BESST Annual Review 2013


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BESST Business Environmental Support Scheme for Telford Annual Review 2013

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BESST Annual Review 2013

  1. 1. Business Environmental Support Scheme for Telford Annual Review Document ‘“To enhance the environmental performance of local businesses, in turn, boosting efficiency and reducing the impact on the global environment” 2012—2013
  2. 2. Chair’s Report 2013 Dear BESST Member BESST has been continuing to develop and grow for over 10 years now, and despite economic business pressures and “short-termism” aspects that continue to change goals and rules, our members continue to develop and deploy innovation in the field of sustainability. BESST’s Steering Group expertise has continued to challenge and engage our increasing stakeholder network. Our members’ understanding and adoption of the increasing scope of sustainability models continue to attract the attention of others. The joint BESST/ METNET event saw a workshop which openly discussed the future of sustainability, and how the leadership and continuity of this journey was being increasingly taken on by the business sector, with investment groups wanting to support environmental innovation to receive faster and greater financial returns. Our Back-2-Basics event was a result of the Steering Group recognising that newer members and those that are beginning their journey to sustainability can learn from the larger companies. The Steering Group members presented case studies, freely sharing their developed BESST practice. The joint BESST/ Sustainability West Midlands Business Resilience event saw both myself and Paul Nelms presenting our organisations’ approached to the increasingly important subject of business continuity. Our annual Legislation event saw The Environment Agency continuing to update us, with BESST supporting them with a “1-2-Many” approach. The direct partnership we have with the Agency through Steering Group member (Paul Hayward) is something which we value greatly. The Corporate Biodiversity event explained the business facing benefits of engagement in this area. The case studies explained employee development, social responsibility, aspects of stakeholder engagement, pollution prevention control and even contribution to the Business Excellence Model. The Hierarchy of Corporate Biodiversity (developed through BESST collaboration) has now become a business model. Such is the dichotomy in this area that it’s now not uncommon to hear our Business members talking about the value of nature, and Shropshire Wildlife Trust extolling the values of corporate strategy! Membership continues to grow, and the innovation being developed here should not be underestimated. I engage with stakeholders on a regional and national basis, and from a sustainability viewpoint BESST always raises eyebrows at what it continually achieves. In 2013, we were asked by Sustainability West Midlands to Chair the West Midlands Green Business Networks forum, and we have continued to help develop Local Nature Partnership and Local Enterprise Partnership working. Through our involvement in the WM European Service Cross-LEP workshops and the Telford Business Board, we have been promoting the Low Carbon & Environment aspects. This exposure to a wide scope of stakeholders promotes BESST, our member’s achievements and supports the Invest in Telford program, advocating the readily made sustainability support that we can offer new and existing organisations.
  3. 3. BESST is now privileged to have teamed up with the Zen Communications. In my position as Chair I have seen BESST develop and share sustainability best practice, and our next step was to better understand how to promote these achievements. Zen now provides the expertise we have been missing, and moreover Felicity Wingrove (MD) has the visionary foresight to deploy this on a pro-bono basis, using this opportunity as a win-win to develop both her account executive and promote our achievements and values. Telford & Wrekin’s Business Support team has been the backbone of BESST for some time, and their Business Networks Coordinator (Jaclyn Kitson) has been at the forefront of this. The Council’s’ efficiency measures are pushing us towards finally having a paid membership in 2014. This will bring us in line with the other Telford business networks, however, these costs will be kept to a minimum and will be used to cover future events. A new constitution will be published to explain these costs in the near future. Throughout 2013 BESST members have continued to receive due recognition. Vice Chair Manel Roura (Lyreco) scooped the BOSS Federation Environmental Award for the second year in a row. Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust achieved a gold Green Tourism award, and The Best Western Valley Hotel (Steering Group Member Sally Priding) impressively retained the same accreditation for a second year running. Also, Epson’s (Justin Pike) work with Valpak has actually created a new Zero Waste award. Being Chair of BESST (through Ricoh’s sponsorship) continues to be a privilege, and the shared expertise within the Steering Group and Membership is something we should all value. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and contributions, and look forward to continued development and sharing of sustainability 2014. Regards Andy Andy Whyle Chair of BESST
  4. 4. Vice-Chair’s Reports Dear BESST Members June 2012 – June 2013 has been another very good year for BESST environmental network. We have managed to organize a number of events ranging from legislation update to climate change mitigation. The events have been combined with interesting best practices case studies visits, Tudor Griffiths “Wood Lane Local Nature Reserve” is a great example of how industry and biodiversity protection can co-exist together. In a personal note, it has been a challenging year for me as I am still adjusting myself to the new industry I have moved to. In logistics and retail the environmental pollution risks are minor comparing to manufacturing, however the carbon footprint is spread across many more areas. Lyreco’s carbon footprint reduction activity has been focused in energy efficiency, transport efficiency, movement of employees and waste minimization. Hopefully, as my experience grows in this industry, I should be able to share it with all BESST network. Best wishes Manel Manel Roura BESST Vice-Chair (joint)
