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This report examines growth in social media since 2009, identifying the activities and behaviors that have caught fire in the last two years. More importantly, it reveals the users who are driving the trends. Demographic and psychographic profiles of "social animals" in the United States are revealed and defined. Not only is social media a "melting pot" of the old and young and of friends past and the present, it is also a mix of individuals with different motivations for sharing.

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Netpop | Connect: Social Animals 2011 U.S. Teaser

  1. 1. Social Animals<br />Who’s Sharing What and Why Online?<br />CateRiegner<br />VP Brand Insights, Co-Founder<br />Netpop Research, LLC<br />
  2. 2. Netpop | Connect 2011<br />In 2009, Netpop released a series of reports examining social media in the United States and China. We are pleased to continue our investigation here, with updated data and analyses into this growing and important area of Internet usage.<br />For 2011, we’re paying closer attention to important themes surrounding social media, including privacy, motivations, and social marketing. It is truly a brave new world for companies aiming to connect with consumers on social sites.<br />Our reports parse the data across multiple demographic subgroups, product categories and even psychographic segments. Yet we’ve deliberately kept these reports short and sweet. Our goal is to enable you to capture the gist of our findings quickly and efficiently. We know how busy you are. <br />We hope you will find the data insightful and constructive. If you leave wanting more, please visit us at There you’ll find more reports from our 2011 series and information about our custom research services.<br />Thanks for your interest and support. <br />Josh Crandall,<br />CEO, Co-Founder<br />Netpop Research, LLC<br />
  3. 3. Today, nearly 3 in 4 contribute content online through a variety of social media activities<br />There are 169 million* U.S. broadband users age 13+ …<br />91% of full-time students age 18-24 share online<br />How They Contribute Online:<br />Upload audio<br />Upload video<br />Post to a wiki<br />Publish a blog<br />Upload photos<br />Upload podcasts<br />Update locations<br />Publish a website<br />Tag articles, videos<br />Post to a micro-blog<br />Send/forward emails<br />Live in a virtual world<br />Post to a blog, forum<br />Rate or review a product<br />Share files in P2P network<br />Use SN sites/publish personal page<br />73% <br />Contribute Content or Information Online<br />(123.4 Million)<br />*Pew Internet & American Life Project, U.S. Census<br />n=1253 Base: U.S. broadband users<br />Source: Netpop Research, 2011<br />
  4. 4. Micro-blogging saw the strongest gains since 2009<br />Percent of <br />growth<br />Percent who do the activity<br />+400%<br />Micro-blogging has grown dramatically since 2009<br />Growth from 2009<br />-25%<br />n=1253 Base: U.S. broadband users<br />Source: Netpop Research, 2011<br />
  5. 5. As a group, women are more likely to share online than men <br />However, women do the same number of social media activities as men<br />Base: U.S. broadband users<br />Source: Netpop Research, 2011<br />Note: Color coding of the text indicates the most active subgroup<br />
  6. 6. Now that you have been introduced to social media contributors we hope you are interested in learning more. A similar report for China is available, along with other social media reports. Other reports are available at <br />Netpop Research analysts are also available to help you interpret insights, perform custom data inquiries, or conduct primary research that addresses your organization’s particular marketing needs. <br />If you share our passion for learning more about the digital consumer, we invite you to contact us.<br />Josh Crandall<br />CEO, Co-Founder<br />Netpop Research, LLC<br />322 Cortland Avenue<br />San Francisco, CA 94110<br />415-647-1007<br /><br /><br />
  7. 7. Methodology<br />Findings from Netpop 2011 | U.S. are based on an online survey of 1253 broadband users, age 13 and older, in the United States conducted in January 2011. Netpop is fielded to respondents who are members of research panels and thirteen years of age or older. Respondents are selected using our proprietary sampling process to ensure that participants of the survey are representative of the Internet population in the target country based on age and gender.Respondents who started each survey were asked one question to identify those who access the Internet via a high-speed or broadband connection (any connection greater than 56 kilobits per second). Respondents who indicated they “usually” use a high-speed or broadband connection completed the survey. Respondents were offered a cash incentive to complete the study. Based on randomly chosen samples of these sizes, there is 95 percent confidence that the results are statistically accurate to within approximately 2.77 percent of the entire U.S. broadband population if the entire population had been polled.<br />Similar surveys were conducted in October 2008, August 2007 and July 2006 with 4384, 4068 and 4190 U.S. broadband users respectively. As a rule of thumb, a difference of four percentage points between years is statistically significant.<br />For a list of questions asked of respondents, please contact us.<br />