FlexPod as a Competitive Edge


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Cisco Live speaking session presentation explaining how Moffatt & Nichol boosted data center performance while cutting overhead with FlexPod

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  • Key Point: What would be the ideal value IT could bringWhat if IT could be used to make the company respond faster to new opportunities initiatives instead of being the critical path item that slows completionWhat if your IT staff could spend their time on high value IT innovation, evaluating and adding new technologies instead of spending most of their time mundane tasks trequired to keep the environment runningWhat if you could build an iT environment that supported applications and initiatives not even being considered today.What if you could do this not for just one part of the business but for the entire business and for any workload. Transition:This requires a new approach to data center design.
  • Key Point: NetApp and Cisco have introduced critical capabilities to make this data center vision a realityTransitionSo how do these technologies deliver the advanced data center functionality….
  • Key Points: The technologies from Cisco and NetApp transform the physical infrastructure into dynamic pools of data center resources creating a shared virtualized infratructure that is flexible and efficient but still retains control and security of a dedicated environmentBuild 1 – Cisco and NetApp technology enables physical devices to be virtualized and abstracted as dynamic resources pool. These resource pools span multiple physical devices to 1000’s of servers and Petabytes of storage. Workloads can by dynamically and non-disruptively moved in the environment. The abstracted environment supports both bare metal and hyper-visor based deployments. Including multiple varieties of hypervisors. Build 2 – Resources are provisioned logically based on service catalogs. The application environments are isolated in this share virtual environment both to ensure data security and service level control while still enabling resources to be dynamically shared across those environments. Something we call Secure-multitenancyTransitionThis environment is ideal for a cloud infrastructure but not all companies are ready to move all of their environment to a cloud….
  • FlexPod as a Competitive Edge

    1. 1. FlexPod as a Competitive Edge How Moffatt & Nichol boosted data center performance while cutting overhead Shawn McCullough, Director of IT, Moffatt & Nichol Mark Melvin – VP, CTO, ePlus Patrick Rogers – VP, Data Center Platforms, NetApp Cisco Live! Orlando, 2013 Session # BRKPCS-2027
    2. 2. 2 What If You Could…  Accelerate business response instead of being the critical path  Focus on IT innovation instead of keeping things running  Quickly support all new opportunities even opportunities not yet identified  Do it all with one architecture for any workload
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. 4 FlexPod Innovations in Data Center Technology Unified Management Programmable Infrastructure Unified Fabric  Policy-based automation and service profiles  Self-integrating components  Abstraction of bare metal server elements  Open API for automation  Orchestration through industry standard tools  Virtualization awareness  Scalability without complexity  High-performance I/O Cisco Unified Computing System NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP  Virtualize storage into pools  Nondisruptive data motion Unified Storage Intelligent Data Management  Built-in storage efficiency  Integrated data protection
    5. 5. 5 Cisco Nexus® Family Switches NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP Cisco® UCS Servers and UCS Manager FlexPod: Next Generation Integrated Infrastructure Virtualized Storage Pool Virtualized Compute Pool Virtualized Network Pool Virtualization App AppAppApp AppApp Bare Metal Pool resources  Single server pool / storage pool  Service profiles for consistent policy-based Cisco UCS® deployments Abstract resources  Virtualized servers and storage  Stateless computing  Dynamic scalability; app and data mobility Consume resources  Service catalogs  Rapid resource provisioning in accordance with SLAs  Open APIs for self-service / user-driven resource consumption
    6. 6. 6 Leading US-based global infrastructure advisor Engineering, planning, design, and economic analysis of waterfront and transportation infrastructure 28 global offices Headquarters in Long Beach, California
    7. 7. 7 IT Challenges: • Manage and store large amounts of data safely and securely • Support daily project development and delivery globally • Meet deadlines without downtime • Replace aging infrastructure (tape-based backup and DR)
    8. 8. 8 IT Solution: • Integrated FlexPod environment running processing-intensive applications • Workloads consolidated on FlexPod: high-end engineering applications, Exchange, SQL server, and more. • NetApp SnapMirror and SnapVault for data protection and disaster recovery
    9. 9. 9
    10. 10. 10 Solution results: • Reduced daily backup of project data - 300GB to 50 GB • Improved data recovery from hours to minutes • Savings of up to $10,000 per remote office • Cut administrative costs by 15% while boosting operation performance and business continuity • Helped keep projects on schedule and maximize employee productivity • Modular, scalable FlexPod architecture that grows with the company
    11. 11. 11 FlexPod -- Breakthroughs for Your Business Get to market faster FreePort-McMoRan transformed SAP infrastructure to expand copper production by 1B lbs/yr Continuous operations Sauber F1 completed all technology refreshes in two weeks with no downtime Cut costs in half Computacenter uses 90% less storage for virtual environments Avoid building a new data center Loughborough University reduced 50-60 racks to just 8
    12. 12. 12 Find Out About FlexPod  Visit the NetApp stand (#711) and Cisco booth to speak with our experts  Visit the Cisco Live! NOC. FlexPod is used to run the Cisco Live! data center workloads  Download the Moffatt & Nichol success story from netapp.com  Visit http://www.netapp.com/flexpod  Visit http://www.moffattnichol.com  Visit http://www.eplus.com