Streamlined Active Directory Change Auditing Provides Cost-Effective and Accurate SAS-70 Compliance


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NetWrix Case Study

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Streamlined Active Directory Change Auditing Provides Cost-Effective and Accurate SAS-70 Compliance

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Streamlined Active Directory Change Auditing Provides Cost-Effective and Accurate SAS-70 Compliance “The information provided by Active Directory ChangeCustomer: Reporter has become integral to our IT department andTransplaceWeb Site: auditors.” Ambers Ferrara, Sr. System Administrator, TransplaceNumber of Users: 1,100Industry: Consulting Transplace, a leader in third party logistics, hasSolution: successfully helped customers cut transportation costsChange Auditing and maximize profits for more than 10 years. TheirProducts: people understand the value of efficiency, since theActive Directory Change Reporter Transplace business model, after all, was built on the ideaAD Object Restore Wizard of developing logistics that allows customers to optimizeVendor: their supply chain, enhance customer service and reduceNetWrix Corporation total costs.Phone: 888-638-9749Web Site: Challenge: Auditing Changes and Preparing for SAS-70 Audits Proved Too Error-Prone and Extremely Time-Customer Profile:Employing proprietary technology, Consumingdeep knowledge and demonstratedexpertise, Transplace consultants For more than a decade, Transplace has provided innovativelower transportation costs, help solutions that streamline customers’ supply chains, allowingcustomers exceed expectations and for maximum returns. Therefore, when it came tofurnish businesses with intelligence optimizing their own IT infrastructure, it was important theyto achieve supply chain goals andthe higher capital utilization needed follow their own logic and outsource to the best-in-class.for successful business endeavors. Aproven leader in applying advanced Challenged with the responsibility of meeting its annualthird-party logistics efficiencies, SAS-70 audit requirements, Transplace was accountable forTransplace provides customized all changes made to Active Directory rights and and technology that scale tospecific business needs and budgets. They also needed to provide a clear explanation as to how all change information was collected, but Transplace lacked an Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studyefficient way of doing so. we considered adding event log reporting using Microsoft Systems Center Operations“There are specific aspects of Active Manager. We also reviewed the ActiveDirectory rights and permissions that are Directory auditing tools from Questdelegated to different groups within the Software and ScriptLogic.”Transplace IT organization” said Ferrara.“We needed a tool that would provide Ultimately, however, Transplace landedaccountability for the changes each user on NetWrix Active Directory Changemade to the domain. The time it took to Reporter, and the automated solutionperform an individual audit was often has proved its worth. Active Directoryup to an hour; it required a login to each Change Reporter is an automated solutiondomain controller followed by a review of for tracking all changes made to Activethe security logs. For our team of Systems Directory infrastructure. The productAdministrators, this was not an efficient or audits and reports all changes in AD andideal use of time” Group Policy with the “who, what, when and where” information regarding eachClearly, Transplace understood the need change, as well as before and after valuesfor an improved auditing procedure. In of each modification, automatically givingaddition to the hours of wasted time and clear visibility into changes, ensuring bothmanpower, the manual auditing process security and compliance throughout thewas error-prone and effort-intensive. The AD infrastructure. “We started evaluatingIT department began looking for ways the Active Directory Change Reporter into improve the practice, and considered June 2008, and the key factors that led tovarious options when the time came. our purchase were favorable cost, ease ofSolution: Automated Active Directory deployment and integration with a familiarChange Auditing reporting interface,” said Ferrara. “We deployed an evaluation version of the“Our first approach was to look at a using product in late July and made the decisionEvent Log Parser to gather the event logs to go with NetWrix the same day we sawinto a centralized database,” said Ferrara. the first set of reports from the tool.”“We then tasked our Business Intelligenceteam with preparing reports using SQL “The deployment was straightforward,”Reporting Services. As another alternative, added Ferrara. “We installed the tool, filled Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. NetWrix Customer Case NetWrix Customer Case Study Studyin some basic requirements, and used the “The first benefit was immediatelyAdvanced Reporting Wizard to integrate obvious—we could identify processeswith our existing Reporting Services that needed to be amended based oninfrastructure. The tool has been running the activities that we saw in the logs,”in Transplace’s environment ever since.” said Ferrara. “A specific example of thisFerrara also noted the benefits of working occurred when users were mistakenlywith NetWrix’s dedicated sales and support placed in groups which could have led toteam. them having greater permissions than were needed to do their jobs.”“The sales team was knowledgeable aboutthe products and they were willing to work “Secondly, the canned reports that comewith us to adjust the licensing model to with the tool actually provided valuablemeet our requirements,” Ferrara said. “The information we weren’t originally seeking,”technical support team responded rapidly Ferrara added. “Furthermore, the ADto our support tickets and followed up Rollback Wizard is another added bonus—efficiently.” anytime we find a change with the auditing tool that should not have been made,Proven Result: NetWrix Active Directory we can now very easily back it out. ThisChange Reporter Maximizes Manpower technology saved us from having to goand Eliminates Audit Errors through a full active directory restore onNetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter two separate occasions.”has allowed the Transplace IT department About NetWrix Corporationto optimize its own efforts by automatingvisibility into all Active Directory changes Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporationthat might otherwise threaten non- provides innovative and cost-effectivecompliance. With the NetWrix solution, solutions that simplify and automate the management of Windows networks.Transplace’s group of system administrators With in-depth knowledge and experiencecan now spend time concentrating on other managing Windows environments of allimportant IT endeavors, while assuring sizes, the company delivers solutions tothemselves and their auditors that all meet complicated business requirementsActive Directory changes are properly and while fulfilling the best expectations ofaccurately reported and archived. IT professionals. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.