Neosperience - Build Experiences Customers Love, Faster.


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Neosperience is the first Digital Customer Experience cloud:
 a leading-edge business technology that empowers you to engage and monetize your digital customers, delivering meaningful experiences in every moment of truth.

Neosperience lets you harness the power of mobile social, information
 and cloud to implement compelling business models that engage digital customers, every time,
 on every device, in the most highly functional way.

Neosperience allows you to unlock business value by connecting with your digital customers where and when it matters most: when they are discovering your products, considering a purchase, placing an order and using what they've bought.

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Neosperience - Build Experiences Customers Love, Faster.

  1. 1. | | December 2016 Neosperience. Build Experiences Customers Love, Faster.
 __ We help you engage and monetize your digital customers,
 delivering experiences that drive loyalty across all channels,
 with the psychographic contextualization required to appeal
 to each individual.
  2. 2. The Problem It’s very difficult for brands to keep pace with the ever changing variety of devices and interaction models available to their customers. The Smartphone is not a channel, it is a proxy of your customer. But apps and bots do not consider emotions, therefore they cannot adapt their communication style
 and behavior as a good seller would do. No company is able to establish an engaging digital dialogue with customers, because no company uses psychographics to tailor customer experiences. Neosperience Cloud is the technology platform to create experiences for your customers that drive ongoing loyalty and faster paths to purchase. Neosperience Cloud uses psychographic profiles, developed with AI and machine learning techniques, to tailor experiences to the emotional preferences of your customers to engage them on every screen, matching your business goals and brand objectives to their needs. Our Solution Our Purpose Why We want to make business technology beautifully simple. How We empower business leaders bring their digital customer experience
 to the next level, to engage and monetize their customers. What We provide a leading-edge business technology that delivers engaging experiences to drive loyalty as an integrated part of every interaction, across all channels, with the psychographic contextualization required to appeal to each individual.
  3. 3. The slide title Neosperience Showcase -
  4. 4. Neosperience Best-in-class Customers Fashion, Luxury & Beauty Communications, Media & Services Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution Financial Services, Healthcare, Utilities, Real Estate, Travel, Transportation & Government
  5. 5. Neosperience in 2014 has been selected as the most innovative Italian company, receiving the most prestigious prize awarded annually by the President of the Italian Republic. The Neosperience platform has proven its excellence over the years getting the most important awards in the world of technology, including: •  2015 Aviva Digital On •  2014 GrandPrix •  Gartner Cool Vendor 2013 •  Red Herring Top 100 Global 2013 •  IAB Mixx Award 2013 •  Red Herring Top 100 Europe 2012 2016 Neosperience psychographics contextualization evolves powering Neosurance, Top 7 InsurTech startups in EMEA.
 Winner of Medici Top 21 Award. AXA Insurance Lab contest. Winner of IoT Europe Award and Aviva Digital On. 2015 Italian and Alpine High-tech Venture Forum winner. 2014 Most innovative Italian technology company,
 awarded by the President of the Italian Republic. GranPrix global winner. 2013 Gartner Cool Vendor. Red Herring Top 100 Europe and Global winner. IAB Mixx Award winner. Awards and Recognition
  6. 6. With a smartphone in everyone’s pocket, the competition is in everyone hand 
 “There are going to be seven billion smartphones
 in everybody’s hands in the next five years. Now, everybody is a digital customer, so doing things digitally is no longer a niche. Doing things digitally is how the entire world communicates.” 
 - Angela Ahrendts, Head of Retail Apple We’ve entered an era where a focus on the digital customer matters more than any other strategic imperative. Digital customers’ behaviors have a profound impact on business metrics ranging
 from brand equity and loyalty, to increased revenue and cost savings. An excellent digital customer experience - the perception people have of their interactions with your organization - engages and keeps them coming back again
 and again and is your most critical differentiator. Digital customers are inspired by experiences that are enjoyable, innovative,
 and contextual. How are you going to keep up? Neosperience helps organizations monetize their digital customers and deliver
 them engaging experiences with the psychographic contextualization required to appeal 
 to each individual. We help in defining the best use cases, business value, and the most relevant yet easy 
 to use technologies that comprise the core digital customer experience, to deliver 
 an immediate and long lasting business benefit. The Digital Customer
  7. 7. ENGAGE DISCOVER USE BUY ASK EXPLORE Today, customers live in a digital ecosystem. Companies can no longer rely on traditional customer journey map. Technology evolves at an impressive pace, and so people's needs. Purchasing and consumption behaviors follow a completely different logic. And you can manage and monetize this logic
 to drive loyalty only through technology. The new Digital Customer Journey replaced the funnel with a circular path. The customer goes through various points of contact with your brand, both in physical and digital environments. The process doesn't start with Attention anymore, to get to Interest, Intention, Purchase, to Satisfaction and Loyalty. Customer attraction mechanisms and the strategies to make her loyal have changed. To reward your customer you have
