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Streanlined Auditing of a Microsoft Environment Improves Security and Satisfies Auditors


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Streanlined Auditing of a Microsoft Environment Improves Security and Satisfies Auditors

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Streamlined Auditing of a Microsoft Environment Improves “We needed to comply with global auditing standards, and wereCustomer: CreditEdgeWeb Site: requirements. NetWrix’s suite of software allowed us to monitorwww.creditedge.comNumber of Users: 200 users all critical aspects of our Microsoft environment, thus meetingIndustry: Banking and Finance the auditors’ strict requirements. Moreover, the security of our environment has increased tenfold since the implementation of theSolution: NetWrix software.”Change AuditingCompliance Mervyn Govender, CIO, CreditEdgeProducts: CreditEdge offers business solutions in the credit space by providingNetWrix Change Reporter Suite the processes, technology and people necessary to achieve the highest credit provision and credit management performance goals possible. InVendor: order to set itself apart from competitors, CreditEdge uses informationNetWrix Corporation technology and business intelligence to provide precise analysis of allPhone: 888-638-9749Web Site: Challenge: Finding a Solution that Met the Requirements of Global Auditorsbusiness solutions in the credit The IT department at CreditEdge was expected to meet the requirements handed down by their global auditors. Demands were straightforward, butaddress all possible situationsencountered throughout the credit “We needed to track and audit changes in AD, File System, Serverall brands, circumstances, businessneeds, parameters and even individual using existing tools and considered developing our own in-house tools. Wecorporate personalities. The result is also installed a trial version of NetIQ, but after extensive in vestigationa customized and optimized model, realized that the personnel required to maintain the software was not within the allocated budget. There were also unreasonable hardware andan organization’s credit business software requirements, which we had not budgeted for.” Their searchprocesses to the highest levels of for a streamlined compliance solution was the result of a request fromline contribution. department needed a tool that would track changes made to the entire IT o simple task. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study StudySolution: Automated Change Auditing Suite, CreditEdge has had an easy time meeting the demands of their global auditors. The suiteAfter exploring a few options, CreditEdge discovered provides the change management and reportingNetWrix Change Reporter Suite, an integratedsolution for automated tracking and reporting of all expectations with ease, and the IT department hascritical changes made to the entire IT infrastructure. enjoyed the streamlined process. “The collectionThe NetWrix Change Reporter Suite meets the of Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchangerequirements of CreditEdge’s global auditors by Server, SQL Server and File Server Change Reporter helps us hold individuals accountable for changes within the IT environment,” Govender said. “We have already picked up on unauthorizedcomply with our global auditing requirements, we Exchange mailbox and Active Directory changes.needed software that was effective, of reasonable The security of our environment has increasedcost and had good technical support,” said Govender. tenfold since the implementation of the NetWrix“The support we received during the trial of the software.” As a result of their satisfaction withNetWrix solution was a clear indication of the level NetWrix Change Reporter Suite, CreditEdge isof professionalism the support team offered. With that eager to strengthen its partnership with NetWrix inin mind and the time to deliver a solid and reliable the future.solution for managing and auditing change, it was ano-contest choice.” After deciding to go with NetWrix, “We are currently looking at using other solutionsCreditEdge quickly deployed the Change Reporter provided by NetWrix, such as the Event LogSuite, and the IT department was impressed with the Manager,” said Govender, “and recommendingease of integration. NetWrix to anyone managing an IT environment seems like a mandatory task, as no IT environment“Most new software, or new exposure to existing should be run without solutions that increasesoftware, involves teething issues, but in this case, it productivity and reduce risk. I am currentlywas just a matter of getting to know the software,” investigating the use of other NetWrix products,Govender said. “We familiarized ourselves with the we own another subsidiary of which has 3500solution very quick, and when necessary, the supportteam was there to assist us at a very professionallevel.” “NetWrix products allow the administrator tofocus on more important tasks whilst the installation About NetWrix Corporationautomatically creates and adjusts to the relevantpolicies,” Govender added. “This was very important NetWrix Corporation is a highly specializedto us in terms of saving time. provider of solutions for IT infrastructure change auditing. Founded in 2006, NetWrix has evolved asProven Result: NetWrix Change Reporter #1 for Change Auditing as evidenced by thousandsSuite Meets the Needs of Auditors with of satis-fied customers worldwide. The company is headquartered in Paramus, NJ, and has regionalAutomated and Precise Change Auditing offices in Los Angeles, Boston, Tampa and the UK.Since installing NetWrix Change Reporter Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.