How to Increase Mobile App User Engagement (with Netmera)


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Everyone agrees "mobile first" now. But how do you keep your users satisfied, loyal or engaged? Before visiting have a look at our slides.

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How to Increase Mobile App User Engagement (with Netmera)

  1. 1. Cloud-based Platform for Mobile Applications and Push Services Kaan Bingol, Co-Founder & CEO Çiğdem Bağbakan Çağan, Marketing Director Netmera for Brand Communication and Campaign Management
  2. 2. Smart Phone Revolution Smart phones are connecting the world. Rate of adoption is; 2x faster than the internet 3x faster than the social media 10x faster than the pc
  3. 3. Apps are ruling this new world Average time spent using smart phones per day: 2 hours 38 min.
  4. 4. Mobile is always relevant! Welcome to London! You can get your rental car from our office at level 1! Don’t forget to redeem your points today, before they expire. Show is about to start! Time to get your place and a nice coffee.
  5. 5. Build A Relationship Don’t deliver messages, build a relationship •Take your place there with an app! •Ensure it gives value to users •Be engaging and interactive Nail your app in there! What you need: 1 APP
  6. 6. What is Netmera? Netmera is a Mobile Application Engagement Platform It is integrated into your mobile app with a small piece of code Managed via very easy to use control panel on web Gives you mobile app messaging services including detailed targeting, push messages, pop-ups and campaign analytics It also helps developers with app development and reduces time to market
  7. 7. Netmera Features App Publisher App Developer Supports: Segments & Targets Backend as a Service Message Creation Engagement Analytics
  8. 8. Mobile App Campaigns How to get best out of it?
  9. 9. How is it used? Lead user to buy (Increase sales) 1.  Inform users (About new content, transactions etc.) Increase loyalty 2. 3.    As a part of loyalty programs (Gaining points, coupons) Useful content (Related information, news, magazine) Gamification Push messages as a service 4.  5. Campaigns, coupons, advertising etc. Subscriptions (News, bulletins etc.) Other cases
  10. 10. Industries E-commerce Market Place Retail Others Telecom Media Game Finance
  11. 11. How to get best out of mobile app campaigns with Netmera 1 Start with Targeting 2 Create a Message 3 Evaluate
  12. 12. 1. Find the right person Use their own preferences: •Demographics •Interests •Mobile devices •CRM Tags Location •Geo Location •Geo Fences Depend on users in-app behaviors such as: •Open rates •Time spent in app •Purchasing frequency •Custom events from your system Autotrigger your messages based on: •In-app user actions •Events happening in your system
  13. 13. 2. Create a message Reach your users with: Regular push campaigns Rich push campaigns Pop-ups • Add parameters •Custom sound •Badge increment •Vibration •Reach even opt-out users •Design pop-up size based on your needs •Insert rich media •Insert images •Links •Maps •Video etc… •Store them in push inbox
  14. 14. 3. Analyze Campaign Analytics •Success rates •Push open rates •Click through rates •Device info App Analytics Bugs and errors •App open rates •Time in app •Install rates •Customized action rates •Exception details •Exception grouping
  15. 15. Promoting Classifieds Location matters! Use location based targeting to show offers that are close to buyers. HOT ON SALE! This villa is now on sale! 1.000.000 TL Details Here Sell push notifications as an advertising medium to sellers to promote their offers. Send push reports to prove your effectiveness!
  16. 16. Product Found! We found the car you have been looking for! Mercedes SLK Class 40.000€ Click for details Finding what you need is tough. Help buyers find what they need by using tags, or alert them when there is a lower price.
  17. 17. Lower price alert LEATHER BAG €750 Quantity 1 Add to cart Alert lower prices Details 35-40 cm Other Involve your customers in this process, ask if they are interested. Send alert messages only to interested customers using tags Brown leather bag Size Increase customer experince with lower price alerts Cotton lining Bag Alert
  18. 18. Flash Sales Case This deal ends in 10 min and never repeats! Create an urgency to lead flash sales! Use countdowns or running clocks to build this urgency. 750€ 360€ Lead customers directly to their cart when they take the offer.
  19. 19. Abandoned Cart Case Push your customers to complete abandoned carts! Use Autotriggered messages. Encourage customers to complete their buying action with special offers.
  20. 20. Abandoned Cart Case Your cart contains products. Finish your shopping now and get free shipping!