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NetIDEAS Inc. - Enabling Global Design Teams with hosted Windchill
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NetIDEAS Inc. - Enabling Global Design Teams with hosted Windchill


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Product development organizations are dealing with changing dynamics due to corporate downsizing, outsourcing, and partnerships. Despite these changes, organizations still must empower teams to …

Product development organizations are dealing with changing dynamics due to corporate downsizing, outsourcing, and partnerships. Despite these changes, organizations still must empower teams to innovate and produce their design deliverables on time and on budget. This paper will describe how a secure Internet- based Windchill® environment is helping many world-class organizations meet their challenges and effectively get their products to market to meet their goals.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Enabling G Global Design Teams with Windchill® Steve Bruneau, VP, Services NetIDEAS, Inc. www netideasinc com steve bruneau@netideasinc com 856-914-9426
  • 2. Abstract • Product development organizations are dealing with changing dynamics due to corporate downsizing outsourcing and downsizing, outsourcing, partnerships. Despite these changes, organizations still must empower teams to innovate and produce their design deliverables on time and on budget This paper will describe how a secure Internet- budget. Internet based Windchill® environment is helping many world-class organizations meet their challenges and effectively get their products to market to meet their goals. g
  • 3. Situations for Most Product Development Based Organizations Today Today’s Design Team • Corporate Downsizing… p g “Do more with Less” • More Outsourcing of vital resources – Product development based – IT support based • Partnerships and/or Joint Ventures • Tighter Budgets with a lot more scrutiny and schedule pressures • “Build Better Products” is still the mantra!
  • 4. Problems that Arise Lack of  Proliferation of  • Difficult to integrate a collaboration... stove piped  stove‐piped worldwide D i t ld id Design team and d databases... meet goals • Difficult to implement or support a Windchill® System with Fewer or No IT resources Infoglut... • Collaborate… but Restrict External People from getting into your Corporate IT infrastructure • Less C it l t B l t IT L Capital to Bolster Underutilized U d tili d Infrastructure in support of IT Capabilities global collaboration
  • 5. Implications of these Problems • No collaborative tools helping design team • Email or other means are used to ‘collaborate’ – A these secure? Are th ? – Is your team working with the latest data? – “ the one that John emailed “….the last Friday?” • Impacts to Schedule, Cost, and Product Quality are harder to control • Missed Product Development Goals • Missed Business Goals
  • 6. Critical Elements of Enabling a Global Design Team • Unified Application Vision – “What are we trying to Accomplish and How” pp y g p • Sr. Management Leadership…not just sponsorship! • The ‘Right’ Resources, properly supported & allocated • Design Team & Windchill® Expertise • Culture Change can be the hardest part • Champion • Steering Committee • Use Case Teams • Windchill® Infrastructure: Security, Performance, Business Continuity • Proactive Business Process Evolution; Leverage Windchill’s Power • Proactive Training • Constant Care and Feeding along with 24 x 7 x 365 Support
  • 7. Examples of Successful fS f Windchill® Based Design Teams Putting in place what’s needed to get the job done
  • 8. BMW Oracle Racing • Situation: – Short Time Span for Cutting Edge Design – Worldwide Design team with partnerships • Multiple U.S. and European locations – No Time/Resources for IT infrastructure – Design Team needs to focus on design and schedule...Windchill® must be working • Needs: – Collaborative Design – Data Management • Customer of NetIDEAS since 2004 – 2nd Campaign with NetIDEAS p g – Two very different Teams in each Campaign • PTCUser 2010 Keynote Speaker finding success with Hosted Windchill® Won the America’s Cup in Feb of 2010!
