FAS2240: An Inside Look


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Learn about the unique design features of the NetApp FAS2240 platform.

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FAS2240: An Inside Look

  1. 1. Tech OnTap Newsletter ArticleFAS2240: An Inside Look NetApp has a longstanding In this article I’ll describe the unique Steven Miller commitment to design storage systems design features of the FAS2240, Senior Technical that let you start right, keep it simple, including: Director and and grow smart. If you’ve been reading Platform some of the recent case studies in Tech • Integration of controllers within Architect OnTap® — including the case study on NetApp SAS disk shelves Be the Match (https://communities. • I/O and performance enhancements Steven has been the platform netapp.com/docs/DOC-12885) and • New resiliency and availability architect for NetApp for over the article on Broome-Tioga (https:// features six years and was responsible communities.netapp.com/docs/DOC- for the FAS3100, FAS3200, Table 1 lists key FAS2240 features. 12739) — it’s clear that one of the FAS6200, and FAS2240 as well things that administrators really like Good Things Come in Small Packages as the Performance Acceleration about NetApp® storage is the ability With the FAS2240, we set out to up Module (PAM) and Flash Cache to start with a small system and then the ante. Starting in 2009, NetApp (PAM II). He is also the NetApp steadily evolve that system as needed committed to the Storage Bridge Bay Engineering liaison to the National over time without having to perform (SBB) standard (http://media.netapp. Security Agency (NSA), National complicated data migrations to move com/documents/wp-7074.pdf), a Geospatial-intelligence Agency from one platform to the next. choice that has allowed us to deliver (NGA), and Central Intelligence the FAS2240 in a package that is Agency (CIA). Steven is currently Facilitating this ability was very much smaller and denser than anything we’ve involved with several IEEE and on our minds when we set out to built before. At the same time, the industry groups. He is credited design our new entry-level storage new design makes upgrading from the with 26 issued patents and 19 system, the FAS2240. We also FAS2240 to another platform a breeze. pending applications in the areas wanted to significantly enhance the of storage and high-performance reliability, availability, serviceability, We designed the controllers for the computing. and manageability (RASM) features of FAS2240 as SBB canisters that plug the new platform to bring them in line directly into our SBB-compliant with the capabilities we offer on the DS4243 (www.netapp.com/us/Tech OnTap provides monthly IT FAS3200 series (www.netapp.com/us/ communities/tech-ontap/tot-sas-insights plus exclusive access to communities/tech-ontap/tot-fas3200- disk-storage-0911.html) and DS2246real-world best practices, technical boost-1101.html) and FAS6200 series (https://communities.netapp.com/docs/case studies, and behind the scenes (www.netapp.com/us/communities/ DOC-9216) disk shelves. As a result,engineering interviews. To subscribe tech-ontap/tot-fas6200-under- you can have a full HA storage systemvisit https://communities.netapp.com/ hood-1103.html). in the space of a single disk shelf ascommunity/tech-ontap. small as 2U in height.
  2. 2. Table 1) Key FAS2240 features.Feature BenefitDisk shelf conversion If you outgrow FAS2240 capabilities, you can convert it to a disk shelf, add a new storage controller, and avoid the need for data migration.High-performance I/O options 10GbE and 8Gb FC help eliminate the possibility of network bottlenecks.2–3x performance increase Performance to fully utilize high-performance I/O options.2U and 4U footprints Performance-oriented 2U footprint optimized for deployment in minimum space. 4U footprint optimized for capacity.Improved RASM Same service processor (SP) management system used on NetApp midrange and high-end platforms.Same microarchitecture as FAS6200 series Enhanced compatibility across the product line.Flexible Configurations Easy Upgrades: run on each core, essentially doublingThe FAS2240-2 provides up to 24 No Data Migration Required the number of independent threads thatsmall-form-factor SAS disk drives If you outgrow your FAS2240-2 or Data ONTAP can execute in parallel.using the 2U, 19” deep chassis of FAS2240-4, you can convert your base With Jasper Forest on the FAS2240,the DS2246 disk shelf. This makes chassis into a standard disk shelf by NetApp now offers a full 64-bitit the ideal candidate for extreme replacing the FAS2240 controller(s) architecture across its entire productenvironments, but it’s also a great (which we call processor controller line. Data ONTAP has supported nativeoption for any situation where space modules, or PCMs) with the