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SWCC Showa Holdings Streamlines IT with NetIQ Identity Manager


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SWCC Showa Holdings is an umbrella group of Japanese businesses handling development, manufacture and sales of electrical cables and wires, coils, electrical systems, communications systems and related devices. The company works under the slogan “Creating for the Future.”

Business Sitution
As it strove to share managerial resources across its group companies, SWCC Showa Holdings began to emphasize an IT approach that required a strong identity management system.

The NetIQ Difference
The company used NetIQ Identity Manager to achieve a workload reduction and data sharing across
applications. They can now transition employees in two days instead of a month.

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SWCC Showa Holdings Streamlines IT with NetIQ Identity Manager

  1. 1. SUCCESS STORY SWCC Showa Holdings Streamlines IT with NetIQ Identity ManagerExecutive SummaryINDUSTRY DESCRIPTIONSWCC Showa Holdings is an umbrellagroup of Japanese businesses handlingdevelopment, manufacture and salesof electrical cables and wires, coils,electrical systems, communicationssystems and related devices. Thecompany works under the slogan“Creating for the Future.”BUSINESS SITUATIONAs it strove to share managerialresources across its group companies,SWCC Showa Holdings began to SWCC Showa Holdings (SWCC) was The NetIQ Solutionemphasize an IT approach that required originally founded in 1936 under thea strong identity management system. name SHOWA ELECTRIC WIRE AND After becoming a holding company,THE NETIQ DIFFERENCE CABLE. In 2006, it reorganized into SWCC experienced an increase inThe company used NetIQ® Identity a holding company focused on the personnel exchange, with the companyManager to achieve a workload electrical and communication industries. transferring or assigning employeesreduction and data sharing across across different departments. “All ofapplications. They can now transition As a holding company, SWCC shares this movement was difficult to linkemployees in two days instead of a resources across all group companies to smoothly with user access rights,” Mimuramonth. boost earnings. The company wanted to said, “and we needed a system that adopt an IT approach that could collect could solve that problem.” The identityPRODUCTS AND SERVICES and unify communications and data management system also had to integrateNetIQ® Identity Manager in a sharable format. “To achieve this,” with the user authentication and access said corporate planning department restrictions that SWCC had just instituted head Noriyuki Mimura, “one major with Microsoft Active Directory. issue that needed to be addressed was the introduction of new identity Axio, an SWCC company, suggested and access management systems. NetIQ® Identity Manager as a solution. Axio had worked with four different “We began by reworking the foundational identity management products network equipment that connects all of internally, and had chosen NetIQ Identity our operational sites across the world,” Manager because of its flexibility Mimura said. “With any network upgrade, and expandability. The company security naturally becomes an important proposed the system to SWCC based issue. As a result, identity management on its experience and belief that NetIQ was a major concern of ours.” Identity Manager could be flexible enough to handle SWCC’s demands.
  2. 2. SWCC Saves Time with the personnel data system and the NetIQ Identity Manager rest of our groupware. With Identity “We had no method of Manager, we can share this data with Before adopting NetIQ Identity almost no customization needed.” linking data together Manager, SWCC staff had to write before . . . With Identity multiple application forms for every SWCC also used NetIQ Identity personnel transfer. The solution helped Manager to simply and effectively Manager, we can share obtain the information needed for streamline this process. Mimura this data with almost no also praised NetIQ Identity Manager their audits. “We’re able to acquire all features on the system administrator the data we need,” said Mimura, “so customization needed.” there is no need to go out and gather side. “There is a regular personnel transfer that takes place in July every information later on for our audits.” Noriyuki Mimura, year,” he said. “At peak times, it could Corporate Planning take a month to handle all of the user SWCC eventually wants to manage Department Head, authentication and access restriction data beyond basic personnel SWCC Showa Holdings Co., Ltd. changes that needed to be made. information like insurance, pension After adopting Identity Manager, and salary so it can automate the the time required after a transfer entire role migration process. For is now cut down to two days.” example, SWCC wants to implement The new NetIQ Identity Manager its job assignment management system works with the personnel data “Previously,” he continued, “we would in NetIQ Identity Manager. Says in the company’s internal system. It run into issues like user IDs for people Mimura, “making this fully automated allows administrators to migrate user who have transferred departments may prove to be a tough task, but I IDs and passwords, and set up or or left the company still remaining have great expectations for Identity change roles and access rights, with a on the system. Those problems are Manager going into the future.” single interface whenever events like going to be a thing of the past now. employee transfers, hires or dismissals Learn more today by contacting occur. The system also offers a single “The biggest effect Identity Manager your NetIQ partner or a local NetIQ sign-on (SSO) for core business systems, had,” Mimura said, “lay in the large sales representative, or by visiting such as sales and purchasing. variety of link modules provided. We for contact had no method of linking data together information in your area. before, so customization was always required in order to share data betweenWorldwide Headquarters For a complete list of our offices1233 West Loop South, Suite 810 in North America, Europe, theHouston, Texas 77027 USA Middle East, Africa, Asia-PacificWorldwide: +1 713.548.1700 and Latin America, please visitU.S. / Canada Toll Free: 888.323.6768 Follow us:NetIQ and the NetIQ logo are registered trademarks of NetIQ Corporation in the USA. All other company and productnames may be trademarks of their respective companies.© 2013 NetIQ Corporation and its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. CSS90068SWCC PO 1/13_F2