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NetMotion Wireless The Top 5 Best Practices for Field Service Mobility eBook

NetMotion Wireless The Top 5 Best Practices for Field Service Mobility eBook



NetMotion Wireless The Top 5 Best Practices for Field Service Mobility eBook

NetMotion Wireless The Top 5 Best Practices for Field Service Mobility eBook



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    NetMotion Wireless The Top 5 Best Practices for Field Service Mobility eBook NetMotion Wireless The Top 5 Best Practices for Field Service Mobility eBook Presentation Transcript

    • the top 5 best practices forFIELD SERVICE MOBILITY eBook
    • the top 5 best practices forFIELD SERVICE MOBILITY eBookTable of ContentsINTRODUCTIONMany organizations today are facing anever-growing field service workforce. And theubiquity of wireless networks and improvedwireless devices creates opportunities for theseorganizations to maximize the efficiency andproductivity of their field force, keeping themremotely connected and in the field for furtherservice calls, less time traveled into the office,and more time focused on the customer.(continue reading...)Create a Secure, Seamless User Experience1Control Mobile Device Use2Visibility into Usage Patterns and Problems3Enforce Device Security4Manage Mobile Devices Remotely5
    • MOBILITY OF VITAL IMPORTANCEIn a recent survey conducted by the AberdeenGroup, 83% of companies reported thatimplementing fully connected mobility (real-timeaccess) was either extremely or very importantto them.Among the reasons cited were:Worker productivity (60%)Faster service resolution (41%)Cost control and reduction (32%)Better resource visibility (24%)Revenue opportunities (21%)INTRODUCTIONThere are many challenges to building a successful mobiledeployment. How do you ensure continued connectivity toyour intranet while workers are traveling from location tolocation? How do you ensure mobile devices accessing yournetwork via cellular or wifi networks are secure? How do youget insight into what field workers are accessing over yournetwork? What applications?There are best practices to follow and tools available now tohelp overcome all of these challenges. These tools becomethe lynch-pin of a successfully managed mobile deploymentwhere field workers are more productive and happy, and ITmanagers have granular insight and control into all mobiledevice activity.60%41%32%24%21%3Share this eBook
    • CREATE A SECURE, SEAMLESS USER EXPERIENCEThe most common reason for failed mobile deployments is lack of user acceptance. If field tools are cumbersomeor difficult to use, your workers will not embrace them. As many organizations have discovered, connectivityproblems are the most common source of frustrations, especially when connectivity to company networks orapplications is essential for them to do their job. Workers often lose connections and need to re-log in; and whenapplications are running during those interruptions they often crash, requiring workers to not only log in again, butre-enter the data they lost.SOLUTION?Traditional virtual private network (VPN) software was not built for the wireless environment. Invest in a mobile VPNthat is built to ensure persistent connectivity no matter where workers roam, including creating a ‘pause’ modewhen disconnected so that when automatically re-connected, the data transfers pick up right where they left off.There is no data loss or crashing.14
    • SOLUTION?Per the previous best practice, A MOBILE VPNCAN DO MORE THAN JUST PROVIDE ACONNECTION. It can also provide a manage-ment interface that allows IT teams and fieldmanagers to:Set and enforce policies to manage user anddevice access to networks.Improve security and protect users frominadvertently taking action that bogs downdevices or connections.Set rules to limit access to specific applicat-ions, prohibit web browsing, or restrictaccess to intranets or specific sites.Enforce restrictions based on connectionspeed or time-of-day.Prioritize users by line-of-business applicat-ions, so critical traffic has the highest priority.25Share this eBookCONTROL MOBILE DEVICEUSEManaging mobile devices across a dispersed workforce is achallenge, and more so in large deployments.IT MANAGERS RARELY HAVE THE ABILITY TOCONTROL DEVICES IN THE FIELD.This can create misuse of corporate networks, lack of band-width for critical applications, and un-secure devicesaccessing your network.
    • COX COMMUNICATIONS SAVES$500,000 ANNUALLY INMANAGEMENT COSTSEvery year, Cox Communication’s 3,500 field technicianshandle more than six million work orders accessed throughan online system, with reliable connectivity ensured byMobility XE mobile VPN software.In addition to productivity increases estimated at 10%in some instances, the ability to deploy and updatesoftware remotely delivers IT savings estimated at ahalf million dollars a year.case study: cox communications6CaseStudy