appropriate 64-bit hardware since 2006, making theis limited or maximum simplicity is I/O modules (IOMs). Connect the FAS2240 another in a long line of fullydesired such as in remote offices converted shelf to the NetApp controller 64-bit storage systems.without dedicated IT staff. head of your choice, and you are back Optional I/O Using “Mezzanine” Cards in business with no data migrationThe FAS2240-4 provides up to 24 required and a minimum of downtime. The new processor architecture isSATA disk drives using the 4U chassis paired with optional mezzanine cardsof the DS4243. (SAS disks are not Under the Hood: (one per PCM) that let you add—andsupported in the base chassis of Processors and I/O take full advantage of—10 Gigabitthe FAS2240-4.) The choice of SATA To deliver great performance today Ethernet or 8/4/2Gbps Fibre Channelmakes the FAS2240-4 a more capacity- and prepare the FAS2240 to support (two ports per card). You can useoriented option, delivering up to 72TB Data ONTAP® well into the future, 10GbE to support Cluster-Modein only 4U of rack space. we’ve equipped it with Intel® Jasper configurations under Data ONTAP 8.1 Forest processors. This line of or for high-speed client connections.No matter which model you choose, processors, designed specifically for The 8Gbps Fibre Channel card canyou can configure up to 120 additional embedded and storage applications, be configured as either a target or anexternal disks (for a total of 144 disk brings the same 64-bit architecture initiator, allowing you to connect to SANdrives) using whatever disk shelf and we use in the FAS6200 series hosts or Fibre Channel disk storagedisk media technology suits your (www.netapp.com/us/communities/ shelves and tape devices if desired.needs. If you start with SAS, you can tech-ontap/tot-fas6200-under-add SATA (or a mix of both) at a later Onboard I/O on each PCM includes hood-1103.html) — Nehalem-EP —time, and vice versa. Fibre Channel disk four Gigabit Ethernet ports for LAN to our entry-level platform. Choosingdrives are also supported as well as connections and two 6Gb wide SAS the same microarchitecture furtherexternal solid-state drives (SSDs). ports for connecting to internal and enhances compatibility, allowing external SAS and SATA disks or SAS the two platforms to run the same tape devices. The result is a lot of I/O microcode. Intel Hyper-Threading in a very small package. Technology enables multiple threads to
  3. 3. Figure 1) FAS2240-2 rear view.HA configuration shown. Standalone configuration uses a single PCM. Figure 2) FAS2240-4 rear view. HA configuration shown. Standalone configuration uses a single PCM.Comparison with FAS2040 • Monitor LED status about is the ability to go into theTable 2 shows how the FAS2240HA • Force core dumps (replaces NMI processor and read out its internalstacks up to the previous-generation button on controllers) state even when it’s not running.FAS2040. The combination of core dumps and For out-of-band management of internal processor state gives us theIn terms of performance, the NetApp SAS disk shelves, the FAS2240 detailed forensics to understand exactlyFAS2240 delivers roughly 2 to 3 times service processor also provides what was happening when a problemthe performance of the FAS2040 NetApp Alternate Control Path (ACP) occurred so we can correct it. Wedepending on the application. technology. ACP enhances data can even single step the main CPU to availability by giving a storage controller pinpoint failure modes. While you mightResiliency, Availability, the ability to reset a storage channel never need to take advantage of theseServiceability, and Manageability without having to communicate over capabilities, they can help us isolateOn the resiliency and availability front, that channel. If a channel is down hardware failures much more quickly,we’ve added a number of features to or misbehaving, a quick reset can reducing their potential impact. Thisenhance the FAS2240, bringing it on par bring it back online without external type of capability is not common onwith the FAS3200 and FAS6200 series. intervention. ACP allows a storage entry-level storage. system to recover from faults thatService Processor System-Level Diagnostics might otherwise require it to reboot,Our previous entry-level platforms and that’s a big advantage. We’ve also included the same system-had a more basic service processor level diagnostics used on FAS3200 andthan our midrange and enterprise ACP gives you a “back door” into your FAS6200 to help you better identifystorage platforms. We’ve updated disk shelves. It is completely separate hardware problems. You can runthe FAS2240 to use the same service from the SAS data path and provides system-level diagnostics after one ofprocessor design as our higher end new options for nondisruptive recovery the following events:platforms. The