the time during the service project in the Mission Valley Preserve. The most shocking thing that happened, though? My ranking 3rd out of 39 Circle K‟ers in laser tag, haha! It was lots of fun; I‟m looking forward to our next district event! TURN TO P. 13 FOR MORE pictures from dsss!4 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  5. 5. VOLUME III, ISSUE 1 MEMBER OF THE MONTH Member of the monthaprilHAYLEY DAVISSomething fun you did this summer: Going to Tahoelike every other weekend and partying it up haha, toughquestion.Favorite music artist: Britney SpearsThe best thing you could ever win (or you have everwon) in a Circle K raffle is: I almost won a cute scarf butmy candy land will domayPIERCE ROBLEDOSomething fun you did this summer: I had a chanceto go to the California State Fair in Sacramento. It wasten times as big as the Susanville State Fair and I triedFried Oreo on A Stick.Favorite music artist: SoulchildThe best thing you could ever win (or you have everwon) in a Circle K raffle is: A date with Alex Kieu,just kidding Rachel SarahjuneCHRISTINE BONUELSomething fun you did this summer: visited my extended familyin CaliforniaFavorite music artist: All Time LowThe best thing you could ever win (or you have ever won) in aCircle K raffle is: Board games in general or a lifetime supply ofpost-its5 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  6. 6. WOLFPACK PRESSMEMBER OF THE MONTH Member of the monthjulyERIN SZELAGOWSKISomething fun you did this summer: Went to theEast Coast and saw spider man on Broadway.Favorite music artist: Kelly ClarksonThe best thing you could ever win (or you haveever won) in a Circle K raffle is: a Starbucks giftcard or anything chocolate.augustRACHEL LANESomething fun you did this summer:This summer I was lucky enough to spend a lot oftime with my boyfriend Justin We went to visit SanFransisco and spent a day at the Monterey BayAquarium.Favorite music artist: HellogoodbyeThe best thing you could ever win (or you haveever won) in a Circle K raffle is:The best thing I could ever win in a circle K rafflewould be a puppy with a year supplies of dog foodor free food.6 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  7. 7. VOLUME III, ISSUE 1 BOARD BIOSBoard bios Did you know?? -Kaci hartwick—president our theme for this year is “mad for service”!Year and Major:Sophomore, Pre-Nursing majorWhat is one of your main goals for Circle K for this year?Above all else, I hope that everyone who comes to Circle K feels welcomeand comfortable here. Only with this unity we will be able to reach ourfullest potential and make a huge impact!Which character from the movie "Madagascar" best fits your personal-ity and why?Melman the Giraffe of course! Besides being tall, Melman is just goofy-you cant help but laugh at some of the things he says. Both of us are alsovery organized :) Rachel davis—vp of administration Year and Major: Senior, Elementary education major What is one of your main goals for Circle K for this year? Main goal for CKI this year would to be a close knit group while we are still expanding with new members. Which character from the movie "Madagascar" best fits your personality and why? I am most like Marty the Zebra from Madagascar because I am out there, loud, and always trying to be the center of attention:) also zebra is my favorite animal print!7 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  8. 8. BOARD BIOS WOLFPACK PRESSCynthia uba—vp of serviceYear and Major:Sophomore, Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyWhat is one of your main goals for Circle K for this year?My main goal for Circle K this year is to be able to achieve atleast 30 service hours for each member of Circle K .Which character from the movie "Madagascar" best fits your person-ality and why?Gloria and I share a lot of characteristics, she and I are strong featuredwomen like the song on YouTube says we are both "big and chunky" lol.We have a lot of style and pride that sometimes we let them get the bestof us. We like things to go our way and always have a way to manipulatethings to be in our favor. We also have some awesome dance moves thatcan literally shake a setting. Most of all, we can have fun regardless ofthe situation or the people involved :) Alex kieu—secretary Year and Major: Im a fifth year and an accounting major. YAY NUMBERS!!! What is one of your main goals for Circle K for this year? member retention and getting members excited to attend events! I hope that members will want to go to the events that we are involved in and they enjoy the variety that we have. We love service! As secretary of the club, I want to be able to pro- vide my members with the number of their hours and get them to an MRP Status (ask me what it is!!). Which character from the movie "Madagascar" best fits your personality and why? Well, I am Alex the Lion! While in the movie hes cocky...Id like to say Im confident! Plus-we have the same first name, which just makes things even cooler. He also ends up liking sushi...which coincidentally my favorite food! But in all seriousness, we share the same love of our own comfort zones but have the ability to adapt to whatever is given to us. Nam hoang— treasurer Year and Major: Junior in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology What is one of your main goals for Circle K for this year? My main goal for Circle K this year is to keep a balance budget for our club and have a lot of fun. Which character from the movie "Madagascar" best fits your per- sonality and why? I feel very connected to King Julien because I like to move it move it.8 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  9. 