VMware PEX Boot Camp - ExpressPod – A New Solution to Accelerate Sales in SMB


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VMware on ExpressPod helps small and midsize businesses simplify and consolidate their IT infrastructure by providing an affordable, easy-to-deploy virtualization solution with automated operations and data protection. ExpressPod is designed to support a transactional/velocity sales model in the SMB segment. This sales-focused session will cover how to leverage ExpressPod to increase revenue and profits. You will hear about the market opportunity, solution positioning, competitive advantages, and tools available to help you sell.

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  • Growing small and midsize firms are struggling with IT infrastructure complexity and server sprawl caused by application silos with dedicated hardware combined with varied management tools and operational processes. These firms typically have limited IT specialization and are struggling to support their current requirement and projected growth within their budget constraints. And this environment is hard to manage, wastes resources, overburdens staff and strains budgets.These small and midsize firms, particularly those with fewer than 500 users and limited IT staff, need simple and affordable solutions.
  • Companies looking to transition away from application silos for greater efficiency can turn to Cisco,NetApp and VMware for the solution.Virtualization paves the way for a different architecture where a single pool of resources can be shared across multiple clients. Virtualization has a compelling value proposition: most servers and storage are underutilized. If you run multiple apps on the same server, you can reduce your footprint, drive up utilization, and save a lot of money and manpower.ExpressPod with VMware is a simple virtualization platform to help customers consolidate and optimize application workloads to save money, simplify management and enhance data protection.It enables you to streamline your servers and storage to build a cost-effective IT infrastructure and reduce expenses, begin to centralize management and automate operations.***********Virtualization allows a decoupling of the application from the hardware. Applications become mobile and can be moved from server to server so you can flow the resources to the demand. You have tremendous flexibility to move your applications around and you can drive greater standardization.
  • ExpressPod is a joint infrastructure solution from Cisco and NetApp that simplifies deployment of IT resources for small and midsize businesses. It combines best-of-breed components, including Cisco UCS C220 M3 servers, Nexus 3048 switches, and NetApp FAS2220 or FAS2240 storage. ExpressPod should be deployed with physical and virtual infrastructure management software. Although it can support a range of management solutions, ExpressPod has been tested and documented by Cisco and NetApp with Cloupia Unified Infrastructure Controller and VMware vCenter solutions.The solution is pretested, up to the hypervisor level, with the VMware vSphere virtualization platform. A step-by-step implementation guide is provided to facilitate quick and easy deployment and integration in the customer environment.ExpressPod is covered by the Cooperative Support Model, a three-way support agreement between Cisco, NetApp, and VMware allowing engineers from each of the companies to collaborate directly with one another to resolve customer issues.ExpressPod is a simple and cost-effective way to make a successful transition to a shared, virtualized IT environment. It is designed for organizations with fewer than 500 users and limited IT specialilzation.
  • ExpressPod promotes customer choice. For environments with limited resources, it is important to implement a management solution. vSphere customers can leverage vCenter for virtual management and orchestration of the ExpressPod. This solution has been tested and provides an excellent virtualization management solution.ExpressPod was also tested with Cloupia Unified Infrastructure Controller (CUIC) for physical infrastructure control. The combination of physical and virtual management delivers the broadest set of options for the vSphere environment.
  • Cisco Nexus 3048 is a 1 Gb, data center or top-of-rack switch It is the entry point, but with all the feature-rich benefits of Nexus data center switching line, including…
  • Key PointsThe FAS2220 replaces the FAS2020’place as the entry-level offering for midsize business and distributed enterprise. Starting at under $8000 it is positioned to offer a very competitive system at an affordable price. So what is new with the FAS2220?It offers a significant performance boost over the FAS2040, based on theupdated processor and memory on the system. Support for NetApp Flash Pools extends the Virtual Storage Tier approach and provides performance and efficiency gains through a combination of solid-state drives and high capacity SATA drives.The FAS2220 follows the same simple product structure as introduced with the FAS2240, in order to provide even more value in the price of the system
  • Key Points:The FAS2240 is our more powerful, high-end entry-level system. It comes in a 4U as well as a 2U configuration to fit the restrictions of performance-demanding, space-sensitive environments. Even more value is packed into this system with the inclusion of Data ONTAP Essentials and all supported protocols at no extra cost. The 2240 boasts several built-in investment protection features, like the ability to transform it into a disk shelf with future infrastructure upgrades, scalability of up to 24 drives, and flexible I/O configurations. The FAS2240 is offered in easy-to-order system bundles at a very competitive price.
