Implementing Strong Password Policy on Time and Within Budget


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NetWrix Case Study

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Implementing Strong Password Policy on Time and Within Budget

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Implementing Strong Password Policy on Time and Within BudgetCustomer:Doster Construction Company “NetWrix Password Manager met the features we needed andWeb Site: it greatly reduced our administrative load.”www.dosterconstruction.comNumber of Users: 225 CJ Rainer, Network Support Specialist, Doster Construction Company.Industry: Construction With 225 employees working at various locations and project sitesSolution: throughout the southeastern United States, the company’s IT team choseIdentity Management to adopt a new strong password policy in order to maximize company security – a decision that led to increased concerns surrounding theProduct: ability to securely manage employee passwords and prevent accountNetWrix Password Manager lockouts. Doster sought a simple, deployable solution that could easily be implemented to rectify all password management issues for the ITVendor: team and minimize the time spent on such issues. This solution wouldNetWrix Corporation ultimately pave the way for a rapid ROI through Doster’s reduction in ITPhone: 888-638-9749 support costs.Web Site: Challenge: Securely Manage Passwords and Resolve AccountCustomer Profile:Founded in 1969, Doster Lockout IncidentsConstruction is a $306 million Password management is the most common IT support issue thatcompany that provides organizations face today. As security issues have become more critical, thepreconstruction, general need to implement stronger password policies becomes more vital. As acontracting, construction result, companies have noted cost increases as additional resources are spentmanagement, and design-build to combat this expanding challenge. The IT team at Doster Constructionservices for educational, healthcare, fell into such a category and required a password management solutionindustrial, and multifamily that would effectively curb its surging support costs without compromisingconstruction projects. Based in company security. Prior to implementing the new password policy, DosterBirmingham, Alabama, Doster employees were never required to change their user passwords. Thehas additional offices in Orlando, company’s IT team was looking for a cost-effective, proven tool that wouldNashville, and Atlanta, the company automate the process for its workforce without consistently ranked among thenation’s top 400 contractors. “We knew going to complex passwords and forcing users to change their passwords would be a challenge,” said CJ Rainer, Network Support Specialist at Doster Construction. “Along with the fact that we have limited IT resources, we needed self-service solution software for password Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studymanagement that our users could use.” burden. NetWrix Password Manager empowers IT infrastructure and reduces support costs whileSolution: NetWrix Password Manager increasing operational efficiency. Without putting into place a proven solution such as NetWrixDoster Construction’s IT team turned to NetWrix Password Manager, Doster Construction wouldPassword Manager to solve the aforementioned have been forced to increase its IT staff orproblem. The Password Manager significantly give up on other IT projects in order to addressreduced the work load of Doster’s IT team by the growing concerns surrounding passwordgiving its end users the ability to securely manage management. “The deployment of the Passwordtheir passwords and resolve account lockout Manager went well,” said CJ Rainer. “Planningincidents themselves – without having to contact was about two weeks and deployment took only 48the IT personnel. The product allowed end users hours with GPO pushes to all user reset forgotten passwords and unlock their The NetWrix sales and technical support has beenaccounts manually, through a convenient, Web- great; they both are very responsive and highlybased system and seamless integration with the knowledgeable about their products. NetWrixstandard Windows logon procedure that provides Password Manager was the perfect solution; it notpassword reset functionality directly from the only gave our users the ability to reset and unlocklogon prompt window. Such functionality allowed their passwords from the login screen, but wasthe company’s IT team to quickly implement well within our IT budget.”strong password policies and increase securitywhile saving a significant amount of time, which About NetWrix Corporationcould then be used to address more pressing ITprojects. Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporation provides innovative and cost-effective solutions“We could have used the native Active Directory that simplify and automate the management oftools but we only have two IT people for this Windows networks. With in-depth knowledge andtask, and the Password Manager greatly reduces experience managing Windows environments ofour administrative load,” said CJ Rainer. “It met all sizes, the company delivers solutions to meetthe features we needed – Webbased and login complicated business requirements while fulfilling[prompt window] assistance. Plus, the price was the best expectations of IT professionals.significantly lower than that of the competition.”ConclusionImplementation of a strong password policy leadsto frequently forgotten passwords and accountlockouts, increasing the overall administrative Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.