Low Cost Password Management in California Public Schools

Low Cost Password Management in California Public Schools



NetWrix Case Study

NetWrix Case Study



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Low Cost Password Management in California Public Schools Low Cost Password Management in California Public Schools Document Transcript

  • NetWrix Customer Case Study Low Cost Password Management in California Public Schools “Installing Password Manager along with Password ExpirationCustomer: Notifier reduced our number of password reset helpdeskNevada Joint Union High School requests.”- Jeanine Atkins, Systems and Network Coordinator,District, CaliforniaWeb Site: Nevada Joint Union High School District, CAhttp://www.nuhsd.orgNumber of Users: 10,000 Nevada Joint Union High School was the service provider for multipleIndustry: Education schools of Nevada County in California, and thus, was responsible for providing each feeder school, and their teachers, with Active DirectorySolution: access to the student information center. To ensure security, allIdentity Management teachers within the network, including those not at Nevada Joint Union High School, were required to reset their passwords every 90 days.Products: To cut down on the helpdesk time allotted to account lockouts andNetWrix Password Manager password management issues, Nevada Joint High School decided toPassword Expiration Notifier begin searching for a solution that would allow for selfservice password administration.Vendor:NetWrix Corporation Challenge: Providing Efficient Password Management forPhone: 888-638-9749Web Site: www.netwrix.com Multiple Schools Within Separate Domains Password management can be a painstaking endeavor that requiresCustomer Profile: significant time and manpower. Strict password policies that require regularThe Nevada Joint Union High password changes often result it forgotten passwords, account lockouts andSchool District is an awardwinning various other issues. For Nevada Joint Union High School, which mandatedschool district with state that all teachers change their passwords every 90 days, however, the taskand national honors for academic of password management and support had become overwhelming. Theand vocational excellence. The responsibility for several Active Directory feeder schools, all of which hadmission of the Nevada Joint Union their own domains, was the cause of excessive, yet unavoidable passwordHigh School District is to provide management helpdesk calls at Nevada Joint Union High School. Becauseall students with the educational the feeder schools were not part of Nevada Joint Union’s domain, theyopportunities that will empower did not have the ability to make the required password changes via thethem to reach their full potential and computer, and instead, had to call the helpdesk to make the necessary resets.prepare them for work and lifelong Consequently, the school’s IT department was spending too much timelearning. dealing with password management issues, and as a result, began looking for a solution that would enable self-service password management for all Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studyteachers, regardless of domain. domain or OU, identifying and warning those whose passwords are set to expire within a pre-determined“We didn’t have the man hours to babysit a product, amount of days. As a result, teachers know exactlyso we knew that we needed something that was low when the 90-day password change requirement ismaintenance,” said Atkins. “We needed something approaching, and account lockouts rarely result fromthat would reduce the number of helpdesk calls, but password expirations.wouldn’t require too much of our time.” “Installing Password Manager along with PasswordSolution: NetWrix Password Manager and Expiration Notifier significantly reduced our numberExpiration Notifer of password reset helpdesk requests,” Atkins said. “We also have less people locked out of their accountsThat’s when the Nevada Joint Union High School because of expired passwords.”IT department turned to the NetWrix solution. Asan eligible recipient of the State of California’s Conclusion:K-12 Ed-Tech Voucher program—which awards Password management and support had long been atechnology funding to any K-12 public school in thorn in the side of Nevada Joint Union High School.California that offers discounted lunch to at least 40 The school’s previous administration technique placedpercent of its students— the Nevada County school an excessive burden on the helpdesk, and when thehad the opportunity to choose from a wide variety State of California’s K-12 Ed-Tech Voucher programof companies and solutions to solve its password offered the funding necessary to resolve the issue,management issues. After reviewing their options, the IT department selected to go with the NetWrixthe IT department landed on the NetWrix Password Password Manager and Password Expiration Notifier.Manager and the Password Expiration Notifier. Together, by way of self-service administration and timely password-expiration reminders, the two“We chose to go with NetWrix because the setup solutions have reduced the number of passwordwas easy and it didn’t involve a lot of maintenance,” management helpdesk calls and password lockoutsAtkins said. “Setting up the web portal was easy and it resulting from password expirations.works great.” The K-12 Ed-Tech Voucher offers the same opportunityThe NetWrix Password Manager allows teachers to any California public school that serves discountedto reset forgotten passwords, troubleshoot account lunch to at least 40 percent of its students, and can belockouts and unlock their accounts manually, through used to purchase software that will aid in effective password management.a webbased, self-service portal. The questionand-answer security system allows teachers to adhere About NetWrix Corporationto strict password policies right from the computer.As a result, off-location teachers no longer have to Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporation providescall the helpdesk to reset their passwords, and the IT innovative and cost-effective solutions that simplify and automate the management of Windows networks.department can spend its time supporting other issues. With in-depth knowledge and experience managingThe Nevada Joint Union supplemented the Password Windows environments of all sizes, the companyManager with the Password Expiration Notifier, a tool delivers solutions to meet complicated business requirements while fulfilling the best expectations of ITthat automatically checks all users within a specified professionals. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.