7 Mobile SEM Best Practices
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7 Mobile SEM Best Practices



In the spirit of knowledge sharing, discover our research insights to 7 mobile SEM best practices.

In the spirit of knowledge sharing, discover our research insights to 7 mobile SEM best practices.



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7 Mobile SEM Best Practices 7 Mobile SEM Best Practices Presentation Transcript

  • 7 Mobile Search Marketing Best Practices & Research Insights 1
  • About NetElixir 2 • Incorporated in 2005. Headquartered in Princeton, NJ. • We are a digital marketing technology and service provider specializing in search marketing and web analytics. • Ongoing Retail Search Insights Research since August 2008 (featured in NYTimes, Time, Forbes). LinkedIn Group: NetElixir University www.lxrmarketplace.com
  • 3 About Udayan Bose • Founder & CEO, NetElixir,Inc. • Founded PartyBingo.com (PartyGaming, Plc). • Guest Lecturer: • Johnson School of Management, Cornell University • City University of New York, Baruch • Indian School of Business
  • 4 Table of Contents • The rise of digital omnivores. • 7 Practical Tips for successful mobile SEM campaigns. • Insights into mobile shopping behavior of Gen Y. (Independent study commissioned by NetElixir on Princeton University students between December 5 and December 20, 2012)
  • 5 The Rise of Digital Omnivores
  • 6 Meet Michelle • 26. Single. • Account Executive at Agency XYZ in New York. • Daily Commuter from Princeton, NJ to New York. • Uses her 3 hour+ commute: • Chatting with friends on FB (uses iPhone 4S). • Catching up on news from the ad world (uses iPad2). • Searching for work related information. (iPad2). • Browsing through fashion trends – Pinterest. (iPad2/iPhone 4S). • Shopping online. (iPad2).
  • 7 Michelle’s Mom celebrates her 50th birthday on March 23. Michelle wants to gift her a pendant.
  • 8 64% 25% 11% 0% % time spent (search and buy) PC iPad2 iPhone Michelle’s multi-device search and buy process
  • Digital Omnivores • Access wide variety of digital content across multiple devices, daily. • The share of non-computer traffic in US increased from 6.8% in Aug 2011 to 16% in October 2012 (source: comScore) • Nearly half of tablet owners completed their purchase using tablet. (source: comScore) • % share of searches from mobile devices increased from 5% (December 2011) to 17% (December 2012). (source: NetElixir Mobile Search Insights Research) • We expect 25% of all searches to happen from mobile devices by end of 2013. 9
  • 10 7Practical Tips for Successful Mobile SEM Campaigns
  • 11 The Basis of our Recommendations • Since 2010, NetElixir team has successfully managed and optimized 100+ mobile SEM programs for retailers. • Ongoing research conducted by NetElixir Mobile Search Insights Lab set up in November 2010.
  • 12 First, some research insights from our Mobile Search Marketing Lab..
  • 13 Mobile SEM Campaigns: Higher Click-through-Rate • Mobile searches have higher immediacy value. • Not more than 3 sponsored listings are visible. • Propensity to click goes up because of mention of phone#.
  • 14 Mobile SEM Campaigns: 50% lower CPC
  • 15 Mobile SEM Campaigns: Lower Conversion Rate • % of accidental & unintentional clicks is high. • Mobile search may lead to an offline purchase. • A search that starts on a mobile device often results in a purchase made from a computer*. • Many marketers still do not have a mobile website.
  • 16 Practical Mobile SEM Tips
  • 17 Build a mobile search advertising plan that delivers incremental value over your existing search advertising program
  • 18 Boost keyword bids during non-office hours.
  • 19 Write short ad copies with a strong call to action. If running a promotion, specify end date followed by !
  • 20 Use Mobile Seller Reviews. Reviews boost CTR by 13%!
  • 21 Geo-fence using location extensions.
  • 22 Use Click-to-call feature in your ad listings.
  • 23 Lead the searchers to landing page optimized for mobile devices.
  • 7 Tips for Mobile SEM: Summarized 24 Targeting Digital Omnivores Plan Day- parting Call to Action Seller Reviews Geo- Fence Call Extension Mobile Optimized Landing Pages
  • 25 Adwords Enhanced Campaigns Upgrade Average cost-per-click, a critical metric that denotes the price advertisers pay Google, declined 6 percent from a year ago, the fifth consecutive quarter of decline, but increased about 2 percent over the third quarter of 2012.
  • Advertisers with well targeted mobile campaigns should delay the upgrade as much as they can 26 You will lose the granular control and end up spending more for your mobile clicks. Also tablets are being considered equivalent to PCs – for bidding. Adwords Enhanced Campaigns Upgrade: Our Opinion
  • Need Guidance on what to do.. 27 Adwords Enhanced Campaigns Schedule one-on-one consultation with NetElixir mobile search experts. Email: marinn@netelixir.com
  • 28 Insights on mobile shopping behavior of Princeton University students • Independent study commissioned by NetElixir. • Survey Period: December 5-20, 2012 • Survey Done by: • Dalia Katan, Princeton Univ. 2015 • Number of undergrads that completed the survey: • 755. • 64.4% Female; 34.7% Male.
  • 29 What % of Gen Y engaged in Mobile Shopping? 15.2% made at least one purchase through their Smartphone.
  • 30 What Did Gen Y Buy using their smart phones?
  • 31 What was the average purchase size? $44.52
  • 32 Why did they shop with their mobile phones? • Convenience • Save time • Limited access to brick and mortar store • Store has a mobile app
  • 33 Why didn’t they… • Security Concerns • Task is easier to complete on a computer • Screen is too small
  • 34 What can retailers learn from this.. • Though, mobile shopping is becoming popular, % purchase through smartphones still remains small. • Lack of mobile website is partly responsible for this. (“Screen is too small”). • Mobile apps save time. However, there are millions of apps out there. You should invest in building a mobile app only if you can make shopping easy and fun. Also, your app should be in line with your brand values. • Average order value is going to remain smaller that online AOV. However, you can increase the purchase frequency. Remember- mobile shopping is more impulsive than online shopping.
  • 35 To request your complimentary copy of the Best Practices in Mobile Search Advertising, email me at marinn@netelixir.com.
  • 36 If you found today’s session to be useful, help us share knowledge & tweet about this session: #NEMobileSEM
  • 37 Questions Please
  • 38 Thank You! • Join our LinkedIn Group: NetElixir University • Access free SEM & SEO tools: • www.LXRMarketplace.com • Need help with your SEM/SEO campaigns? • Contact Marinn Hersh • Marinn@NetElixir.com • 609.356.5112 x107 Udayan Bose Founder & CEO www.NetElixir.com udayan@netelixir.com