    • Share this eBookVISIBILITY INTO USAGE PATTERNSAND PROBLEMSMonitoring performance across multiple networks is a challenge,especially when networks are outside of IT’s direct control, includingpublic cellular networks. This can create unnecessary drops in thefield, lack of visibility into coverage areas, and no way to trackwireless performance.SOLUTION?Having the ability to assess public cellu-lar network performance is becoming arequirement for organizations to get themost out of their wireless and mobiledeployment investments. Cellularnetworks have arguably become asimportant as your corporate network.So look to invest in cellular network perfor-mance management software. This type ofsoftware provides visibility into your cellulardeployment and the business intelligence toolsneeded to ensure that mobile field workers andIT support staff are operating at their highestproductivity.37Share this eBook
    • ENFORCE DEVICE SECURITYWithout having visibility into mobile devices, many infected devices could be accessing your intranet and backoffice applications. This could potentially create the spread of system viruses and malware.SOLUTION?Good mobile VPN software provides the interface to control which devices can access your network via Network Access Control (NAC).A mobile VPN verifies that devices have required security precautions in place – such as patches, operating system updates, and activeantivirus with current signatures – before allowing a connection. Depending on the severity of the issue, administrators may choosefrom a variety of actions, ranging from simply warning the user, to requiring immediate remediation, to quarantining the device. Thisgives administrators the flexibility they need to protect the corporate network without hampering worker productivity.Share this eBook48
    • MOBILITY XE ALLOWED THE COMPANYTO TAP REAL-TIME DATA TO IMPROVESERVICE AND RECOUP 1.1 MILLIONPRODUCTIVE HOURS TO DEVOTE TOSALES EFFORTS!US FOODS RECOUPS 1.1MILLION PRODUCTIVE HOURSUSING MOBILE VPNOne of the largest food distributors in America, US Foodsserves more than 250,000 customers. The company’s salesforce of 5,000 territory managers visits these customers toshare promotion information, take orders and submit them forfulfillment. To give the managers reliable, real-timeconnectivity from customer sites, U.S. Foods adopted theMobility XE mobile VPN.case study: us foods9Share this eBookCaseStudyCaseStudy
    • MANAGE MOBILE DEVICESREMOTELYSINCE THEY’RE NOT ENTIRELY VISIBLE WITHOUT THERIGHT SOFTWARE, MANY MOBILE DEVICES ARE NOTMANAGED CORRECTLY.They could be carrying outdated softwareor patches required by IT. And since so many workersare remote, it requires them coming into the officeand turning over their device to IT in order to completenecessary upgrades.SOLUTION?Again, good mobile VPN software provides ITmanagers the ability to manage mobile devicesremotely, as easily as they manage desktopsand laptops on the wired corporate network.Application updates and patches may be“pushed” out while the unit is still in the field,but when users aren’t actively logged on,between shifts. This eliminates the need to docka unit or wait for a wired connection and canprovide significant labor and cost savings for ITstaff.5101Share this eBook
    • CONCLUSIONMobile initiatives have great promise for organizations. Harnessing the capabilitiesof the ever-increasing wireless world allows you to do more with less, reach morecustomers, and improve field worker productivity – all savings to your bottom line.By deploying a mobile VPN and cellular network management software built for thewireless world, you can realize the full benefits of your mobile deploymentinvestment. This includes delivering secure, reliable network connections, promotinguser acceptance, and gaining management visibility and control.11
    • To learn more about best practices for field service mobility orto recieve a more detailed version of this eBook visitNetMotionWireless.com.Or Contact Us at:1.866.262.7626info@netmotiowireless.comABOUT NETMOTION WIRELESSNetMotion Wireless develops software tomanage and secure wireless data deploymentsfor organizations with mobile field workers.Their products address the unique challengesintroduced by the use of wireless, enablingcustomers to maximize the return on investmentin workforce automation. More than 2,000 ofthe world’s most respected organizationsacross multiple industries including utilities,healthcare, telecommunications, public safety,government, insurance, manufacturing, andmany others use NetMotion Wireless products.Founded in 2001, the company isheadquartered in Seattle, Washington.© 2012 NetMotion Wireless, Inc. All rights reserved.