  • ExpressPod has been tested and is documented with VwarevSphere.These are two of customer options for smaller environments.Essentials plus has additional features useful for application availability and mobilityCustomers can upgrade later as needed.
  • ExpressPod with VMware has been extensively tested by Cisco and NetApp and documented in an Implementation Guide to facilitate quick deployment and integration in your current environment.The guide provides step-by-step instructions for installation and setup of the system, along with cabling diagrams and the detailed bill of materials.The implementation guide is available via download from the Cisco and NetApp websites for your reference.
  • ExpressPod is a simple and efficient way to make a successful transition to a shared, virtualized IT environment. When you consolidate the customer’s environment using ExpressPod with VMware, they will save money, simplify management and enhance data protection with an innovative system they won’t outgrow. This affordable solution enables them to streamline servers and storage to build a cost-effective IT infrastructure and reduce expenses, begin to centralize management and automate operations.ExpressPod with VMware delivers a highly efficient platform to reduce your risk. Protect your applications from downtime by adding high-availability disaster recovery solutionsCustomers can have confidence in this ExpressPod solution that integrates best-in-class components and has been fully tested by Cisco and NetApp and is also backed by the 3-way Cooperative Support Model with VMware.
  • Let’s take a look at where ExpressPod fits relative to other joint Cisco NetApp infrastructure solutions.You may be familiar with FlexPod, which is a strategic, enterprise platform for virtualization and cloud that provides industry-leading operational efficiency with unmatched flexibility and scalability. ExpressPod is designed for small and midsize customers who do not have large IT teams and need infrastructure that is simple and can be deployed quickly at an affordable price.
  • This is a quick comparison of how the solutions compare. ExpressPod is designed for environmentswith fewer than 500 users and limited IT staff. The focus is on simplicity and affordability. FlexPod is an enterprise-class, infrastructure platform for virtualization and cloud for environments with more than 500 users where the focus is on flexibility and scalability.For ExpressPod, it is strongly recommended that the solution be deployed with infrastructure management to better support operations in environments with limited IT staff. It has been tested with vCenter and Cloupia.ExpressPod is a lower cost solution designed for transactional velocity.
  • You can now close deals with midsize customers with smaller environments and budgets.You can further increase margins with Cisco and NetApp incentive programs. FlexPod rebates have been extended for ExpressPod at the discretion of each Geography.Low-cost customer financing promotion (currently running for entry FAS storage) is available for the ExpressPod solution, with 2% to partners and 1% to the distributor. ExpressPod provides an integrated solution that is affordable and easy to deploy.We facilitate ordering with two predefined configurations, each with a reference bill of materials.Customers can trust the solution pretested by NetApp and Cisco.We provide an implementation guide to eliminate any guesswork Partners, who can deliver Cisco and NetApp products to customers today, are immediately eligible to resell ExpressPod.
  • There are many different resources available for you to learn more about the ExpressPod solution.One of the best resources is the ExpressPod Binder for Partners – in the MSB section of the NetApp Field Portal, where you will find all of the marketing, sales, and technical assets.I’ll highlight a few key assets from the list:Solution Brief (2-page customer leave behind)Implementation GuideCall ScriptsChannel Sales Playbook
  • Everything in one interactive asset, written for channel partner in a simple and easily to digest format with direct links to additional resources within the Field Portal.