  • 9. American Standard • Situation: – Corporate Breakup resulting in Refocus of this Business Segment – Outsourcing and Collaboration with China – Based in NJ, Mfgr Plant in Mexico – No Capital for their own Infrastructure Upgrades • Needs: – 24 x 7 support needed – Separate Windchill® from other internal business systems – Migrate off Intralink and do CAD Data Management with Windchill® – Change Management g g – Project Collaboration • NetIDEAS Customer since 2006
  • 10. LCAC US Navy, PEO Ships, PMS377 • Situation – Need to Better Support the Fleet ( g y Craft) pp (Legacy ) – Need to Design a Next Generation Craft – Complex Process for new IT Applications – Design Team includes Gov’t and Contractors • Washington, Boston, Panama City, Norfolk VA, San Diego CA, Philadelphia • Needs: SSC – Security and performance is critical (DIACAP certification required on the IDESC) – Project and Program Management – Design Collaboration, – Data Management, Change Management – Configuration Management – Solidworks® CAD Data Management • Multi-CAD Integrations will be needed • Customer of NetIDEAS since Nov. 2007
  • 11. Issues to Address head on • Cultural hurdles – Is the Team all Aligned? Remote Partners Motivated? • Cultural Adoption – Is the Team Resistant to Change? • Maturity of Design Processes – Review and Approval Process Clarity • Maturity of Design Competencies – CAD Modeling Acumen big factor in 3D collaboration and PLM • Time for Team to Develop and Learn new Processes – Some PLM Processes simply take time to solidify • Remote Partners Internet/Network Provisioning – China Example: Traffic was being dropped periodically. It stopped when Customer leased private line through Singapore
  • 12. With NetIDEAS on the Team - Instant Production Infrastructure Ready to go Security/Performance/Disaster Recovery
  • 13. NetIDEAS DIACAP Certified Infrastructure can be Backbone for Design Team Success • DoD Information Assurance  Certification and Accreditation  Process (DIACAP) is the process for  authorizing the operation of DoD  Information Systems (IS) consistent  with: • The Federal Information Security  Management Act (FISMA) • DoD Directive (DoDD) 8500.1  Information Assurance (IA) • DoD Directive 8100.1 Global  Information Grid (GIG) 
  • 14. NetIDEAS Defense in Depth Layer 1  Hostile Networks (Internet) Layer 2 Corporate Intranet Layer 4 ‐ NetIDEAS Server Application/ Layer 0   Layer 0 Environment Host DMZ Layer 3 ‐ Layer 3 COI Layer 3 ‐ Layer 3 COI Boundary 1 Layer 4 ‐ Layer 4 ‐ Application/Host Application/Host Boundary 2 Boundary 3 Physical Security A robust security architecture provides  protection at multiple boundaries.
  • 15. NetIDEAS Boundaries 1 & 2 • Firewall (1) – Limits access to servers by protocol. Only HTTPS (port 443) is open for inbound initiated traffic. • VLAN / Router ACL (2) ( ) – A combination of VLAN and router ACL control is used to isolate traffic to required subnets only. • VPN (1 & 2) – Remote administration by NetIDEAS system administrators is tunneled through VPN. Access to Production Infrastructure is limited to safe and necessary  protocols.
  • 16. NetIDEAS Boundary 3 • Application Security • Host Security – Users Authenticated: Username/Password – Operating System security patches Operating System security patches  • Users Manage their own Password are kept up to date • Password rules are enforced – Limited access to root based  functions • Automatic account suspension is enforced on successive failures – Servers are secured in accordance  with DoD Secure Technical  – SSL3 encryption Implementation Guidelines (STIGs) • Class 3 Server Certificate with 128 bit encryption ti – Optional token based authentication • Certificate, SecureID, Smart Card
  • 17. Physical Security • SunGARD Mega-Center in Philadelphia PA – Former Packard Automobile Facility with 12” concrete reinforced floors and 18” concrete reinforced pillars every floors, 18 22’ throughout the building from Basement to roof. – Clandestine External Facade – 24x7 Ph i l 24 7 Physical security and monitoring it d it i – Access control desk – Card reader and finger p g print accesses – Video surveillance – Only a few NetIDEAS Personnel able to access Production Hardware
  • 18. SunGARD Availability Services
  • 19. Availability: Making sure Windchill® is there when you Need it • Availability is broken out and managed as a function of several different system components – Facility – Network – Hardware – Software – Scheduled Maintenance • Availability =1-(MTTR/MTBF) – Build a robust, High Availability infrastructure and application to increase MTBF – Build robust monitoring and recovery procedures to reduce MTTR – NetIDEAS SLA = 99.5%
  • 20. Infrastructure – Facility • Power – Redundant f feeds from power company configured f f with automatic fail-over – Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) – Emergency diesel generators – Redundant Power feeds to each equipment cabinet • Environmental Controls – Compartmented facilities – Under floor chilled water cooling with excess capacity – Gas charged fire suppression system
