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Some facts and figures that an agency should know if they intend to develop and pitch native or web application ideas to their clients.

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  • Google Android
    Palm Pre
    Nintendo DS
    Playstation Portable
  • 27 apps downloaded per device

  • Native iPhone apps average 20 uses and ~10 minutes per use (largely games)
    Only 20% of downloaded apps are used again after initial download
    93% of iPhone users report having downloaded apps.
  • accelerometer - tell how the iPhone is oriented - allows for shaking the phone to shuffle, casting for apps like fly fishing
    GPS - find the nearest store
    Multitouch - draw on the screen with fingers, allows for gestures, pinches, swipes

  • Over 100 pages long
    UI Elements (gestures, images), back buttons
  • Mention the time that it takes to enroll in each

  • Agency iPhone Primer

    1. 1. Agency iPhone Primer A D i v i s i o n o f S I E R R A B R AV O C O R P O R AT I O N
    2. 2. Questions? Send questions to
    3. 3. We partner with advertisers, marketers and other people with big plans to build award- winning interactive projects.
    4. 4. Jon Rexeisen Programmer, iPhone Alpha Nerd
    5. 5. History First iPhone launched 2007 3G iPhone launched 2008 Apple App Store launched 2008 1,000,000,000th App downloaded 4/23/09
    6. 6. iPhone Market Smartphone Market Mobile Market 8% Mobile HTML Requests 1% 35% 92% 65% 99% iPhone Other
    7. 7. Other Players & Competitors
    8. 8. iPhone Platform 37 Million Multitouch Devices 21 Million iPhones 16 Million iPod Touches 7 Million Devices sold in Q1 2009
    9. 9. iPhone Demographics 42% > $78,000 Income 15% > $165,000 Income 44% Have Children 52% Male / 48% Female 45% 18-34 91% Involved in Household Purchasing
    10. 10. iPhone App Preferences 39% say weather is among most used apps 25% say facebook is among most used 60% say they discover apps on their own versus recommendations 75% of all app purchases are <
    11. 11. Applications on the iPhone Native Applications and Web Applications
    12. 12. Native v. Web Apps Native Web Applications Applications Accelerometer NO YES GPS (iPhone) YES YES Camera (iPhone) NO YES Multitouch PARTIAL YES
    13. 13. Native v. Web Apps Web Applications Native Applications Greater access to iPhone Cheaper to develop features Doesn’t require Apple Icon on home screen approval process
    14. 14. Web Applications
    15. 15. CSS Animation
    16. 16. Web Applications
    17. 17. Web Applications
    18. 18. Web Applications
    19. 19. Design / Wireframes blog/?p=447 http:// Interface Builder
    20. 20. iPhone Human Interface Guidelines Simple User Interface (80% rule) Provide Fingertip-sized targets Display launch that closely resembles first screen of application UI Elements should not be overridden Descriptive Buttons should be used
    21. 21. Developer Program $99 for individual $99 for company $299 for enterprise Can take up to 5 weeks to be approved Meant for developers
    22. 22. Application Submission Rules Don’t add obscenities, pornography, etc Follow Apple Human Interface Guidelines Don’t collect data without user’s consent Don’t write malicious software
    23. 23. Submission Information Application Name & Description Targeted Device Primary and Secondary Category Business & Games Music Productivity Sports Professional Healthcare Education Navigation Reference Travel & Fitness Entertainme Lifestyle News Shopping Utilities nt Photograph Social Finance Medical Weather y Networking Support Website & Email Address
    24. 24. New in iPhone OS 3.0 All Apps being reviewed in iPhone 3.0 Push Notifications Internal Maps Internal Mail Streaming Video
    25. 25. Questions?