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Neustar helps you combat performance theft via web performance management, helping you avoid performance problems with load testing & intelligent alerting.

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  • [CONTEXT: The consumer has gone online, business followed and is increasingly relying upon the user experience for growth] Frankly, Consumers are now empowered with more choices and Competition is everywhere. We need to institute best practices for Web Performance as a differentiator and mandate which all ties back to dollars/revenue – and your business operations.
  • [CONTEXT: Organizations are getting it, not only is revenue at stake and websites are growing as critical user exchange points]
  • [CONTEXT: The numbers become more real. Neustar research shows substantial reliance upon websites for revenue – they MUST perform] In the same market study, on average, respondents (companies) attribute about 1/3 of total annual revenue to website transactions. This study is across a dozen industries and within specialized industries, such as eCommerce, that rev % increases to average more that 80%.
  • [CONTEXT: Organizations are recognizing the hard costs and revenue loss, but many are still not making the connection putting those organizations at risk]
  • Let’s now see how Neustar Web Performance Management can help stop website performance theft.
  • Find & Fix Web Performance Problems

    1. 1. Eliminating WebsitePerformance TheftJoe Loveless, Market ManagementNeustar
    2. 2. The World is Online2 Billion UsersMarketers followedBrand and revenue at stakePerformance is differentiator AND mandate
    3. 3. Overwhelming majority agree: Revenue at stakeN=117 Neustar/InfoWorld Market Pulse Research Study: Website Performance/Monitoring and the User Experience, April 2013Poor onlineexperience = lostrevenueReach potentialcustomersCommunicate withexisting customers
    4. 4. A growing dependencyN=117 Neustar/InfoWorld Market Pulse Research Study: Website Performance/Monitoring and the User Experience, April 20133232%% - Across a dozen industries- eCommerce % much higher- Biggest growth source
    5. 5. The revenue risk is realN=376 Neustar Web Performance Research Study, May 2013$1k-$10kper hourMore than $10,000per hourDon’t KnowUp to $1 Million perhour
    6. 6. What robs a website of performance,steals from the bottom line.
    7. 7. Neustar combats performance theft Find and fix website performance problems- Real user measurements to spot real problems- Instinctive diagnostics- Correlation of all data Helps avoid performance problems- Cloud-based testing- Total perspectives – inside and out- Problem validation Intelligent alerting and remediation- Watches performance states- Notifies appropriate personnel- Automated actions to specific errors
    8. 8. USE CASEFinding and fixing an eCommerce problem
    9. 9. HTTP 901 Error - DNS123
    10. 10. Understanding the context45
    11. 11. Business continuity – staying online132
    12. 12. Done and done.✓✓
    13. 13. Web Performance Management from NeustarEliminating Website Performance Theft.™