Albemarle Health Delivers MEDITECH EMR System and High Availability on NetApp


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Challenge: Effectively manage and protect growing hospital data residing on MEDITECH and Allscripts EMR systems and Medicity HIE.

Solution: Deliver high-availability health- care systems across multiple hospital sites with new cost efficiencies using NetApp FAS3270HA and FAS3240HA storage systems.

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Albemarle Health Delivers MEDITECH EMR System and High Availability on NetApp

  1. 1. Success Story Albemarle Health Delivers MEDITECH EMR System and High Availability on NetAppAnother NetAppsolution delivered by: Customer Profile community healthcare provider is KEY HIGHLIGHTS Albemarle Health, a Vidant Health widely known for its state-of-the-art Industry Partner, is northeastern North Carolina’s technology and premier data center—a Healthcare largest regional health and wellness significant accomplishment amid provider, serving a 7-county region tremendous growth. The Challenge of more than 130,000 year-round Effectively manage and protect However, due to the complexity of residents. Facilities include Albemarle growing hospital data residing on adding new services and the daily Hospital, a full-service medical center MEDITECH and Allscripts EMR growth of PACS medical imaging, in Elizabeth City featuring critical care, systems and Medicity HIE. health information exchange (HIE), diagnostic imaging, surgical and car- electronic medical records (EMR), The Solution diovascular services, and comprehen- Microsoft® Exchange e-mail, Microsoft Deliver high-availability health- sive women’s care; Regional Medical SQL Server® databases, video, and care systems across multiple Center, in Kitty Hawk, which houses an other data, Albemarle Health needed hospital sites with new cost outpatient surgery center, laboratory, to enhance its storage infrastructure. efficiencies using NetApp® diagnostic imaging services, and offices To continue on its growth path, the FAS3270HA and FAS3240HA for multiple physician specialists; healthcare organization needed a more storage systems. Regional Oncology Center, a state-of- flexible, manageable storage infra- the-art cancer treatment facility located structure that could accommodate the Benefits on the campus of Albemarle Hospital; intensive performance and scalability Reduce storage in virtual and the Albemarle Health Sleep Center, requirements of its data-intensive envi- environment by 60% with in Elizabeth City. ronment. In addition, tight integration NetApp deduplication. The Challenge with its MEDITECH and Allscripts EMR Increase system performance Accommodate, protect growing systems was imperative. from 17GB per hour to 250GB accumulation of hospital data per hour. Just as important, the organization Meet tight 4-hour RPOs. Albemarle Health offers a variety of needed to ensure the continuous quality healthcare services, rich edu- protection of its critical data to meet cational opportunities, and important patient care needs and requirements, community outreach to North Carolina such as Health Insurance Portability residents. Dedicated to delivering its and Accountability Act regulations. With services with integrity, compassion, an IT staff of 24 and only 3 support- innovation, and quality, the regional ing the storage environment, a highly
  2. 2. “Our decision to invest in NetApp through ePlus was based on economics. As a midsize regional medical center with budget constraints, we needed a scalable, easy-to-support solution that could deliver high availability for our mission- critical MEDITECH and Allscripts EMR systems, as well as our Medicity HIE. At the same time, it had to provide us with the ability to meet a stringent recovery time objective.” Stephen W. Clark FACHE, Chief Information Officer, Albemarle Health efficient disaster recovery strategy and highly scalable storage environment to the ongoing mission of improving secure patient data were paramount overcome its big data challenges. The patient services. “We were rapidly to meeting service-level agreements solution includes a NetApp FAS3270HA expanding and making significant (SLAs) and regulatory requirements. storage system for primary storage and investments in other initiatives, such a NetApp FAS3240HA storage system as our Emergency Department and Working closely with ePlus, a technol- for disaster recovery, with archival Surgery Center construction and reno- ogy solutions provider and NetApp Star storage provided by NetApp strategic vation project,” says Clark. “NetApp Partner, Albemarle Health assessed partner CommVault. Today Albemarle efficiency and scalability helped us several storage solutions through rigor- Health stores 189TB of data on NetApp tackle our big data challenges while ous investigation and in-depth discus- storage, compared with the 15TB of optimizing our IT resources, which was sions with NetApp customers. The data it had stored on its previous sys- critical to meeting our tight budget organization decided on NetApp stor- tem just three years ago. objectives at the time and continues age to meet the increasing demands to deliver impressive ROI.” of its hospital practices and to accom- NetApp storage serves as the founda- modate exponential data growth. tion for 100% of the hospital’s systems The Albemarle Health IT team leverages accessed by physicians, nurses, hos- NetApp SnapManager® for Microsoft “Our decision to invest in NetApp pital administrators, and other staff Exchange, Single Mailbox Recov- through ePlus was based on econom- members across five geographically ery, SnapManager for Microsoft SQL ics,” says Stephen W. Clark, FACHE, dispersed facilities. Tight integra- Server, and SnapManager for Virtual chief information officer, Albemarle tion between NetApp storage and the Infrastructure to protect vital hospital Health. “As a midsize regional medi- MEDITECH and Allscripts EMR sys- information and help meet rigid SLAs cal center with budget constraints, we tems streamlines storage management and availability requirements. The needed a scalable, easy-to-support and helps provide anytime, anywhere SnapManager tools help IT manage the solution that could deliver high avail- access to critical patient data. Other proliferation of the hospital’s Microsoft ability for our mission-critical MEDI- applications delivered and protected Exchange Server databases. The team TECH and Allscripts EMR systems, by NetApp storage include MedHost, executes rapid backups several times as well as our Medicity HIE and other Medicity HIE, Merge PACS, GE Centric- per day without taking Exchange Server clinical data. At the same time, it had ity Perinatal, TSG Galactica document databases or the organization’s 1,100 to provide us with the ability to meet a imaging, IP cameras for surveillance, Exchange mailboxes offline. stringent recovery time objective.” and others. Business Benefits The Solution Storage management efficiency was a Supporting Albemarle Health growth High-availability storage, ongoing key driver in the hospital adopting the access to patient data Because Albemarle Health is focused NetApp storage solution, especially on operational efficiency and investing Albemarle Health engaged ePlus to given the degree of data growth and in new services and programs, optimiz- help design and implement an efficient, ing its IT budget amid massive data
