Celebrity endorsement


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Celebrity endorsement

  1. 1. THESIS STATEMENT Endorsement has an impact on customer’s awareness
  2. 2. Celebrities are people who enjoy public recognition by a large share of a certain group of people.
  3. 3. Actors (Morgan Freeman, Jenifer Anniston). Sports athletes (Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer). Models. Music stars (Lorde, Kanye West, Matthew Bellamy). Fictional celebrities (Ronald McDonald). Politicians.
  4. 4. They appear in public when fulfilling their profession. They appear in public by attending special celebrity events. They are present in News, Fashion magazines and tabloids.
  5. 5. Celebrity endorsements are more typical for nationally marketed products then for local or niche market products.
  6. 6. Celebrity endorsement has a recall of the product. Celebrities have credibility on expertise that makes the product more desirable or enhances perceptions of quality. The celebrity endorsers image is transferred to the product so that those who use the product are associated with the image.
  7. 7. The endorser has to be trustworthy enough to modify people’s attitude towards the brand. Source attractiveness refers to the endorsers physical approach, personality, likeability, and similarity to the receiver, thus to the perceived social values of the source.
  8. 8. Effectiveness depends on the existence of a “fit” between the celebrity spokesperson and endorsed brand. It says that celebrity endorsement will only effect buying behavior if the characteristics of the product “match-up” with the image conveyed by the celebrity. 17 78
  9. 9. First: meanings attributed to the celebrity become associated with the brand in the consumers. Second: customer acquires the brands meaning. Third: the importance of the consumer’s role in the process of endorsing brands.
  10. 10. Some celebrities are endorsing several brands. Or a specific brand is endorsed by different spokesperson.
  11. 11. Celebrity overshadows the brand. Necessary Evil. Celebrity creditability a question mark for the competent customer. Conflicting Image. Multiple Endorsement. Influence of Celebrity scandals and moral violation on brands.
  12. 12. Brand awareness and recall. Celebrity value defines and refreshes brand image. Increase in sales figure. Easy to distinguish products. Giving message to the target market.
  13. 13. S=P* D*AV--the multiplier effect Where S is a successful brand. P is an effective product. D is Distinctive Identity. AV is Added values.
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