Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online & Microsoft Office 365


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The document presents main features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Office 365 and how they provide higher productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Office 365 pair together to unlock this power of productivity.

The results are enriched customer relationships, streamlined business processes, and improved communication and collaboration across the enterprise.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online & Microsoft Office 365

  1. 1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online andMicrosoft Office 365: The Power of CloudProductivityEquipping people with collaborative tools that are easy to use, Increase business productivity witheasy to access, and work well together drives their productivity. familiar, intelligent, and connectedMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Office 365 pair tools.together to unlock this power of productivity. The results areenriched customer relationships, streamlined business processes, Access the combined offerings of Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM while onlineand improved communication and collaboration across the and mobile from just a web browser. Forenterprise. Office users, the familiarity of Microsoft Outlook® becomes the primary interface forMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Online provides a powerful and easy-to-use Microsoft Dynamics CRM.customer relationship management (CRM) solution delivered through thecloud, to help organizations improve marketing effectiveness, boost sales, Maximize efficiency through teamand enrich customer service interactions quickly and cost-effectively. communication and collaboration.Microsoft Office 365 delivers familiar Microsoft Office solutions via the cloud  Use the integration of Office 365 andso that you can access email, contacts, documents, shared calendars, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online topresence information, web meetings, team sites, and more—anytime, create customer, opportunity, andanywhere. competitive-specific SharePoint sites.The synergy provided by deploying these two solutions alongside one  Empower users to work collaboratively on key business documents.another delivers true cloud-based productivity by leveraging the naturalintegration points of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365.  Easily share critical customer information and history across the Familiar: Empower users through natural, productive, and insightful organization. experiences that span CRM and Office applications. Intelligent: Facilitate informed decisions and operational efficiencies Reduce costs and increase agility with through real-time analytics and streamlined business processes across the cloud. the business spectrum.  Mitigate the overhead of administering Connected: Maximize the value of business relationships and systems servers in support of critical business by connecting people, processes, and ecosystems across Microsoft applications by moving to the cloud. Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365.  Benefit from automatic upgrades across Integrated: Boost the efficiency of integrated information-sharing and Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office collaboration solutions including the Microsoft SharePoint®, Microsoft 365 to drive productivity. Exchange Server, and Microsoft Lync™ Server components of Office  Scale the solution up or down in 365. response to business demands and seasonality.
  2. 2. Select Microsoft Dynamics CRM OnlineMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Online: CapabilitiesMade Better with Microsoft Office 365 Marketing • Directed and mass email capabilitiesCombine familiar Microsoft Office applications with a powerful CRM solution • Data import and cleansing • Easy-to-use segmentation toolsto improve marketing effectiveness, boost sales, and enrich customer service • Holistic lead tracking and managementinteractions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM equips business professionals with • Powerful campaign planning and executionaccess to customer information through a familiar Microsoft Outlook • Automated response tracking • Closed-loop marketing analysis and reportingexperience, which helps ensure rapid user adoption and fast results. SalesCRM THAT IS NATURAL AND PERSONAL • “Lead to Cash” visibility • Sales planning and territory managementProvide your staff with software that empowers them through natural, • Seamless lead managementproductive, and insightful experiences. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives your • Comprehensive opportunity tracking and managementuser a native Outlook client (included in select Office 365 subscriptions) that • Real-time sales forecasts and pipeline reportsprovides CRM capabilities through an interface that is easy to customize to • Streamlined sales processes • Mobile productivitytheir unique needs. Customer ServiceINFORMATION THAT IS INSIGHTFUL AND ACTIONABLE • 360-degree customer viewAchieve business insight and make better-informed decisions using real-time • Knowledge tracking and sharing • Streamlined case managementanalytics that put information at your fingertips. Microsoft Dynamics CRM • Guided dialogs and call scriptstogether with the collaboration capabilities of Office 365 (SharePoint and • Powerful service schedulingExchange) helps everyone across the organization make better use of • Streamlined processes and escalations • Self-service portal capabilitiesinformation with analytics and visualizations that fit into the context of your • Integrated call-centre desktoppeople’s everyday work and helps drive better decisions. Extended CRMAN ORGANIZATION THAT IS COLLABORATIVE AND UNITED • Drag-and-drop