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Customer Impact

Customer Impact



Presentation from

Presentation from
Serge Hanssens, Advisory Director, PwC Luxembourg, delivered at the Dynamic Business Event organized by Nerea & Microsoft on April 16th 2013 in Luxembourg



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    Customer Impact Customer Impact Presentation Transcript

    • Customer impactDynamic Business Eventwww.pwc.comSerge HanssensApril 2013
    • PwCAgendaa) CRM Trends• Mobility: anywhere, anytime• Social media: monitor and engage• Intelligence: bring value to your businessb) C-level prioritiesc) ConclusionsSlide 2
    • PwCQuizThis section is interactive, you can use yourvoting pads!Slide 3
    • PwC Slide 40%100%0%0%0% 1. Cyber Risk Market2. Credit Rating Matrix3. Customer Reactivity Measure4. Customer Relationship Management5. First time I see itWhat does CRM mean ?
    • PwC Slide 538%19%43%0%0% 1. Oracle2. SAP3. Microsoft4. Salesforce5. Don’t knowWhat is the best CRM software ?
    • PwCCRM trends1. Mobility: anywhere, anytime2. Social Media3. Intelligence• Flexibility, integration and interfacing are keycompetitive advantagesSlide 6
    • PwC Slide 748%29%14%0%10% 1. 3.7 b2. 4.8 b3. 5.3 b4. 6.1 b5. 6.9 bHow many mobile subscriptions in2013 ?1 Mobility
    • PwC75% of the world population hadalready subscribe for a mobile in2011, today it is more than 96%1 Mobility012345678Mobile subscribers world populationBillions201120136.9 b6,9 b7,1 b5.3 bSource : Statisticsfrom theInternationalTelecommunicationUnion (ITU)Slide 8
    • PwC Slide 943%43%14%0%0% 1. 12 %2. 23 %3. 36 %4. 55 %5. 74 %In the USA, what is the % of thepeople accessing the web with theirmobile devices?1 Mobility
    • PwCMobile access to internet in % of thetotal population (USA)1 Mobility50%55%60%65%70%75%80%85%90%PC accesss Mobile access20122016+50%84%Source: PwC’Slide 10
    • PwC Slide 1121%47%11%11%11% 1. 4%2. 8%3. 12%4. 20%5. 34%What is the % of B2C spending on theinternet today ?1 Mobility
    • PwCB2C spending1 Mobility0%5%10%15%20%25%mcommerce201220164% ($80 b)16%($554 b)X 4Source: PwC’Slide 12
    • PwC56% of Senior Executives will investmore in Mobile technologies in 2013compared to 201256%30%20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%Will invest more in 2013Curently investing inMobile technologies for customersWorldAmericasEuropeAsia-Pac1 MobilitySource: PwC’Slide 13
    • PwCCRM trends1. Mobility2. Social Media: monitor and engage3. Intelligence• Become key to influence customers decisionsmaking processSlide 14
    • PwC Slide 1516%11%11%21%42% 1. > 1 b2. 900 M - 1 b3. 800 - 900 M4. 700 - 800 M5. 500 - 700 MHow many are Facebook’s activeusers in the world ?2 Social Media
    • PwCAlmost one billion active users onFacebook within 7 yearsSource : Facebook, Youtube,Twitter, Google+, Linkedin,Pinterest (2012)2 Social Media020040060080010001200MillionsWorldUSSlide 16
    • PwC Slide 1711%11%11%0%67% 1. > 1 b2. 800 m - 975 m3. 750 m - 800 m4. 500 m - 750 m5. 250 m – 500 mHow many people did see theGangnam Style video on the internetwithin less than 6 months ?2 Social Media
    • PwCThe world largest watched videoever…Social Media2020040060080010001200MillionsGangnam Style views 2012Gangnam styleBillion viewsSource :ChannelmetterWeb observatorySlide 18
    • PwC Slide 196%6%22%17%50% 1. Official brand blog2. Youtube3. Facebook’s brand page4. Facebook’s personal page5. TwitterWhere the customers are looking fora response about a brand ?2 Social Media
    • PwCBrands have to be present on socialnetworks because it is whatcustomers are expectingSocial Media2Moreover they expect companiesto have specific communicationchannels such as:« The social media report 2012» by Nielson and NM InciteSlide 20
    • PwC Slide 2127%40%20%13%0% 1. 15 to 45 %2. 29 to 59 %3. 39 to 69 %4. 49 % to 89 %5. More than 90 %What is the % of customers that willabandon their purchase due to a badcustomer experience/service ?2 Social Media
    • PwCSocial network customer is muchmore demanding....• Good experience– spending amountwill increase by 11to 21%• Bad experience –83 to 49% ofcustomers willabandoned theirpurchase intention2 Social MediaSource: « The social media report 2012» by Nielson and NM InciteSlide 22
    • PwC Slide 2311%44%39%6%0% 1. Negative growth2. Stable growth3. Growth between 0 and 10 %4. Growth > 10 %5. No relation can be madeCompanies with a :Which type of companies are moreusing the social networks ?2 Social Media
    • PwCHigh growth companies are moreconnected to social media than others 2 Social Media0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%Daily NeverFrequency of use / growth of thecompanyNegativeStable0 to 10%More than 10%How social technologiesdrive business successSlide 24
    • PwCMobility and social mediainvestments are increasing rapidly 2 Social Media0% 20% 40% 60% 80%Marketing EmailWebsiteMobile solutionSMS/MMSSocial MediaMobile ApplicationCompanies Investment priorities20112012GrowthStableDecreaseSource: PwCSlide 25