  3. 3. Primary Data Center Disaster Recovery Data Center NetApp FAS3270HA CommVault BS1 NDMP running NetApp Data ONTAP 8.0 NetApp SnapMirror NetApp Snapshot technology Meditech Client/Server 5.6.4 NetApp SnapDrive MedHost Tape Backup Medicity HIE—ProAccess, NovoGrid, iNexx NetApp FAS3240HA Allscripts Professional EMR Merge PACSFigure 1) Albemarle Health Storage Infrastructure.Albemarle Health stores 189TB of data including its MEDITECH and Allscripts EMR systems and Merge PACS environment on NetApp FAS3270HAand FAS3240HA storage systems.growth is imperative. “With NetApp clone and test a database or LUN has other maintenance have decreasedstorage, we can store more hospital decreased from 2.5 hours to 5 minutes. from one to two days to just hours, anddata on less storage and have lowered “With NetApp FlexClone®, we can easily unplanned system downtime is nowour operational costs all while boosting and efficiently run consistency checks well within Albemarle Health’s service-performance from 17GB per hour to on critical production databases such level objectives.250GB per hour,” says Clark. as our ER systems using a full set of Keeping up with new IT demands current data,” says Clark. “It helps us in healthcareThe IT staff uses simple, command- know that we’re protected in the eventbased NetApp deduplication technol- Though Albemarle Health faces con- of a disaster.”ogy to reduce storage requirements in stant pressure in the healthcare indus-its virtual environment by 60%. Tight Protecting critical hospital systems try to achieve greater economies ofintegration between NetApp storage and patient services scale in the IT environment, the com-and VMware® supports the hospital’s Albemarle Health has an efficient, pany is succeeding in maximizing thevirtualization strategy. To date, the IT comprehensive disaster recovery plan value of its technology investment. Itsstaff has achieved 70% virtualization in place that helps enable the continu- lean, highly efficient IT department hason NetApp storage, resulting in the ous availability of all hospital systems. the capabilities to effectively manageelimination of 84 physical servers and NetApp disaster recovery capabilities its data-intensive environment. Witha significantly more efficient provision- allow the company to better protect an enhanced disaster recovery plan,ing process. critical hospital systems while enhanc- improved storage efficiencies, and ing IT staff productivity. streamlined storage management, the“It used to take us the better part of a healthcare organization is positionedweek to deploy a new server, and now “Recovering our widely used MEDITECH to continue to expand and deliverit typically takes less than a day,” notes EMR system from tape a few years new services.Clark. “Those same IT staff resources ago took 72 hours,” says Clark. “Todayare free to now focus on supporting we back up our data from disk to disk “In my 30 years in healthcare, I’vethe development of new programs that on NetApp storage using NetApp never experienced such pressures onhelp us grow and IT innovation that can Snapshot™ copies and SnapMirror® IT departments,” says Clark. “We’reenhance our delivery of patient services.” replication, which reduces recovery feeling the impact of everything from point objectives from days or weeks intensified meaningful-use requirementsClark also notes greatly improved to 4 hours or less. We can back up around electronic health records toapplication performance and enhanced 200 servers in less time than it previ- more frequent releases from health-productivity in Albemarle Health orga- ously took us to back up 12 servers. care software vendors aggressivelynizations. For example, the network The average recovery process takes us competing with one another. Given theadministration group can now log minutes or seconds, with no impact to changing face of healthcare, it’s moreinto a key application in 30 seconds the end user.” Since deploying high- important than ever that we have therather than 3 minutes. Time needed to availability NetApp storage, planned right technology in place that reduces outages for system upgrades and
  4. 4. “With the efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and advanced storage management capabilities offered by NetApp, we’ve carefully selected and invested in a storage solution that will continue to help us manage steady data growth and respond to the growing needs of our organization.” Stephen W. Clark FACHE, Chief Information Officer, Albemarle Health our cost of ownership and makes us SOLUTION COMPONENTS more agile. With the efficiency, flex- ibility, scalability, and advanced stor- NetApp Products Medicity HIE—ProAccess, NovoGrid, age management capabilities offered FAS3270HA and FAS3240HA iNexx by NetApp, we’ve wisely invested in a storage systems Allscripts Professional EMR storage solution that will continue to Data ONTAP® software Merge PACS help us manage steady data growth and respond to the growing needs of SnapManager for Microsoft CommVault BS1 NDMP our organization.” Exchange, SQL Server, and Cisco Unified Computing System Virtual Infrastructure Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches Single Mailbox Recovery Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches FlexClone technology Microsoft SQL Server Snapshot technology 2005/2008/2008 R2 Protocols Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 NFS Microsoft Windows Server® CIFS 2003/2008 iSCSI VMware 4.1 Fibre Channel Partner Third-Party Products ePlus Inc. MEDITECH Client/Server 5.6.4 MedHost NetApp creates innovative storage and © 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. data management solutions that deliver Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, Data ONTAP, FlexClone, SnapManager, outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate SnapMirror, and Snapshot are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft, SQL business breakthroughs. Discover our Server, and Windows Server are registered trademarks of Microsoft passion for helping companies around the Corporation. VMware is a registered trademark of VMware, Inc. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their world go further, faster at respective holders and should be treated as such. CSS-6555-0412 Go further, faster ®