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Slides: Get Breakthrough Efficiency in Virtual and Private Cloud Environments


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Slides from the on-demand webcast (showcasing customer Logicalis.) Learn how NetApp® clustered Data ONTAP® 8.2 enables infrastructure and operational efficiencies with the right shared virtualized …

Slides from the on-demand webcast (showcasing customer Logicalis.) Learn how NetApp® clustered Data ONTAP® 8.2 enables infrastructure and operational efficiencies with the right shared virtualized infrastructure platform that allow IT to store more data using less storage, and simplify and automate service management across virtual and private cloud environments.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Infrastructure efficiency: using less storageOperational efficiency: simplifying managementSupport a broader set of environments on a shared platform
  • Goal of slide: summarize the three key benefits.Key points:.
  • Talking point:What reduces storage?1. sharing HW1b. SVMs (tenancy)1c QoS2. Reduce data
  • Talking point:What reduces storage?1. sharing HW1b. SVMs (tenancy)1c QoS2. Reduce data
  • Key Points:The proven efficiency capabilities of clustered Data ONTAP are second to none.You get substantial savings in both capex and opex.Storage efficiency is something lots of people talk about, so I’d like to take a minute to show you what’s so different about our approach. To us, storage efficiency is not a feature, it is a way of designing—it’s a commitment to a long-term technology agenda in which we exploit every possible opportunity to drive down the cost per gigabyte.We take a multipronged approach. First, we design for using the lowest cost components, and then we add reliability and performance enhancements to dramatically change the profile of those raw building blocks. As an example, we combine low-cost SATA drives with Data ONTAP RAID double-parity reliability (which gives you complete protection even if two drives fail) and then add flash as a technology for performance acceleration. Suddenly, for half the cost, you get double the capacity for the same performance. Getting “twice as much for half the cost” is a great example of our storage efficiency results.We also employ a variety of data reduction techniques, whether it is primary-level dedupe, compression, or others, to reduce the amount of data on the disk and traveling over the network. So data reduction techniques not only give you storage cost savings, they also result in less data over the network, which means everyone’s getting better performance. We also go after your raw utilization, to help you stuff more data into every asset you purchase. Our unified architectural approach lets you use the assets you have instead of building new stranded-asset silos. And you can make better use of those assets by applying “thin provisioning”—technology that lets you use everything you’ve bought. And, finally, you can make fewer copies. One of the biggest cost drivers in the storage infrastructure is the fact that every time a primary copy of data is created, roughly 20 to 25 copies of that data get created, whether they’re test and development copies, backup copies, or disaster recovery copies. These are full copies of data, and they all require raw storage. So if you can apply storage virtualization technologies to eliminate any of those copies, you reduce the cost of storage.So, storage efficiency is a way of thinking. We are constantly on the hunt for new ways to drive your costs down. That might sound like bad business for us, but actually our recent market share gains are proof that customers like the value they’re receiving and keep coming back for more. They get familiar with our proven storage efficiency story, and they begin to realize that they can apply our products in more and more applications, driving lower capex and opex throughout their IT organization.
  • Improves customer satisfaction by managing performance spikesSets limits on IOPS or raw throughputDefine policies for Vservers, flexible volumes, files, or LUNsEnables multi-tentant consolidationSupports SAN and NAS with entry-level, mid-tier and high-end systems
  • Talking point:What simplifies?1. Broad Integrations1a example of X1b VSS & ODX2. NAS2a SMB3
  • Infrastructure for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-VHyper-V access to networked storage via SMB 3.0 for deployment simplicity and scale, without compromising on performance and resiliency. Application-level consistent backup and storage migration for a complete solutionBe aware of downrev SMB clients.Cluster supports NTLM 0.12 and up dialect.7Mode supports earlier dialect.Downrev SMB clients (old appliances) may use old dialect to connect to the controller --- those requests will be rejected.Windows 95 and above => all UNICODEWindows3.1 and some old appliances => non UNICODE  rejected by CMode.ABE is in the final stage of approval in MSTG (Microsoft Technology Management) before sent to the release.Introducing a new share type: Continuous Availability Shares CA shares targeted towards Hyper-V deploymentsCA share does not support Quotas Volume security style: NTFSRecommendations:Machine accounts accessSet up Explicit or Default Name MappingDedicate Hyper-V shares/volumes to store VHDsdo NOT save user data in the same share/volumeNo Junctions/Symlinks in the Hyper-V shareAllow NTLM authenticationRemote Volume Shadow Copy Service(VSS) in ONTAP8.2 requires NTLM
  • Integrated VSS for instant snapshot backups of VMsIncreased I/O performance with Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX). Maximize transfer speedsSupport SAN & NAS protocols
  • Talking point:What Accelerates?1. Flexpod – delivered & run2. Private Cloud options3. App CVDs for FP
  • Key point: FlexPod architecture scales fto support most enterprise environmentsFlexPod is a standard architecture that can be sized for small enterprises or very larger enterprises. The architecture is consistent from small to large with the same capabilities, technology and management tools. A company can scale a small environment to a very large environment without ever forklifting technology, changing management tools or methodologies. Transition One challenge with a unified architecture is that most applications have unique requirements….
  • Key point: NetApp and Cisco provide assurance of application support through extensive lab validationNetApp and Cisco validate the major workload and virtualization environments on FlexPod and provide detailed implementation and sizing instructions for these applications. These workloads are validated to run in multi-tenant environments. This validation leverages Cisco’s Validated Desgn (CVD) process that is an extensive and detailed validation program. Today there are over 20 validated workload designs.Transition:This provides confidence running applications environments on FlexPod and reduces much of the infrastructure design stage of implementation…..
  • Key Point: FlexPod transforms data center operations with compelling KPI’s
  • Our "enterprise-grade" public cloud offerings include:Logicalis Virtual Private Data Centre (LVPDC) - a complete, virtualised data centre with backup and DR options that extends the concept of Infrastructure as a Service. Logicalis Virtual Workspace - Cloud Edition - the benefits of a virtual desktop solution without any of the administration overhead.
  • 2 Cloud Offerings:IAAS – Logicalis Virtual Private Data Center, leverages Windows Server 2012 and offers cloud and private cloud with virtualization, DR and backupDesktop Virtualization Service – based on Citrix and NetApp, leveraging NFS as a file protocolLogicalis Orchestration platform Complete managed services offeringProvides monitoring, management and automationWritten with and leveraged API’s from NetAppLeveraged NetApp Data ONTAP and OnCommand Workflow AutomationData ONTAP 8.2 provides non-disruptive operations, proven efficiency and seamless scalabilityOnCommand Workflow Automation provides storage based orchestration
  • Talking point:What reduces storage?1. sharing HW1b. SVMs (tenancy)1c QoS2. Reduce data
  • Transcript