    • PwCCollaborative innovation:“let customers talk about how theyfeel our future”Some social media ex: Some product ex:2 Social Media• “L’atelier SFR” for mobile technologiesin French telecom• “Quirky” is a partnership between a USsocial website and Auchan• “Novin” a French collaborativeinnovation portal• “Renault SA” use of collaborativeinnovation to custom its offerFEMTO box (3G relay )STEM Citrus SpritzerDIGIT text with gloves onSlide 26Creative social networking: customer targetingGodiva Chocolatier create d an affordable product line. Gemswas the biggest global launch ever for Godiva, ringing up $35million on a product that may reach 10% of the company’sworldwide sales in its first year (2010).
    • PwCCRM trends1. Mobility2. Social Media3. Intelligence: bring value to your business• The “Voice of the customer” give key insights ontrends and needsSlide 27
    • PwC Slide 280%12%65%12%12% 1. In the 19th century2. In the 19th and 18th centuries3. In the 20th, 19th, 18th and 17th centuries4. Until 20035. Don’t knowWe produce today a volume of datain two days that is equivalent to whathumanity has produced…Intelligence3
    • PwC Slide 290%30%10%25%35% 1. Mobile technology2. Business intelligence3. Cloud computing4. Social media5. None of thoseWhat will be bring the greatestpositive impact on your business overthe next five years ?Intelligence3
    • PwCBusiness Intelligence is the secondpriority….Intelligence320% 30% 40% 50% 60%Social mediaCloud computingBusiness intelligenceMobile technologyWhich do you believe will have the greatest positive impact onyour business over the next five years ?Source: PwC, Oxford Economics and Gartner - “The new digital economics”Slide 30
    • PwC Slide 3168%21%0%5%5% 1. 10 % or less2. 10 % to 20 %3. 20 % to 30%4. 30 % to 40 %5. More than 40%How many firms consider that theyhave a lack in Business Intelligence(BI) ?Intelligence3
    • PwCOver 1/3 of companies do not havethe right BI tools (PwC)Intelligence30% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%Developing marketDeveloped marketsTIC and entertainmentRetail and consumerManufacturingLife sciencesFinancial servicesThe risk of not having real-time tools to BI strategySource: PwC,Slide 32
    • PwCC-Level Priorities• Customer is at the center of C-Level concerns• 1.300+ C-Level surveyedSource: PwC 16th Annual Global CEO Survey 2013Slide 33
    • PwC Slide 3413%0%33%20%33% 1. R&D and innovation2. Implementing new technology3. Growing there customer base4. Filling talent gaps5. Improving operational effectivenessWhat is C-Level first investing priority ?
    • PwCCustomer focus is top priority132Slide 35
    • PwC Slide 3628%6%11%33%22% 1. New product or service development2. Organic growth in existing domestic market3. Organic growth in existing foreign market4. New operation(s) in foreign market5. New M&A / joints ventures / strategic alliancesWhich of the following do CEOs see as themain opportunity to grow their business inthe next 12 months ?
    • PwCThese opportunities require solid insightsand customers centered organizations21Slide 37
    • PwC Slide 3812%6%35%24%24% 1. Less than 30 %2. 30 to 50 %3. 50 to 70 %4. 70 to 80%5. More than 80 %How many CEOs expect customer strategychanges over the next 12 months ?
    • PwCC-Levels anticipate some to major changeover the next 12 months31%44%32%51%42%55%17%13%12%82%86%87%Slide 39
    • PwCConclusions• Better, faster and fully integrated customerexperienceSlide 40
    • PwCMobility and social engagement is the norm,analytics will be key to win more business anddevelop competitive advantage.Integratedcustomerexperience• Mobility: anywhere, anytime• Social media: monitor and engage• Intelligence: bring value to your businessKey trends• Customer are much more demanding• Fast growing companies/markets are leading• C-Levels strongly focus their priorities on CustomersKey outcomeSlide 41
    • PwCBenefits :• Differentiate your companyservices & products• Increase customer loyalty,satisfaction and margins• Lower customer churnrate and acquisition costs• Expand market share• Be in control of therelationship and ahead of thetrends / needsSlide 42Customer impact, let’s exceed expectations ...Serge HanssensTel.: (+352) 49 48 48 – 2289serge.hanssens@lu.pwc.com
    • This publication has been prepared for general guidance on matters of interest only, and doesnot constitute professional advice. You should not act upon the information contained in thispublication without obtaining specific professional advice. No representation or warranty(express or implied) is given as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained inthis publication, and, to the extent permitted by law, PricewaterhouseCoopers S. à r.l., itsmembers, employees and agents do not accept or assume any liability, responsibility or duty ofcare for any consequences of you or anyone else acting, or refraining to act, in reliance on theinformation contained in this publication or for any decision based on it.© 2013 PricewaterhouseCoopers S. à r.l.. All rights reserved. In this document, “PwC” refers toPricewaterhouseCoopers S. à r.l. which is a member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopersInternational Limited, each member firm of which is a separate legal entity.Björn Schmidt, ManagerTel.: (+352) 49 48 48 – 54 51E-mail: bjorn.schmidt@lu.pwc.comThank you for your attention...