customization Contextual analyticsBuild connections across people, processes, and ecosystems, allowing your • Robust workflow enginebusiness to maximize the value of its relationships and systems. Microsoft • Advanced personalization • System-wide auditing and field-level searchDynamics CRM provides collaborative, team-based CRM capabilities tightly • Role-based formsintegrated with the communications and document management tools of • Solutions management console • Powerful developer toolsOffice 365.DRIVE SALES EFFICIENCYStreamline approvals, automate manual tasks, and enforce best practicesacross the sales organization. With powerful workflows, guided sales dialogs,and streamlined goal tracking, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps your salesorganization consistently implement best practices and streamline the salesprocess. Maximize productivity and adoption with a native Outlook experience and real-time dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  3. 3. Select Microsoft Office 365Microsoft Office 365: InnovationsMade Better with Microsoft Dynamics CRM OnlineBe free to work where and when you choose with Microsoft Office 365,  The complete Office experience with servicesextended by the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. integration in Office 365  Microsoft Outlook becomes the primary CRM user interface  Simplified web access to Office, without  Simplified user setup to preconfigure services the need to administer back-end  Always the latest version of the application, servers. including Office Web Apps  Familiar Office user experience to access services Improved management  Flexibility in licensing means the right license for every type of user, and the and control of ability to adapt to changing business Microsoft Office needs.  Rich browser experience with new Outlook Web  Massively scalable, highly reliable, easy App to access  Improved inbox management with conversation view  New Office Professional Plus 2010  Integrated multi-mailbox search and retention policies available as a subscription service,  New personal email archiving and compliance including Office Web Apps. capabilities  New Lync Online combines instant  Email plus calendar services for Microsoft communications and online meetings in Dynamics CRM Online New productivity a single service and enables “presence” features and within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. capabilities  Improved SharePoint Online and Exchange Online with new 2010  New personal My Sites to store important documents, and share expertise versions integrated with Microsoft  Greatly improved team and project sites Dynamics CRM Online.  New extranet sites to share information securely  Rich browser experience. with customers and partners  New intranet sites to stay up-to-date on news and information  Simple to create public-facing websitesCOMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION DRIVE PRODUCTIVITY  Integrated to Microsoft Dynamics CRM OnlineOffice 365 delivers the power of entities such as account, opportunity, competitor, and otherscloud productivity to businesses ofall sizes, helping to save time andmoney, and simplifying cross-application integration across  Combines 1:1 text/voice/video chat withOffice 365 and Microsoft Dynamics multiparty online meetings in a single application and serviceCRM Online.  Escalates conversations into impromptu online meetings with audio, video, PowerPoint® upload, and desktop sharing  Simplified access for external meeting participants  Contact photos and activity feeds  Federation with Windows Live® Messenger  Enables Lync Status across Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  4. 4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online + Microsoft Office 365THE POWER OF PRODUCTIVITYMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365 provide a familiar andintegrated experience that helps reduce training and development timeso you see an immediate return on investment (ROI). Integration with Do you use Outlook on a daily basis?Microsoft technology helps mitigate the risk of ongoing integrationcosts and maximizes your overall investment in Microsoft technology. GET WHAT FITS YOUR BUSINESS  Use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive emails that are integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and tracked automatically.  Track emails, contacts, tasks, and Increase productivity appointments in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with an integrated Online. Outlook experience.  Enable bulk-import of Outlook contacts into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  Maintain access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online data even when operating offline through Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM offline replications.  A SharePoint Online portal site, such as a Improve collaboration shared document repository or calendar, can be integrated into the CRM user interface. and efficiency with  A SharePoint Online portal site for a Microsoft REQUEST A DEMO NOW SharePoint Online Dynamics CRM Online record (such as account, integration. opportunity, case) can be created in SharePoint from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  Allow a user to know beforehand about the availability of their colleagues or contacts directly in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Maximize resource user interface. utilization with Lync  Track Live Meeting appointments as activities Online integration. in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Contact Nerea  Build workflows across Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365 that reflect Lync Your Microsoft Certified Partner Status. Tel: +352 (26) 95 04 70 E-mail: info@nerea.comNereaRue de Hobscheid 69 tel: +352 26 95 04 70L-8422 Steinfort e-mail: www.nerea.comLuxembourg