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Manage all your corporate training

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Netex learningCentral | Dossier [EN]

  1. 1. learningCentral Manage all your corporate training v 4.2
  2. 2. An LMS for all learning scenarios: online, offline and blended Completely compatible Certified for AICC, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and Tin Can API standards.You can use any type of e-learning content without any problems. Pay for what you really need No complications. Hire your licence only for the required period of time, paying just per active user. Support and quality guarantee Online support and customer service. Updates, review of incidents and patches. If you wish, you can configure customised service levels specific for your corporation. Why choose Netex learningCentral?
  3. 3. Netex learningCentral is a multi-channel platform which builds blended learning scenarios. Combine trainer led tools and online activities in real time. Freedom and flexibility Design your training strategy globally.Time zone and multi-language settings facilitate the confluence of students insessions, even if they are geographically dispersed. Easy to use Netex learningCentral guarantees a good experience and high usability and satisfaction levels. Different portals for administrators, trainers, tutors and students have been implemented for the purpose. Get a fully customised interface aligned with your corporate image. Netex learningCentral offers an modern and attractive design whichcan be customised with the colours, identifiers and images of your corporation. Compatible with Tin Can API Compatibility with Tin Can API standard allows recording and tracking of more activities than those traditionally admitted by SCORM. Easy implementation Once the service is hired, you will have access to the platform within minutes.With just an Internet connection and a browser, you will be able to work comfortably in the Cloud from minute one.
  4. 4. Activities repository Different types of activities you will be able to use in your courses and training plans. Links Links to external websites. Video Videos in MP4, OGG or MOV format. Exercises Activities in which students have to complete an exercise by delivering one or several files to a trainer, Classroom Activities led by one or several on-site trainers. SCORM,AICC,Tin Can Content compatible with e-learning standards in the market. Exams Online exams created with any tool compatible with SCORM. Web conference Web conference with one or several trainers in a virtual room. Files Upload to the platform any file on which you need to register students’ access. Training plans and courses Training plans Long term training planning - group courses and activities together. Features Courses Combine activities of different types together to create courses. Sessions Split students into groups to perform their activities. Training itineraries Created through the establishment of prerequisites between activities. Several enrolment modalities Auto-enrolment, student enrolment request or direct enrolment by the administrator. Forums and messages There are different tools available in the courses so students can communicate and collaborate with each other.
  5. 5. Visualisation of statistics and general status of the platform. Configuration of the students and trainers homepage. Configuration of the platform layout: logos, colours, name, etc. Configuration of the notification system. Configuration of extended information applied to users, groups, activities, courses and training plans. Configuration of the category tree which structures training. Management of users profiles. Management of the organisational structure through groups. Assignment of roles and permissions, both individually and collectively. Management of users Configuration Physical and virtual classrooms Manage classroom bookings to facilitate their use and control in training processes. Use physical classrooms — both internal and external — for on-site training, and virtual classrooms for blended training. Suggestions Users can send their opinions and comments to training managers. Announcements Communication to users about the news from training managers on the training sector. Satisfactions surveys and polls Sessions can have associated surveys, which allow to assess the satisfaction level of performed training. Besides, training managers can find out users opinions quickly through polls. Library Documents available to be downloaded by users. Communication Reports Automatic generation of tracking, general and detailed reports.All reports are available in PDF and Excel formats. Notifications When there is an event of interest in the platform, the system sends automatic email notifications to users.
  6. 6. Modalities The tool is used directly as a cloud service through a web address. Even though it is in the Cloud, access, data and content are subject to comprehensive protection and security measures. Support service is included in the price as established by our standard Service Level Agreement. * It is possible to define customised service levels. *You can use new versions of the tool automatically and free of charge. SaaS: Software as a Service The platform is installed inside your data centre, so the server you provide will have to meet the required technical features. The customer is responsible for the security of data and content stored in the platform. The platform is licensed on annual or biannual basis. Payment of a licence per user registered within the platform is required. It is recommended only in cases of connectivity or data restrictions. In-House: installed in your servers. Included Included 2 Included 1hour 8 hours 16 hours 99,9% Spanish and english Access to online support portal Support via email Authorised contacts Minor updates and patches Incident response times First response Blocking incidents Non-blocking incidents Guaranteed service availability Languages
  7. 7. 27 26 25 4 Technical requirements Internet Explorer 7+ Firefox 3.0+ Chrome 5.0.375.99+ Safari 4.0+ Enabled Active 1024x768 or higher 512 Kbps for generic use of the virtual classroom and audio sharing. 1 MB for generic use of the virtual classroom and audio/video sharing. >1 MB for generic use of the virtual classroom, audio/video and screen sharing. Webcam (for video streaming) Microphone (for audio streaming) Speakers (it is recommended the use of headphones with an integrated microphone). Java enabled on browser. JRE 1.6+ Browser Cookies JavaScript Screen resolution Bandwidth Audio and video communication (virtual classrooms) Screen sharing (virtual classrooms) Our technical staff follow and apply the guidelines and best practices defined in the ITIL v3 (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), which is part of the ISO 2000. All providers of cloud services used in our SaaS modality comply with the European legislation on data protection and security, all of which are also accredited suppliers by “Safe Harbor”. Security
  8. 8. Administration Custom projects For web conference sessions: Virtual classrooms Capacity for 10, 25, 100 and 500 attendants. Audio, video and chat communication. Use of interactive whiteboards. Screen and document sharing. Recording of sessions for on-demand view. We offer the possibility to integrate Netex learningCentral with your human resources tools. Development of new custom features that adjust to your needs. Data migration from your current platform to Netex learningCentral. Content uploading and cataloguing. Register of users and groups. Creation of courses and training plans. Creation of calls and sessions. Generation of reports. Configuration. Delivery of notifications and personalised alerts. It is possible to hire an administration service which frees your organisation from all training management tasks: Additional services 2 19 18 17 16 15 4
  9. 9. learningCentral UK | SPAIN | MEXICO | INDIA +44 (0)7796 138049 •