  • Cisco, NetApp and VMware are working together to create a set of demand generation assets to help drive leads for ExpressPod. These assets include:Multi-touch campaign with respective landing pagesCall guidesEmail copy blocksWeb bannersSeminar/event-in-box kit (including invitations, signage, presentation materials, etc.)Content for use in PR and social mediaThe campaign will be available from all 3 vendors on Grid and/or partner sites, starting in March.We will also leverage these assets in the Cisco mConcierge program. mConcierge is a program that assigns resources to help invited (joint) SMB partners to implement a marketing plan and begin to develop a practice around ExpressPod.
  • What is it?Integrated marketing/sales program combining awareness & demand gen with a new evaluation model allowing prospects to experience VMware/NetApp’s combined solutionsCo-funded joint campaign targeted at generating net new contacts in the SMB/MSBWhy should you careContinued air cover in the SMB/MSB space for VMware and NetApp’s solutionsTargeting 4.8k Test Drives over at least 9 months and we’ll be passing qualified leads to joint partners Components include: media, search, and social; automated 3-touch nurture; and sales enablement tools (call guide, , and video’s)How can you benefitOpportunities to increase revenue and profits with leading virtualization solutions from VMware and NetApp, options include:Virtualize servers and storage – NetApp FAS2200 Unified System & VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) Std AK starting under $19kProtect Applications – Second NetApp FAS2200 Unified System and data protection and disaster recovery software from NetApp & VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) Ent starting under $31kConsolidation and Automation – Deploy an ExpressPod solution from NetApp and Cisco with VMware vSOMEnt+ starting under $60k
  • With ExpressPod, you can develop new opportunities with an integrated solution that offers a low price point and simple deployment. [1]ExpressPod enables you to increase your sales velocity with two fixed configurations, tested by Cisco and NetApp. [2]Keep in mind that the ExpressPod solution is complementary, but distinct from FlexPod. ExpressPod is for midsize businesses with fewer than 500 users.
  • VMware PEX Boot Camp - ExpressPod – A New Solution to Accelerate Sales in SMB

    1. 1. ExpressPod Delivering efficiency and simplicity to small and midsized ITNetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 1
    2. 2. IT Challenges for Growing Midsize OrganizationsSmall and midsize customers with up to 500 users Supporting Generalist staff today’s business battling needs and limited IT infrastructure budgets complexity and budget pressures Environments are becoming Future needs are complex and difficult to predict expensive These businesses need simple, affordable IT solutions. 2
    3. 3. Transition from Application Silos to Virtualization Cisco and NetApp can simplify your infrastructure via: Reduced power, space and cooling requirements through better utilization of IT assets Reduction in amount of storage needed to support your application environment Reduced overhead with simplified, centralized management of applications 3
    4. 4. ExpressPod for Infrastructure Consolidation Physical and virtual Features resource management  Simplifies deployment of IT resources VMware®  Cisco UCS® C220 M3 servers Virtualization Platform  Cisco Nexus 3048 switches  NetApp FAS2220 or FAS2240 storageCisco Unified  Physical and virtual resourceComputing System™ management softwareC-Series Servers  Implementation guide to facilitate deploymentCisco Nexus® 3000Series Switches  Pretested by Cisco and NetApp with VMware vSphere® 5NetApp® FAS2200  Cooperative support modelSeries Storage 4
    5. 5. ExpressPod Management ExpressPod™ supports integration with leading management platforms  Lower Cost …… Better User Experience VMware® VMware Virtual - vCenter™ vCenter Cloupia Physical - - CUIC ExpressPod and VMware vCenter deliver outstanding virtualization management to support your IT needs ExpressPod has been tested with vCenter and Cloupia CUIC to deliver the broadest set of options for the vSphere environment 5