  5. 5. Vice-Chair’s Reports Dear BESST Members I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the SME's that are continuing to fight the good fight. It is easy in these difficult times to become so focused on getting the next order or shipping the next delivery that businesses lose sight of the real benefits that engaging with environmental improvements within the company and networking with BESST can have. BESST members represent the most progressive companies in Telford and the surrounding area and between them have a wealth of knowledge and examples of best practice that is shared with such freedom the consulting world must wonder how they can compete. Caring about environmental issues not only improves the profitability of a company by reducing costs incurred from utility bills and waste disposal but also adds real value to companies by attracting the best kind of employees and should the time come the best kind of buyers. This coming year is bound to be as challenging as last year, and successful companies will have to continue to find ways to innovate and keep a differential between themselves and their competitors and BESST will continue to help you support your companies achieve this. On behalf of the SME members a massive thank you to all involved in making BESST possible. Warm regards Mark Mark Simmonds Simmonsigns BESST Vice-Chair (joint)
  6. 6. BESST Steering Group Meeting every 6-8 weeks, BESST has 12 Steering Group Representatives, each with their own area of expertise, who work hard to ensure that BESST delivers a strong service for its members. We are always keen to expand the range of skills and representation of the Board and would welcome enquiries from any member who would like to consider applying to join the Steering Group BESST Steering Group Members Name Organisation Specialist Area Andy Whyle (Chair) Ricoh Zero Waste / Biodiversity / Networking Manel Roura (Vice Chair) Lyreco Zero Waste / Logistics / Biodiversity Mark Simmons (Vice Chair) Simmonsigns SME Representation and Development Paul Nelms Epwin Group Zero Waste / EMS Paul Hayward Environment Agency Legislative compliance Support Mark Anderson Ricoh CO2 Energy Reduction / Strategy Martin Booth Denso Environment & H&S Officer Sally Pridding Best Western Eco-Tourism Iain Wheeler Telford & Wrekin EMS / Planning Hannah Noakes Zen Communications PR & Comms Steve Hill Telford & Wrekin Business Support Team Leader Jaclyn Kitson Telford & Wrekin Business Networks Coordinator
  7. 7. BESST Membership Support BESST members can receive support on several levels. Potential new members can now gain membership through the website and also have a copy of the BESST Carbon Monitoring Tool to capture their environmental data to help highlight targets and best practice. BESST also offer the free use of Energy Monitoring Equipment which is available for any member of BESST to use and can be downloaded from the BESST website (presume it is ok to upload this to the Downloads ?) Existing members can raise issues either confidentially through the Telford Business Network Coordinator, or openly through the BESST website forums to access the entire BESST membership network. The results are the development of environmental best practice and local case studies which can be shared amongst members to collectively reduce environmental impacts. BESST Business led Steering Group Telford & Wrekin Coordination BESST Membership Support BESST New Membership Enquiry BESST Member’s Questions BESST Website http://http:// default/files/ BESST%20Membership%20F orm%202012.pdf T&W Business Networks Coordinator Visit / Member’s Certificate Carbon Monitoring Tool used for BESST results and to identify best practice case studies Non Confidential Confidential Steering Group Mentoring T&W Business Networks Coordinator BESST Website Members Forum BESST Steering Group LinkedIn: BESST Members Group BESST Steering Group & Membership knowledge base Environmental BESST practice BESST Website Deployment of BESST practice
  8. 8. BESST Members BESST currently has over 200 registered members, covering 150 key local businesses, and year on year, continues to grow. Members represent a wide range of businesses and sectors: BPS Charity Construction Environmental Services Manufacture Public Sector Retail 14 2 6 16 69 9 5 9.3% 1.3% 4.0% 10.7% 46.0% 6.0% 3.3% Storage And Distribution Tourism Waste Management Other 5 7 16 1 150 BPS 0.7% 3.3% 4.7% 10.7% 0.7% 10.7% 9.3% Charity 1.3% Construction 4.0% 4.7% Environmental Services 3.3% Manufacture 10.7% 3.3% Retail 6.0% Storage And Distribution Tourism Waste Management Other 46.0% BESST Members—Awards Typical examples of some of our members achievements: BOSS Federation Environmental Award (view news article) Gold Award, Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust—Green Tourism Business Scheme (view news article) Epson Achieves Zero Waste to Landfill (Read more) Gold Award, Green Tourism Business Scheme Congratulations to Best Western Valley Hotel for retaining their Gold in Green Tourism Business Scheme ! Public Sector
  9. 9. Events 2012—13 Follow link on event overview to review previous events September 2013—Biodiversity Event , Ricoh (event overview) July 2013—Legislation Event, Denso (event overview) May 2013—Back 2 Basics Valley Hotel, Ironbridge (event overview) April 2013—Business Resilience to Severe Weather (event overview) February 2013—Creating a Sustainable Future (event overview) November 2012—Best Practice Visit—Tudor Griffiths (event overview) Other previous BESST events are available on the Past Events field on
  10. 10. BESST Members Example Case Studies & Best Practice Visits Epson Telford Achieves Zero Waste Epson Telford became the first company in the United Kingdom to be awarded the prestigious Zero Waste to Landfill Award and in doing so, set the benchmark for other companies to achieve this environmental recognition. Since the award is assessed annually for continuous improvement... Read more Tudor Griffiths—Best Practice Visit Following up on September’s Corporate Biodiversity event at Ricoh, a BESST practice visit was held in conjunction with Shropshire Wildlife Trust and kindly hosted by Tudor Griffiths Group (TGG) in Ellesmere. Tudor Griffiths (CEO of TGG) opened the event and welcomed everyone, giving an overview of their Wood Lane Local Nature Reserve Read more DENSO – Madeley Academy CSR Project During early 2013 most ambitious project to date was launched with a new interested party: Madeley Academy 6th Form Students. The challenge being to design, source materials and build on site, an environmentally themed structure of use for anyone visiting the Eco Garden. The brief was to build a feature of their choice entirely from recycled materials in keeping with the Eco Garden philosophy of minimal environmental impact… read more Cosgriff Whitehouse - Anaerobic Digester Plant, - Anaerobic Digester Plant, Abbots Moor Farm Swancote, Bridgnorth
  11. 11. To find out more about BESST please call us on 01952 567 578 visit 2012—2013