Fast and Effective Account Lockout Solution in a Big Business Environment


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Fast and Effective Account Lockout Solution in a Big Business Environment

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Fast and Effective Account Lockout Solution in a Big Business Environment “Using [NetWrix Account Lockout Examiner] helped us respond faster and minimize the impact to the user community.” Rick Tuttle, operations manager at large integrated energy and chemical company.Customer:Global integrated energy andchemicals company A busy team of dedicated IT professionals at a large integratedNumber of Users: energy and chemical company administered everyday IT34,000 employees worldwide activities, overseeing the company’s broad networkingIndustry: Energy environment. Support from the helpdesk was meticulous, yetSolution: extensive, so operation time was at a premium. Consequently,Identity Management when a sudden surge of user account lockout complaints began to cramp the help desk with time-consuming dilemmas,Product:Account Lockout Examiner a fast and effective solution was needed immediately.Vendor: Challenge: Unknown Source Caused Company-Wide UserNetWrix Corporation Account LockoutsPhone: 888-638-9749Web Site: An already busy IT staff was suddenly burdened with resolving aCustomer Profile: widespread user account lockout crisis that resulted in complaintsMultinational energy and chemicals throughout the company. Often times, employee lockout was thecompany with 10 billion dollar result of three successive failed attempts to log in. Many users,annual revenue that adds value tocoal, oil and gas reserves, using however, insisted that they had correctly implemented their userfeedstocks to produce liquid fuels, password, but were nonetheless locked out after one attemptedfuel components and chemicals log-in. Aside from the overwhelming flood of IT complaints, thethrough its unique proprietary odd lock-out description provided reason to believe that there wastechnologies. a malware attack. Thus, the company decided that a solution was needed to help manage the surge and simultaneously determine the root cause of the issue. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study StudySolution: Account Lockout Examiner “The Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner tooled in mitigating the Conficker outbreak,”That is when the perplexed team of IT said Rick Tuttle, operations manager of a largeprofessionals turned to NetWrix Account integrated energy and chemical company. “ByLockout Examiner to remedy the influx of determining the source, the [Active Directory]help desk tickets. NetWrix Account Lockout administrator could isolate the infectedExaminer gives users the ability to identify network. Using the tool helped us respondaccount lockouts in real time via automated faster and minimize the impact to the userE-mail alerts to operators, troubleshoot community.”account lockouts by isolating the cause ofthe problem and proactively resolve the About NetWrix Corporationsituation at hand without affecting user Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporationproductivity. This promotes security within an provides innovative and cost-effective solutionsorganizational network while enabling users to that simplify and automate the management oflog into their accounts, thus ensuring that the Windows networks. With in-depth knowledge andhelp desk can spend its time dealing with more experience managing Windows environments ofpressing issues. Thanks to Account Lockout all sizes, the company delivers solutions to meetExaminer, the IT staff was able to easily complicated business requirements while fulfillinginstall a solution and immediately determine the best expectations of IT professionals.that the source of the attack was an isolatedengineering network that was infected withConficker worm, a worm that often causeswidespread account lockouts. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.