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Credentials one of the top polish affiliate network - NetSales

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  1. 1. Introductory facts8500 publishers and hundreds of new joiningmonthly!Landing page’s of our advertisers are viewed by 4,2millions of visitors each month!To achieve this, our advertisements have to beviewed 1,8 billion times per month.370 conducted campaigns during first year ofactivity!
  2. 2. Some of our publishers
  3. 3. Some of our advertisers
  4. 4. How do we work?In the beginning of introducing the partnershipprogram, we conduct a brainstorm concerning thepromotional strategy among our partners, nichemarkets and target groups identification and the formsof promotion.Affiliate Managers account only for the effects theygenerate through a particular affiliate program.Our publisher service team is divided into people takingcare of specific lines of business – cutting-edgespecialists in each field, who have established relationswith the most successfully converting publishers.
  5. 5. Leads pre-verificationWe perpetually enhance the quality of the leadsprovided to our clients, whose Call Center resources areheavily overloaded by the preliminary integrity tests!On the basis of our own resources, we conduct the pre-verification of the leads, that is: checking their integrity(both technical and substantial) by using Call Centerbefore they reach the client’s base.After dialing into client, Call Center consultant will askone more time whether client is actually interested inthe offer, the form of which had been sent and verifiesclients identity.
  6. 6. Anti-fraud policyEach of our employees has received training specificallyoriented towards detection and identification offraudulent publishers, carried out by one of the biggestaffiliate networks worldwide !"Zero tolerance” policy towards frauds – hence the 24hfraud-detection oriented network monitoring.Each publisher suspected of fraudulent activity inaffiliate program is irretrievably removed from ournetwork – even if someone from his family or closeentourage would have registered.Fraudulent publishers are removed from our network inaverage of few days after commencing the fraudprocess.
  7. 7. Best publisher serviceQuickest publishers remittances in Poland (even every 2weeks) = greater efficience of advertisers !Widely acknowledged as the fastest and mostprofessional publisher service.Educational courses for the publishers (how-to videos).Ranked as the # 1 affiliate network in independentrankings created by the affiliates.Always highest market quotations in programs –increased loyalty of the publisher.
  8. 8. What do we settle as an effect?Display (standard banner advertisement)Telephone calls (Pay Per Call)Video advertisement (Pay Per Play)Co-registrationsSponsored articlesWidgetsPassages, e.g. financialSocial Media (Facebook)Search engines (Adwords)E-coupons
  9. 9. Niche - contestsWe have recruited all the contest websitesattracting so-called „cool hunters”.We have designed and successfully carried outnumerous contests for the biggest companies in themarket150 000 contestants – this is how many we canattract in just one month.We take 100% care of the contest implementation –we know exactly what converts, what prizes, whatcommunication or landing page.
  10. 10. - THANK YOU!