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Netex learningApp | Dossier [EN]

  1. 1. learningApp Take-away learning v 2.2
  2. 2. Without Internet connection and without losing track of their training. This is Netex learningApp, a system that allows training on any device, anytime and anywhere. Finally your students can be trained from their smartphones or tablets! It is accessible Students only need an Internet connection to download their training content.They can carry their content on their smartphones or tablets, and have access to it without connectivity. It is specific You can assign the training individually to each user. Organise personalised training plans according to your needs. It communicates with your LMS It sends all the tracking to your LMS platform through Tin Can API. Why choose Netex learningApp? How to negotiate Mind maps Quality Group leadership
  3. 3. Catalogue l earning t ake·aw ay Mobile learning has never been so easy... Take away learning Team work Time management 14 Tittles Enterprise 2.0 11 Tittles Quality 13 Tittles Management byobjectives 31 Títulos learningCoffeeCatalogue Custom Mobile learning has never been so easy... Take away learning Take away learningMobile learning has never been so easy... Take away learning Team work Enterprise 2.0 11 Tittles Management byobjectives 31 Títulos learningMaker How does Netex learningApp work? Netex learningApp delivers content to employees mobile devices. Once downloaded, content can be accessed without Internet connection, and tracking data will be synchronised when back online. What content can be accessed? All Netex content offered in learningCoffee solution, or content you create by using our Netex learningMaker authoring tool. Catalogue Students browse through the collections and downloads the titles you offer. Library It offers direct access to the list of courses installed on the device. Training progress Students check their progress for each content: status, time spent, score, etc.And work off-line, sending progress next time an Internet connection is detected. Features for usersFeatures for the administrator Content management Manage collections, titles and students registration. Users Add and delete users.Assign training individually. Reports Obtain data on the use of the App, including reports on tracking, downloads and devices used. Branding Customise the app with your corporate image.
  4. 4. Technical requirements IOS 5.1+ iPhone iPad iPad mini (320 x 480) (320 x 558) (768 x 1024) (1536 x 2048) (720 x 1280) (800 x 1280) (1024 x 600) (1280 x 800) Android 4.0+ Android Smartphone Android Small Tablet Android Tablet Android Big Tablet (320 x 480) (480 x 720) (480 x 800) (480 x 854) Operating system versions Devices Resolutions Netex LearningApp is marketed in SaaS modality (Software as a Service), which has the following characteristics: Access, data and content are subject to comprehensive protection and security measures. Support service is included in the price as established by our standard Service Level Agreement. Service levels * It is possible to define customised service levels. *You can use new versions of the tool automatically and free of charge. Our technical staff follow and apply the guidelines and best practices defined in the ITIL v3 (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), which is part of the ISO 2000. All providers of cloud services used in our SaaS modality comply with the European legislation on data protection and security, all of which are also accredited suppliers by “Safe Harbor”. Security Included Included 2 Included 1hour 8 hours 16 hours 99,9% Spaninsh and English Included Included Monthly Monthly Monthly Access to online support portal Support via email Authorised contacts MInor updates and patches Incident response times First response Blocking incidents Non-blocking incidents Guaranteed service availability Languages LRS service configuration Initial load of users and content Content creation, removal and modifications Users creation, removal and modification Generation and delivery of reports
  5. 5. learningApp UK | SPAIN | MEXICO | INDIA +44 (0)7796 138049 •