Big Data and HPC


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In this slidecast, Richard Treadway and Rich Seger from NetApp discuss the company's storage solutions for Big Data and HPC. The company's HPC solutions for Lustre support massive performance and storage density without sacrificing efficiency.

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Big Data and HPC

  1. 1. NetApp:Big Data and HPCRichard TreadwayDirector, NetApp Big Data MarketingRich SegerDirector, NetApp Vertical Solutions NetApp Confidential – Limited Use
  2. 2. Data Growth Impact on Business Complexity “Big Data” refers to datasets whose size is beyond the ability of typical tools to capture, store, manage and analyze Speed Volume Information Becomes a Propellant to BusinessBusiness Velocity Inflection Point Data Becomes a Burden to IT Infrastructure 2010 2020 2
  3. 3. NetApp’s Approach to Big Data Insight from extremely large datasets Big Data Secure boundless Performance for data data storage intensive workloads 3
  4. 4. NetApp Big Data Strategy  Best of breed storage for Big Data Open ApplicationsBest-of-Breed  Create preference through deep Choice integration and value add – NVA  Build on open standards with best- in-class partnerships  Validate with Ecosystem Leaders – Complete server, network and storage “Racks” – Delivered via trusted high-value partners 4
  5. 5. NetApp Storage PortfolioData ONTAP 8: E-Series:Revolutionizing storage with Performance-optimizedan agile data infrastructure for dedicated workloads NetApp Confidential – Limited Use 5
  6. 6. NetApp E-Series Dedicated Infrastructure • Application-specific or workload-specific • Optimized for performance and density • Storage as a dedicated resource • Data management in the application layer Example Workloads • High performance computing • Research & analysis • Simulation & modeling • Seismic processing • Business Analytics • Multi-stream media workflows • Digital video ingest • Long-term retention/large-scale archive NetApp Confidential – Limited Use
  7. 7. NetApp E-Series Updates What’s New  NetApp SANtricity Software UpdateE5400  New SSD cache improves performance and enables intelligent storage tiering  Additional mirroring, copy service techniques, and dynamic disk pools help secure data  New multiple interface support for E5400 systems, including 10Gb/s iSCSI and 6Gb/s SAS networks NetApp Confidential - Limited Use 7
  8. 8. Big Data: Bandwidth PortfolioHPC: Lustre & Seismic Video Surveillance Storage Massively parallel High bandwidth & distributed file density supporting system for large scale hundreds or thousands cluster computing and of HD cameras O&G Seismic ProcessingMedia Content Management Full Motion Video High ingest & play-out Scalable density and rates with support for performance to ingest media and and simultaneously entertainment analyze UAV and workflows satellite video data 8
  9. 9. New HPC Solution: HPS Rack What’s New  Built on NetApp E-SeriesNetApp E-Series  Prepackaged and Configured HPC Storage Solution  Includes preconfigured servers, management and monitoring software, and the open-source Lustre parallel file system  Integrated with Terascala Lustrestack NetApp Confidential - Limited Use 9
  10. 10. HPC & Big Data Performance to meet the needs of the world’s fastest Supercomputers – Lawrence Livermore National Labs Sequoia Supercomputer powered by NetApp E-Series and Lustre NetApp Storage Solutions are addressing the worlds most difficult data challenges As Big Data becomes more commercially driven, having an open platform provides more flexibility and choice for long- term success NetApp Confidential – Limited Use 10