 to deliver a unique and personalized experience with your brand and your product, before, during and after the sale.
 And it doesn't end with customer satisfaction. 
 It starts from there, amplified by sharing the positive experience on social networks, blogs and communities. The Digital Customer Journey
  8. 8. Smart Commerce Place Explorer Customer Assistant Customer Generator Insight & Analytics Right-Time Personalization Gamification Product Discoverer Neosperience Cloud delivers engagement and transactions based on the evolving needs, expectations, and goals of your customers. Our leading-edge business technology delivers engaging experiences to drive loyalty as an integrated part of every interaction, across all channels, with the psychographic contextualization required to appeal to each individual, empowering you to bring your digital customer experience
 to the next level. Customer-facing apps and business apps powered by Neosperience blend creative design with powerful and constantly updated features, to react to customer interactions in real-time, exceeding their expectations, thus increasing customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty. Everything you need to engage, delight and sell. Neosperience Cloud Customer Context Reward Wishlist Loyalty
 & Game Showroom Store Content
  9. 9. DCX Engines Base Services Application Services iOS, Android, Web & Messaging Clients Neosperience Cloud Architecture Customer Context Content Store Loyalty
 & Game Reward Wishlist Showroom VIEWS APIs APIs Event Stream Bus Context Engine Customer Insight Engine DCX KPI Engine Neosperience Cloud SDK Systems
 of Record Custom
 Integrations Partner Ecosystem
 Network Subscription
 Management Customer Context Content Store Loyalty
 & Game Reward Wishlist Showroom XObject XSearch XLink XSchema XApplication XIdentity CustomerEngagementBuilder EnterpriseCloudServices Search &
 Retargeting Native Apps Responsive
 Web Social
 Networks Point
 Of Sales Conversational
  10. 10. Neosperience Cloud Features Reward Find new customers and reward established customers when they make decisions that increase revenue growth and profitability. Delight them with an immediate call to action that results in instant gratification. Loyalty & Game Engage customers and enable immediate loyalty and advocacy by incorporating game-playing techniques to benefit from people’s natural desires for achievement, status, competition, and self-expression. Showroom Make your brand and products come alive in amazing 3D mobile apps and virtual web environments, taking advantage of virtual and augmented reality, linked to video and social networking, to increase customer engagement and sales. Wishlist Nudge your customer into action with proximity actions targeting their preferred products saved in a wishlist and synced to all customer devices, increasing your knowledge of their preferences. Content Provide superior content and flexible presentation to support brands in product showcase, creating customer engagement and winning sales. Customer Recognize your customers, even when they are not logged in; provide an easy way to build their profile with social information linked to psychological, emotional, personality and lifestyle-related dimensions. Store Drive your customers to the closest store, be notified when they are close and transform the retail store into a digital store. Link selling and servicing systems with rewards and coupons, connected shelves, gamification (driving loyalty), both 2C and 2E (i.e. personalized store associate training) and CRM. Context Detect and acquire your customer actions, behavioral trends and locations. Understand time and actions performed by every customer in real time and extract trend information. Exploits customer context to deliver utility and guide the customer into the next best interaction.
  11. 11. Customer Insight Engine Marketers think in terms of Buyer Personas, but building an efficient segmentation of customers into these categories is not easy. Thanks to a deep and dynamic psychological model that extracts meaningful patterns from the gathered data, Neosperience’s Customer Insight Engine builds the exact Buyer Personas profile related to a particular customer, involving static and dynamic (through time) sentiment analysis, thanks to information acquired from profiles, matched to purchase behaviors. Dimensions include Personality (big five), Need for Cognitive Closure vs. Ambiguity Tolerance and Locus of Control. DCX KPI Engine Customer interactions with DCX objects across all touch points produce a continuous stream of uncorrelated data that in analyzed and aggregated into meaningful metrics. Neosperience Analytics Engine provides an abstraction layer over acquired metrics and customer behavior trends, composing a synthetic yet comprehensive view of the customer, providing organization with a dashboard of relevant metrics such as: Obtained Rewards, Conversions, Annual Recurring Revenue, Churn and overall AARRR. Context Engine Customer contextual information and behavioral trends allow to model customer actions towards the brand, to predict and nudge customer actions. Neosperience Context Engine builds a real- time model of the customers’ behavior, detecting recurring patterns of actions related to context factors (time of the day, day of the week, weather, etc.), performing a temporal analysis involving multi- dimensional pattern recognition through deep learning. Collected data allow to proactively suggest the next best action or recommended product at the right time. Neosperience Cloud Engines
  12. 12. Neosperience Agile Delivery Framework DISCOVER DESIGN DELIVER OPTIMIZE Shape
 the Vision Understand
 the Landscape Craft the
 Business Case Plan Design
 UX/UI Architect
 the Solution Organization
 and Processes Tools and
 Technologies Launch, Manage
 and Measure Manage the
 Performance Monitor
 and Benchmark Learn and
  13. 13. Neosperience Cloud Technology 1. Authentication,
 authorization 2. Content
 repository 3. Cloud content
 delivery 4. API gateway Micro-services
 built as Lambda
 Functions 5-8.
  14. 14. | |