    6. 6. UCS C-Series: Real Rack Server Innovation Entry Point to Unified Computing Benefits • C-Series rack servers are building blocks of a unified integrated with computing environment UCS • Lower initial price point than blades • UI/ management consistent with other UCS systems Higher Performing Industry Standard Servers • Intel Xeon Product family • Multiple World Record Performance Benchmarks Extended Memory Technology • More memory = faster performance Benefits as a • Memory investment protection Standalone Server 6
    7. 7. Nexus 3048 Platform Hardware Features – 1G / 100M / 10M dense 1RU platforms – Forward and reverse airflows – AC and DC power supply – Ultra-low latency, wire-rate L2/L3 Nexus 3048 – 10M/100M/1G – Low-power consumption Software Features – Robust layer-2, layer-3 feature set – VPC, PTP, CoPP Customer Benefits / Differentiators – Proven, feature-rich NX-OS – Architecture identical to larger Nexus systems – Proven, extensive validation 7
    8. 8. Introducing the FAS2220 SystemHigh Value, Competitive Price Priced to fit any budget Single or dual controllers plus disks in a compact 2U form factor FAS2220 New Flash Pool capability leverages Flash technology to increase performance and reduce storage costs 3X performance of previous generation All supported data protocols Included at no additional cost Simplified management including latest OnCommand® System Manager Clustered Data ONTAP® ready for future growth Great value for smaller IT organizations 8
    9. 9. Powerful FAS2240 SystemFor Demanding Workloads,Without the Demanding Price Powerful, Intel® dual core processors and latest storage technologies Flash Pool support increases key application performance and lowers storage costs Built-in investment protection with flexible I/O and disk shelf conversion option FAS2240-2 FAS2240-4 More software value and all supported data protocols included at no additional cost. Simplified management: OnCommand® System Manager Clustered Data ONTAP® ready for future growth Exceptional price performance to meet growing needs 9
    10. 10. VMware vSphere Essentials Kits for SMB vSphere 5 Essentials Benefits For smaller environments Essentials Essentials +1 Make better use of existing infrastructure Save time in managing infrastructure with2 vCenter central management Improve application availability with3 • vMotion (no planned downtime) • High Availability (business continuity) Protect business data with VMware Data4 Protection, vShield EndPoint and vSphere Replication 10
    11. 11. Two ExpressPod Configurations Small Cisco Nexus® 3048 Switches (2) ® Cisco UCS C220 M3 Servers (2) NetApp® FAS2220 Storage Medium Cisco Nexus 3048 Switches (2) Cisco UCS C220 M3 Servers (4) NetApp FAS2240 Storage 11
    12. 12. ExpressPod with VMware Delivers Real Benefits  Affordability – Start with a low-cost, easy-to-deploy platform CollaborationE-mail Content Mgmt Database  Simplicity – Reduce complexity with efficient operations and management  Efficient growth – With standardized environment to improve predictability  Optimized IT – Through workload consolidation  Protection – Protect applications by adding streamlined, cost-effective disaster recoverySimplify customer’s path to shared, virtualized IT 12
    13. 13. Implementation Guide for ExpressPod with VMware ExpressPod™ is tested and documented by Cisco and NetApp with VMware vSphere® virtualization platform Documented deployment process – Deployment instructions – Cabling diagrams – Bill of materials 13
    14. 14. ExpressPod Support Model ExpressPod is covered by Cooperative Support Model from Cisco, NetApp and VMware Cooperative Support Hypervisor  Evolutionary support process  Streamlined response to support issues Server Network  Engineering and management interconnects Storage  Joint collaboration tools and Unified Support Lab Requires customers to have premium support agreement 14
    15. 15. ExpressPod with VMware helps customers Build cost-effective IT infrastructure Simplify management and operations Reduce risk by adding disaster recovery Have confidence: tested, supported solution 15
    16. 16. Infrastructure Solution PortfolioSolution Cost 1 10 GbE, Clustered ONTAP, Non-distruptive scalability FlexPod® 2 Address new market segments and ExpressPod use cases with a simple, low-cost solution Capability 16
    17. 17. Comparing ExpressPod and FlexPod ExpressPod FlexPod Preconfigured for quick, easy  Enterprise-class solution for deployment virtualization and cloud Focus on simplicity and cost  Focus on strategic platform Limited IT staff  Existing IT staff Target: fewer than 500 users  Target: 500 users and above Physical and Virtual Management FlexPod® Management Solution VMware Virtualization VMware® Virtualization ExpressPod™ FlexPod Cisco Nexus® 3048 Cisco Nexus 5k + Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect Cisco UCS® C220 M3 Cisco UCS B-/C-Series Server FAS2220 or FAS2240 FAS2240 / FAS32xx / FAS62xx 17
