Minimizing Users' Frustration with Strong Password Policies


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NetWrix Case Study

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Minimizing Users' Frustration with Strong Password Policies

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Minimizing Users’ Frustration with Strong Password PoliciesCustomer:MedSynergies “We needed a way to notify some of our clients that use ourWeb Site: Exchange system about their AD passwords expiring their PCs were not on our windows domain. The PasswordNumber of Users: 500Industry: Healthcare Expiration Notifer allows us to send the clients to a web interface where they can change their passwords before theySolution: expire, and it has been most helpful to us and our clients.”Identity Management Kirk Shankle, Network Administrator, MedSynergiesProduct:NetWrix Password ExpirationNotifier The IT department at MedSynergies struggled to find a solution that satisfied both internal password guidelines, as well as a horde ofVendor: frustrated clients whose passwords were constantly expiring withoutNetWrix Corporation warning. Users were becoming increasingly unhappy with the consistentPhone: 888-638-9749Web Site: password expirations, and it was clear that a resolution was necessary. Challenge: Strict Password Policies Result in User FrustrationCustomer Profile:Founded in 1996 by a group Strict password policies generally require users to change theirof physicians, MedSynergiesoptimizes technology and builds passwords once within a pre-determined amount of days. This keepson trusted patient relationships, the corporate systems safe from intruders, and it is also necessaryenabling hospitals and physician to ensure adherence to many modern compliance regulations.practices to offer quality health Unfortunately, the regular need to update passwords does have itscare. MedSynergies partners downside: password expirations. Password expirations result inwith health care organizationsand physicians to align their costly downtime and user frustration, and in order to satisfy clientsoperations by providing revenue who didn’t have access to the standard Windows logon prompt,cycle management, practice MedSynergies was hard-pressed to find a resolution that could reducemanagement, consulting services, the side-effects of its strong password process analysis andsoftware integration solutions. Solution: NetWrix Password Manager Luckily, MedSynergies found NetWrix Password Expiration Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study StudyNotifer, a resolution to the expiration problems password expirations have essentially beenthat had previously plagued its clients and IT eliminated, and as a result, client satisfaction hasadministrators. increased.“Deployment was easy,” said Shankle. “Testing “I have been dong software deployment for 10took about 20 minutes and deployment took even years and there always seems to be one hang-up,less. We did look for other solutions but not for but NetWrix Password Expiration Notifier had nolong, as the NetWrix solution was perfect for us. hang-ups and has worked perfect for us since weInexpensive and easy to configure was what we turned it on,” said Shankle.were looking for, and ultimately, that’s what made Password Expiration Notifer quickly helpedus choose NetWrix. Additionally, NetWrix’s easy MedSynergies meets the needs of its customerslicensing model helps us to account for the costs without having to sacrifice strong its passwordassociated with the product.” policy, and as a result, the IT department wasAptly named, Password Expiration Notifier pleased with its decision to implement NetWrix’sregularly checks all Active Directory users whose cost-effective and simple solution.passwords are set to expire within a pre-defined About NetWrix Corporationamount of days. Then it sends customizablee-mails to the users, notifying them that it’s time Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporationto change their password. As a result, the easy-to- provides innovative and cost-effectiveuse NetWrix solution prevents most passwords solutions that simplify and automatefrom expiring and greatly reduces user frustration. the management of Windows networks. With in-depth knowledge and experience“Password Expiration Notifier enabled us to managing Windows environments of allsmooth things out with a client who was unhappy sizes, the company delivers solutions towith the previous lack of password notifications,” meet complicated business requirementssaid Shankle. “Password Expiration Notifier while fulfilling the best expectations of ITenables users to have no disruptions in the services professionals.we provide to them.”For MedSynergies, NetWrix Password ExpirationNotifer was the way to go. Since deployment, Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.