  • 21. Infrastructure – Network • Private Internet eXchange (PIX) PIX Level # – Purchased transport from multiple Tier 1 E d g e Sprint ISPs (AT&T, Sprint, AOL, C&W, Level3) C MAE o C&W • Avoids congested NAPs and MAEs r e AT&T • Provides end-to-end performance Swi tch management t AOL • Provides alternate routing for major backbone failures • Redundancy and Fail‐over – No Single Points of Failure (SPoF) • Core routers configured with Hot Core routers configured with Hot  • Spatial diversity of ISP connections Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) • SONET rings in the local loop • Cross‐connected switching fabric • Single incident (i.e. backhoe operation) cannot cause service interruption • Clustered Juniper Firewalls with  p Intrusion Detection
  • 22. Infrastructure – Servers • NetIDEAS utilizes redundant servers and supplemental servers – Redundant components include CPUs, memory, power supplies, fans, and interface boards – Servers are powered from 2 independent AC power sources – Hardware Vendors contracted to provide on-site parts delivery and technical support – Primary servers run on proven Solaris operating system for maximum stability and availability t f i t bilit d il bilit
  • 23. Infrastructure – Storage Arrays • NetIDEAS utilizes High Availability RAID disk arrays with snapshots h t – Redundant, hot-swappable components include controllers, power supplies, fans, and disk drives – All array components are powered from 2 independent AC power sources – Hard are Vendor contracted to pro ide on site Hardware provide on-site parts delivery and technical support
  • 24. Data Security – Disaster Recovery • Use of High Availability RAID storage arrays virtually eliminates data loss due to system failure – High availability hardware uses hot-swappable, redundant components to eliminate single points of failure • Tape Back-up Strategy Back up – A regular program of Full and Incremental backups is performed to optimize system performance and possible data recovery time – Recovery from accidentally deleted files or catastrophic system failure will role back a maximum of 24 hours • Off Site Storage – Tapes are carried off site and securely stored to provide data safety in the event of a local catastrophic event – Tapes are rotated in a 4 week rotation
  • 25. Monitoring and Recovery • SunGard Network Operations Center (NOC) – Physical Security – SunGard Network – PIX – PPower – Environmental Controls • NetIDEAS System Monitoring – Real time monitoring of critical hardware and services – Automatic paging and e-mail alerts • Recovery Procedures y – Server reconfiguration procedures – Hardware service contract – Tape recovery procedures
  • 26. With NetIDEAS on the Team - Windchill® Expertise to Get Your Team up the Learning Curve Windchill® & PLM Process Consulting and Design Team Support
  • 27. Windchill® & PLM Expertise p • Seasoned Consultants with Decades of Project and Design Experience. • Work closely with Customer Windchill® Team on highest priority Use Cases • Define “As-IS” Process via Interviews and documentation • Architect “To-Be” Process and Windchill® Configuration/Customization (*if needed) – Prefer to Leverage out of the box vs. Customize – D Draw on EExperience f i from h d d of U C hundreds f Use Cases with Wi d hill® ith Windchill® – Avoid pitfalls (Whether Technical or Cultural) – Just Because Windchill can do it, should you do it? – Assistance with Justification process (*if needed) ( if • Development/Test Environments made available to our Customers when necessary • Train Customer Windchill® Team…who in turn teaches their users locally • Revisit and Audit the Processes routinely y • Maintenance and Full Version Upgrades Performed at no additional cost
  • 28. The Learning Curve • How Best to Leverage Windchill – We h l W help your team hit their S id quickly. hi h i Stride i kl – Perform Configurations like IBA’s, objects, workflows, templates – Customizations are Expensive but sometimes Needed p • Dashboards, UI, Various Utilities, etc. • Use Case Approach to solving biggest challenges first and getting wins with the culture…e.g.: culture e g : – Design Collaboration – View and Markup – Action Item Tracking – Change Management
  • 29. Design Team Support • Users around the world need help! – 24 x 7 x 365 Call Center Helpdesk p • Phone for Urgent • Email for Non-Urgent • User determines urgency – Technical Issue resolution – Process Usability Issues on Customer Specific Windchill® Instances. • Organizational Administrators at Each Customer: – Windchill Strategy and Business Process Support from a gy pp NetIDEAS Implementation Specialist Assigned to your Account. – Weekly usage reports, real time user queries.
  • 30. NetIDEAS is the Leading Provider of Hosted Software Solutions for Product Development. • Hosted Software Solutions for Product Development – Windchill® PLM – IDE Systems – Design-to-Order Systems – P Program MManagement t – Requirements and Risk Management • World Class Secure Hosting Environment Come See Us – Dedicated & Multi-Tenant Environments @ – DOD and National Accreditations – 99.5% SLA – Tier 1/2/3 Help Desk Support (24x7) – SunGard - Collocation Partner Booth 615 • Subject Matter Expertise and Use Case Implementations – Business Process Reengineering – Training – Migration and Integration Services – Use Case Effectiveness Model