NetWrix Customer Case Study                                          Enforcing Strict External Device Policies to Ensure S...
NetWrix Customer CaseCase                              NetWrix Customer Study                              Studymeet its n...
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Enforcing Strict External Device Policies to Ensure Security and Sustain Compliance


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NetWrix Casse Stidy

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Enforcing Strict External Device Policies to Ensure Security and Sustain Compliance

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Enforcing Strict External Device Policies to Ensure Security and Sustain ComplianceCustomer:Hastings City Bank “NetWrix USB Blocker was built from the ground up specificallyWeb Site: to block USB data leakage, and does it extremely well, whilewww.hastingscitybank.comNumber of managed computers: 250 being very easy to deploy, configure, and manage. MissionIndustry: Banking and Finance accomplished!”Solution: Chris Hager, Information Technology Officer, Hastings City BankEndpoint Management External device security is becoming an increasingly important ITProduct: endeavor for organizations of all sizes and industry verticals. The growingNetWrix USB Blocker popularity of mobile and concealable devices such as MP3 players, memory sticks and removable hard disks that plug into computer’sVendor: USB ports has left many organizations at risk of theft of proprietaryNetWrix Corporation and confidential information, malware and virus threats, and failedPhone: 888-638-9749 compliance audits. This poses a serious threat to companies whoWeb Site: frequently deal with sensitive data, as well as those who are subject to regulatory compliance requirements. The IT department at Hastings CityCustomer Profile: bank was no exception to the growing trend, and thus, began looking forHastings City Bank was founded affordable ways to protect the organization’s private 1886 by farmers, publishers, drygoods and hardware merchants, Challenge: Enforcing Strict External Device Usage Policies todruggists, lawyers, a doctor and an Protect Dataaccountant. The intent was to financemanufacturing activity so that Hastings Pluggable external devices provide potential intruders and dishonestcould share the fruits of a growing employees with easy access to a host of sensitive files—private customerindustrial revolution information, corporate financial statements, confidential data, and so forth—Over 120 years later, Hastings City that are sensitive in nature. Unauthorized copying of any such data posesBank’s focus remains the same - a very serious threat to an organization’s security and compliance efforts,providing and maintaining the excellent yet quite often, very little is done to protect against these types of breaches.customer service that has been their After abandoning McAfee and the host-based IPS product that the Hastingshallmark since 1886. With assets City Bank had formerly, in favor of another antivirus product that lackedthat total nearly $240 million today, USB protection functionality, the IT department recognized the importanceHastings City Bank has proven that a of finding a solution that could quickly and easily fill the gaps left behind.commitment to serving the customer With data protection and adherence to regulatory compliance standardscan go a long way. listed as top priorities for the bank’s IT department, it was as important as ever to find a cost-effective solution that could seamlessly fill the void and Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studymeet its needs. and GLBA. Hastings City Bank has also enjoyed its limited experience with the NetWrix support staff,Solution: NetWrix USB Blocker which has been readily available upon necessity.That is when Hastings City Bank found NetWrix USB “We haven’t had to contact the NetWrix support staffBlocker, a dependable solution for centralized external often, but when we have, they have proven responsivedevice access control that prevents unauthorized and helpful,” said Hager.use of removable devices. After testing the freewareversion of the USB Blocker, the bank had an easy Conclusion:time deciding to go with NetWrix, and deployedthe commercial version which provides advanced In NetWrix USB Blocker, Hastings City bank is gladcapabilities, such as granular device access control to have found a cost-effective solution that has metpolicies. its needs with minimal maintenance or trouble. The bank can now effectively and easily manage external“Once the decision was made, deployment only took device security to maintain compliance and protect thean hour or two,” said Hager. “The key factors that confidentiality of sensitive files. As a result, Hastingsled us to choose the NetWrix option were cost, ease City Bank is very happy with the end result and isof deployment, a positive experience with another excited to continue turning to NetWrix to fulfill itsNetWrix product (Account Lockout Examiner) and future IT needs.favorable results after testing using the limited-functionality free version of USB Blocker.” “NetWrix’s set of products is innovative and empowers the administrator with tools that they“In the past, blocking USB ports on workstations sometimes didn’t know he needed until they sawlocated in insecure locations was something we that someone had created them,” said Hager. “Foraccomplished using a bloated application designed the foreseeable future, I plan to keep an eye on thefor other purposes and adapted by the vendor to applications developed by NetWrix.”include USB blocking, and it didn’t always work asexpected,” Hager added “NetWrix USB Blocker was About NetWrix Corporationbuilt from the ground up specifically to block USB Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporationdata leakage, and does it extremely well while being provides innovative and cost-effective solutionsvery easy to deploy, configure, and manage. Mission that simplify and automate the management ofaccomplished!” Windows networks. With in-depth knowledge andSince the smooth point-and-click deployment of experience managing Windows environments ofthe solution, Hastings City Bank has enjoyed the all sizes, the company delivers solutions to meetbenefits of the USB Blocker, which has secured the complicated business requirements while fulfillingsensitive data that the bank was looking to protect, and the best expectations of IT professionals.furthermore, enabled compliance with SOX Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.