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NetWrix Customer CaseCase                         NetWrix Customer Study                         Studyburden of the sudden...
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Solving Password Expiration Issues in a Windows 7 Environment


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Solving Password Expiration Issues in a Windows 7 Environment

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Solving Password Expiration Issues in a Windows 7 EnvironmentCustomer: “We no longer have users calling the helpdesk aboutSilverstone Group expired network passwords. NetWrix Password ExpirationWeb Site: Notifier has worked very well for our company.”Number of Users: 200 usersIndustry: Insurance Cathy Kane, Network Engineer, Silverstone GroupSolution: Efficiency and production were tied tightly together atIdentity Management Silverstone Group, a full-service insurance agency that pridedProduct: itself in excellent customer service. With five offices and 200Password Expiration Notifier associates, the IT department already had its hands full with helpdesk ticket requests. Internal support issues threatenedVendor: to disrupt the user efficiency necessary to uphold optimalNetWrix CorporationPhone: 888-638-9749 customer support, and administrators were suddenly leftWeb Site: dealing with an influx of Active Directory password expirations.Customer Profile: Challenge: Windows 7 Lacks Password ExpirationEstablished in 1945, SilverStoneGroup is a full-service, resource Notifications Introducing IT Helpdesk Burdenmanagement company offeringcustomized services for business The Silverstone IT department always relied on default Windowsand private clients. Through a variety pop-up messages to warn end users that their passwords wereof insurance services, such as riskmanagement, employee benefits, nearing expiration, and that it was time to make a and private client services, Following an operating system upgrade from Windows XPSilverstone is able to meet the needs to Windows 7, however, administrators quickly realized thatof its customers with quality customer users were no longer getting the default password expirationservice. reminders. Expiration dates were coming and going without the knowledge of end users, and the helpdesk was inundated with time-consuming helpdesk calls as a result. Frustrated employees were continually wasting valuable time dealing with password expirations, and helpdesk administrators were left with the heavy Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studyburden of the sudden password expiration Silverstone employees are once again able toinflux. The Silverstone IT department was in manage their passwords without assistanceneed of a solution that would automatically from the helpdesk. Automated notificationremind end users when it was time to change e-mails ensure that users are aware oftheir passwords. impending password expirations, allowing them to make the necessary changes before itSolution: Automated Password Expiration is too late. The NetWrix tool, as a result, hasNotifications limited user downtime and helpdesk workloadThat is when Silverstone discovered to maximize internal productivity.NetWrix Password Expiration Notifier, an “We no longer have users calling the helpdeskidentity management solution that monitors about expired network passwords,” said Kane.specified Active Directory domains and “We chose to give the user three remindersorganizational units for users with passwords about their upcoming password expirations.nearing expiration. The NetWrix tool sends We then gave specific instructions in thecustomizable notification e-mails to account password notification message on how toowners so they can make the necessary change their password. NetWrix Passwordmodifications before their passwords expire. Expiration Notifier has worked very well forThe tool also sends summary reports to our company.”system administrators, allowing proactivemanagement of password expiration issues for About NetWrix Corporationboth end users and service accounts. Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporation“We did a quick Google search for password provides innovative and cost-effectiveexpiration and found NetWrix,” said Kane. solutions that simplify and automate“I downloaded the test and it was very easy the management of Windows install. The price was very reasonable With in-depth knowledge and experiencecompared to the frustration of the users being managing Windows environments of alllocked out of the network, so we purchased the sizes, the company delivers solutions toproduct immediately and it was installed with meet complicated business requirementsno problems.” while fulfilling the best expectations of IT professionals.Proven Result: Automated PasswordNotifications Boost User Productivity andDecrease IT Helpdesk CostsSince deploying Password Expiration Notifier, Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.