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EO Nerve 2012 Keynote

EO Nerve 2012 Keynote



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Nerve 2012-dharmesh-shah Nerve 2012-dharmesh-shah Presentation Transcript

  • Ideas For Building A Business Dharmesh ShahFounder/CTO HubSpot
  • I’m Dharmesh.And I’m a total geek. Startup Junkie Caffeine to code converter Anti-social guy with 129,000 twitter @dharmesh followers CTO @hubspot
  • Who here is anentrepreneur?
  • Congratulations! You have a genetic flaw.
  • Entrepreneurs have amarketing problem
  • You’re anentrepreneur? That’s awesome!What’s that?
  • We’re magicians: We create something out of nothing
  • Startup #1: Ignorance is bliss
  • Startup #2:“Experienced Entrepreneur”
  • “The Georgia Tech of Massachusetts”
  • 10 Beta Customers 2 Leads Per Day 5 Employees $500kSmall seed investment by Founder
  • Customers 5961 3855 1150 317 48 3 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  • I can triple my leads? That’s awesome!
  • But I can’t handle double the customers!
  • An abudance of leads letsyou cherry pick your customers.
  • Marketing was about pushingmessages out.
  • Angering people is bad marketing.
  • 25% of your list expires each 91% year 86% unsubscribe skip TV ads Email usage is declining by as much as44% 59%of direct mail is never opened 2/3 on FTC’s DO NOT CALL list 24
  • When I grow up,I hope junk mail andspam are gone.Thanks.@sohan
  • Today it’s aboutpulling people in.
  • Make marketing aboutOutbound Marketing creativity not cash. vs.
  • Where can you“get found”?
  • The Next 50 Years
  • As ye SEO,so shall ye reap. (SEO = Search Engine Optimization)
  • VS. 35
  • Building Assets Renting Attention
  • Inbound Gives You Leverage
  • Value disproportionalyaccrues to the winners.
  • Pick yourkeywords wisely.
  • Don’t picka fightwith aninja.(Unless you’re a ninja)
  • Lets talk aboutsocial media…
  • Even normal peopleuse twitter now.(via @dharmesh)
  • Outbound Marketing The basics: 1. Bio in Profile (76% fail) 2. Avatar 3. Background 4. Website Link (80% fail) 5. Location
  • It’s not just forcollege kids any more.
  • 1 out of every 8minutes online is spent on Facebook.
  • Outbound Marketing Write a blog: out-teach your competition.
  • How do I getmore traffic tomy blog?
  • Outbound Marketing Make it dead-simple to share your content.
  • Craft content for the up-vote
  • 52
  • Analyze your data. Figure outwhat works.
  • Not having fun?You’re doing it wrong!
  • Outbound Marketing The key to successful inbound marketing…
  • Inbound Marketing:Get Found using Google,Social Media and
  • Randomthings I’ve learned along the way.
  • Prevail over theproblem, not the competition
  • Make the customer the star (not you)
  • We don’t just make marketing software. We make
  • Success ismaking thosethat believedin you lookbrilliant.
  • The danger isnot that ouraim is too highand we miss,but that it istoo low, and wereach it. ~Michelangelo
  • THANKS!dshah@hubspot.comtwitter: @dharmesh Use: #eonerve