    • 1. Get Breakthrough Efficiency with Virtual and Private Cloud Environments Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Webcast 1
    • 2. Speakers Host Guest Speaker Mike McNamara NetApp Vaughn Stewart NetApp 2
    • 3. Agenda  Introducing Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2  Business/IT Efficiency Challenges – Reduce Storage Costs – Simplify Management – Accelerate Business Processes  Success Story: Logicalis  Resources 3
    • 4. Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Benefits 4  Perform lifecycle operations without interrupting business operations  Start small and grow big in both SAN and NAS environments  Simplify, automate and increase productivity while lowering IT costs Nondisruptive Operations Seamless Scalability Proven Efficiency
    • 5. 5 Simplify Management Breakthrough Efficiency for Virtual and Private Cloud Environments Addressing Efficiency Challenges
    • 6. 6 Simplify Management Breakthrough Efficiency for Virtual and Private Cloud Environments Addressing Efficiency Challenges
    • 7. Data Growth Storage Capacity Snapshot™ technology SATA/RAID-DP® Thin provisioning Cloning Compression Deduplication StorageCost 7  Drive storage cost reductions with comprehensive storage efficiency  Grow efficiency as scale increases Benefits of Proven Efficiency 50% less with NetApp Over 1 Exabyte of storage saved on NetApp
    • 8. ‹#›NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
    • 9. ‹#›NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
    • 10. 10 Simplify Management Breakthrough Efficiency for Virtual and Private Cloud Environments Addressing Efficiency Challenges
    • 11. ‹#›NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
    • 12. ‹#›NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
    • 13. ‹#›NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
    • 14. ‹#›NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
    • 15. HW Snapshots – VSS in SMB 3.0 Primary Site  SnapManager for Hyper-V with VSS creates application consistent snapshots of VMs  HW accelerated snapshots provide unmatched performance and scalability  Restore multi-TB VMs nearly instantly VI Admin Backup Restore DR POLICIES 15 Clustered Data ONTAP
    • 16. 16 Simplify Management Breakthrough Efficiency for Virtual and Private Cloud Environments Addressing Efficiency Challenges
    • 17. The FlexPod Solution Family Consistent architecture from entry to large configurations Scale up or down with minimal disruption Common structure for support and management 100s of users 1000s of users FlexPod® 17
    • 18. ‹#›NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
    • 19. ‹#›NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
    • 20. ‹#›NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
    • 21. Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Customer Success 21
    • 22. Speakers Host Guest Speaker Mike McNamara NetApp Rob Gee Logicalis 22
    • 23. Company Overview  Logicalis Australia: IT solutions and managed services provider  Focus on helping customers solve business issues in the IT infrastructure space  Expertise in Borderless Networks & Security, Datacenter & Cloud and Unified Communications  Employing over 220 people across Australia (offices across the eastern seaboard – Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane)  Globally, Logicalis Group has operations in Europe, North America, South America and Asia Pacific with nearly 3,500 employees worldwide and over 6,000 corporate and public sector customers. 23
    • 24. “Enterprise Grade” Public Cloud Offerings Critical Business Requirements  Be price competitive against our competitors (“table stakes”)  Provide an “Enterprise Cloud” platform with custom SLAs  Provide the ability to scale up or out as our demands change  Integrate replication capabilities into the cloud platform
    • 25. Solution  2 Cloud Offerings:  Virtual Private Data Centre (LVPDC)  Virtual Workspace – Cloud Edition (LVWCE)  Logicalis nVisage Orchestration platform  Leveraged NetApp Data ONTAP with OnCommand Workflow Automation and PowerShell Scripting 25
    • 26. Cloud Platform Built on FlexPod and Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 26
    • 27. Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Efficiency Benefits  Cost efficiency – Storage platform based on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and SMB 3.0 – Unified storage with integrated backup/recovery and disaster recovery  Non-disruptive operations – 99.999% availability – Scaling and maintenance as needed without impacting delivery of services – Proper sizing per for business requirements  Management Simplicity – Open NetApp API’s – SMB 3.0 – Microsoft PowerShell 27
    • 28. 28 Simplify Management Breakthrough Efficiency for Virtual and Private Cloud Environments Addressing Efficiency Challenges
    • 29. ‹#›NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
    • 30. ‹#›NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only