    18. 18. Key Points Solution complementary, but distinct from1 FlexPod -- for mid-sized businesses (MSB) Simple prescriptive configuration provides2 ease of deployment and management Benefits of an enterprise solution but at a3 price and feature set suitable to midsize IT 18
    19. 19. ExpressPodFor Partners NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 19
    20. 20. Why Sell ExpressPod with VMware? Expand your addressable market with Cisco, NetApp, and VMware – Targets a new market segment – ExpressPod™ has a much lower acquisition cost Shorten and simplify the sales cycle – Two configurations for flexibility – Easy to deploy Fully tested and documented – Simplifies implementation and support No additional partner investment – Joint Cisco® and NetApp® partners can sell ExpressPod – No certification or specialized technical skills required 20
    21. 21. Resources to help you sell  Channel Sales Playbook Sales and  ExpressPod Ordering Guide Customer- Facing  Customer Presentations Materials  Solution brief  Implementation Guide  Call Scripts Demand  ExpressPod Campaign on Grid (Mar‘13) Generation  Event Kit elements (Mar’13)  Joint media / search / social program in AMER / EMEA (Feb’13) Test Drive  Call Guides, Battle cards, and training (Feb’13)  Test Drive program on GRID (Apr’13)  netappvmware.com or vmwarenetapp.com Web Sites  https://fieldportal.netapp.com/sites/midsizepartners/  www.netapp.com 21
    22. 22. Channel Playbook Interactive guide that consolidates all key selling assets into one place – Market opportunity  Target customers, value proposition and benefits – Solution overview Guide Overview Market Opportuni Solution Overview Sales Process Sales Resource ty s  Program highlights and differentiators – Sales process  Qualifying questions  Objection handling  Sales scenarios  Competitive advantage  Promotions – Sales resources 22
    23. 23. Demand Generation Resources Menu Discover Consider Decide• Grid multitouch campaign • S-I-B event kit (includes • Call guides (short and long versions) (available through all three signage) • S-I-B event kit (includes signage) partner Grid sites) • Grid multitouch campaign • Grid multitouch campaign (available• mConcierge Program (Cisco (available through all three through all three partner sites) lead) partner sites) • mConcierge Program (Cisco lead)• E-mail copy blocks • mConcierge Program (Cisco• Web banners lead) • E-mail copy blocks Sample of call guide (short version) Sample of e-mail copy block 23
    24. 24. Joint VMware-NetApp “Test Drive” Program Overview What is it? – Integrated program for awareness & demand gen allowing prospects to experience VMware-NetApp combined solutions – Co-funded campaign targeting net new SMB/MSB contacts Why should you care – Air cover in the SMB/MSB space for VMware-NetApp solutions – Targeting 4.8K Test Drives over at least 9 months, passing qualified leads to joint partners – Components include: media, search, and social; automated 3- touch nurture; and sales enablement tools How can you benefit – Increase revenue and profits with leading virtualization solutions from VMware and NetApp, options include:  Virtualize servers and storage – NetApp FAS2200 Unified System & VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) Std AK starting under $19K  Protect Applications – Second NetApp FAS2200 Unified System and data protection and disaster recovery software from NetApp & VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) Ent starting under $31K  Consolidation and Automation – ExpressPod solution from NetApp and Cisco with VMware vSOM Ent+ starting under $60K NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 24
    25. 25. Key Takeaways Develop new sales opportunities with an integrated1 solution that offers a low price point and simple deployment Help customers save money, simplify management, and2 enhance data protection with ExpressPod™ with VMware® Increase sales velocity with two predefined configurations,3 tested with VMware vSphere® and fully supported by Cisco, NetApp, and VMware Solution is complementary to but distinct from FlexPod®;4 for midsize customers with fewer than 500 users 25
    26. 26. NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 26