9. VOLUME III, ISSUE 1 BOARD BIOSnoah mckay—k-kidsYear and Major:Senior, PhilosophyName one or two Circle K events that youre most excited to attend this year.K-kids and Concessions!Favorite Harry Potter character and why?McGonagall because shes a bamf Boris zhang—kiwanis family Year and Major: Hey everyone, Im a sophomore and my major is Chemistry. Name one or two Circle K events that youre most excited to attend this year. For Circle K, Im most excited to attend any of the training conferences whether its STC, FTC, and/or DCON!!! Favorite Harry Potter character and why? My favorite Harry Potter character is Luna Lovegood. I just admire the character whose always the odd one out.Christine bonuel—historianYear and Major:Senior, BiologyName one or two Circle K events that youre most excited to attend thisyear.FTC and DCON—haven‟t attended either, and they sound like a lot of fun!Favorite Harry Potter character and why?Dobby, because he‟s very kind but also brave. He always fights for the rightcause. Jon west—membership development and education Year and Major: 6th year senior, International Business and Business Management Name one or two Circle K events that youre most excited to attend this year. DCON and New Member Installation Favorite Harry Potter character and why? Harry Potter—no reason9 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  10. 10. BOARD BIOS WOLFPACK PRESSErika mettka—relay for lifeYear and Major:Junior, elementary educationName one or two Circle K events that youre most excited to attend this year.Charity speed dating, air racesFavorite Harry Potter character and why?Hermione because shes brave J.o. salva—spirit Year and Major: Sophomore, Civil Engineering Name one or two Circle K events that youre most excited to attend this year. DCON and FTC Favorite Harry Potter character and why? Albus Dumbledore because he loves Harry Potter too. And I love his awesome beard.Victoria silva—technologyYear and Major:I am a Sophomore and my major is Wildlife Ecology and Conservation ^^Name one or two Circle K events that youre most excited to attend this year.This year I am very excited since we have plans to work with the Humane Society.As an animal activist, I enjoy anything that will prosper our animal population,and enjoy my time spent with them ^^.Favorite Harry Potter character and why?My favorite character has to be Professor Lupin, the once Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher and werewolf. Not only does he have the ability to change into an animal (which is awesome), hes a great guy and a great contributor to Hector Mendoza—university connections Year and Major: Senior, criminal justice and minoring in anthropology. Name one or two Circle K events that youre most excited to attend this year: I‟m excited about the river clean up and the events I have planned. Favorite Harry Potter character and why? Hermione is my favorite because she always saves the day.10 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  11. 11. VOLUME III, ISSUE 1 SENIOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS NEW! Senior Acknowledgements In alphabetical order: Rachel Lane, Laura Lord, Nick Saini, Erin Szelagowski, and Lauren VanCitters To the Circle K graduates of Spring 2011: Congratulations on all your success! thank you for all that you’ve done for this organization!11 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  12. 12. WOLFPACK PRESSCALENDAR September 2011 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 Bridesmaids K-KIDS 12- Discovery Mu- 8PM 1PM seum 10AM- 4PM Club Fair 3- 7PM4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Food Bank Meeting 7PM, K-KIDS 12- Adopt a Park 5:30-8PM, car- JCSU 422 1PM 10AM-noon pool 5PM Mafia with BBQ & Water Ambassadors Balloon Social 7PM Noon-211 12 13 14 15 16 17 Arbor’s Yogurt Beach St. Vincent’s K-KIDS 12- Homeless Memory Care, Fundraiser 3- Pet Food Bag- 1PM Awareness & carpool at 11PM ging 5:30- Prevention Day 5:30PM 7:30PM, car- 9AM-4PM Meeting 7PM, pool 5:15PM JCSU 42218 19 20 21 22 23 24Scrapbooking Meeting 7PM, Circle K Info K-KIDS 12- River Clean-UpSocial 2:30- JCSU 422 Night 7-8PM, 1PM ALL DAY4PM, MIKC JCSU 42340225 26 27 28 29 30Capital DCM Meeting 7PM, K-KIDS 12-(time TBA) JCSU 422 1PM12 nevadacirclek.webs.com
  13. 13. VOLUME III, ISSUE 1 DSSS PICTURES & BOARD CONTACTS Dsss pictures board contactsPresident: V.P. of V.P. of Service: Treasurer: Secretary:Kaci Hartwick Administra- Cynthia Uba Nam Hoang (702) 823-6201 (702) 302-6152 Alex Kieu(775) 240-7471 tion:presi- vps- treasur- (775)313-4948 Rachel Davisdent@nevadacki.co vpad- ervice@nevadacki er@nevadacki.comm .com secre- min@nevadacki.co tary@nevadacki.c m omK-Kids: Kiwanis Family: Historian: Membership De-Noah McKay Boris Zhang Christine velopment &(702) 423-4909 (702) 768-3866 Bonuel Education:k- kiwanisfami- (702)768-7812 Jon Westkids@nevadacki.co ly@nevadacki.com histori- (775) 217-3223m an@nevadacki.com member- ship@nevadacki.c omRelay for Life: Spirit: Technology: University Con-Erika Mettke J.O. Salva Victoria Silva nections:(702) 882-1860 (775) 338-6625 (702) 374-2128 Hectorrelayfor- spir- technolo- Mendozalife@nevadacki.co it@nevadacki.com gy@nevadacki.com (775) 247-1178m university- conn@nevadacki.c om13 nevadacirclek.webs.com