service processor of shelf modules, including the abilityremains operational even when the to reset or power cycle an individual • Initial system installationrest of a storage system is down I/O module or an entire domain. We • Addition or replacement of hardwareand provides capabilities such as designed in the ability to power cycle componentsremote power cycle, call home an entire shelf as well. ACP technology • System panic caused by annotification of down system, and enhances the ability of Data ONTAP unidentified failurealways-on access for troubleshooting. to automatically reset a misbehaving • Access to a device that becomesAdditional features include: component in order to return it to a fully intermittent or unavailable operational mode without disruption. • System response time that becomes• FRU reporting and tracking sluggish and other troubleshooting• Advanced current/voltage and From an engineering standpoint, the has not resolved the issue temperature sensor reporting resiliency feature I’m most excited
  4. 4. Figure 3) PCM showing indicator LEDs, standard ports, and optional ports on mezzanine card.Multipath HA for Internal Disks ConclusionThe FAS2240 is capable of providing We designed the FAS2240 to give Finally, we took special care toMP-HA for all attached disks, both you more flexibility than we’ve ever engineer the FAS2240 for non–datainternal and external. MP-HA is the offered in an entry-level platform, while center environments where space iscapability to provide redundant paths engineering in a level of resiliency and at a premium. The FAS2240-2 deliversbetween storage controllers and disks availability that would normally only a complete high-performance, fault-for dual-controller (HA) configurations be found in higher end, enterprise- tolerant storage system with up toand reduces the chance of a failover class storage. As an added bonus, 24 SAS drives in a 2U chassis that’soccurring as the result of path failures. the FAS2240 includes all storage just 19” deep.Having a second path to reach storage protocols at no additional charge:protects against a variety of possible NFS, CIFS, Fibre Channel, and iSCSI. About NetAppfailures, such as: This is just the latest effort to build in more software value for the entry level. NetApp creates innovative storage• Port failure and data management solutions that• Controller-to-shelf cable failure Our unique design based on the deliver outstanding cost efficiency and (in configuration with multiple Storage Bridge Bay standard allows accelerate business breakthroughs. disk shelves) both standalone and HA storage Discover our passion for helping• Shelf module failure configurations to be housed in a single companies around the world go• Dual intershelf cable failure disk shelf. As a result, if your business further, faster at www.netapp.com.• Secondary path failure (in HA outgrows the FAS2240, you can simply configurations) convert your base system to a disk Go further, faster ® shelf and connect it to a FAS3200While MP-HA increases overall storage or FAS6200 series storage systemresiliency, it also enables Data ONTAP without the need to migrate data. Allto perform maintenance activities NetApp platforms run the same Datasuch as disk firmware upgrades ONTAP operating environment, and,nondisruptively. Performance can also because the FAS2240 uses the sameimprove because MP-HA provides microarchitecture as the FAS6200,twice the bandwidth to your storage. compatibility between platforms is greater than ever.
  5. 5. Table 2) Comparison of the FAS2040HA and the FAS2240HA. Learn More About New FAS2040HA FA2240HA NetApp Hardware and SoftwareProcessor cores 4 x 32-bit 4 x 64-bit You can learn even more about NetApp hardware and softwareHyperthreading CPU Yes Yes platforms from the following TechPhysical memory 8GB 12GB OnTap articles:Onboard I/O 4 x FC 8 x GbE • FAS3200 Dramatically Boosts 8 x GbE 4 x 6Gb SAS Expandability (www.netapp.com/ 2 x 3Gb SAS us/communities/tech-ontap/tot- fas3200-boost-1101.html)I/O expansion option Yes Yes • Shared IT Infrastructure with theOptional 10GbE or 8Gb FC Yes Yes FAS6200 (www.netapp.com/us/ communities/tech-ontap/tot-Maximum spindles 136 144 fas6200-under-hood-1103.html)Converts to shelf Yes Yes • Get Future Ready with Data ONTAP 8 (www.netapp.com/us/Management BMC SP communities/tech-ontap/tot-data-Data ONTAP support 7.3.2, 8.0, 8.1 8.1 ontap-8-1011.html) Tech OnTap Subscribe Now To receive useful content like this and other members-only benefits, subscribe to our monthly newsletter at https://communities.netapp.com/ community/tech-ontap © 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, Data ONTAP, and Tech OnTap are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp in the U.S. and other countries. Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such.www.netapp.com