SF Anytime Case Study - Connected Entertainment 2012


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Presented by Neon Stingray at the annual Connected Entertainment conference in Melbourne 2012. The case study focusses on the achievements and challenges in creating a next-generation connected entertainment experience for SF Anytime, transforming a basic download-to-PC service into the biggest video on-demand offering in Scandinavia across connected TVs, tablets, smartphone and consoles.

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SF Anytime Case Study - Connected Entertainment 2012

  1. 1. International Case StudyDelivering the Next Generation ConnectedEntertainment Experience: SF AnytimeChris FlintoftCEO & Co-Founder Neon Stingray
  2. 2. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012Background
  3. 3. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012BackgroundBased in Sweden•  Owned by Bonnier Media Group•  Sister company with SF BIO which is the largest cinema operator in Scandinavia, and Discshop,one of the largest online CD/DVD companies in Scandinavia•  SF Anytime started with a movie download-to-PC service in 2002•  Now offers a TVOD only streaming movie services across multiple devices and platforms•  Strategic goal to become the leading provider of Video On Demand content in Scandinaviathrough both SF branded and affiliate channels•  Wanted to be ‘device agnostic’ to achieve broadest possible reach across a range of consumerdevices (web, tablets, phones, Connected TV, Set-Top-Boxes, consoles etc)
  4. 4. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012SF Current State
  5. 5. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012SF Current StateProfile•  TVOD only•  Decommissioned Download in 2011•  Watching brief on SVOD and EST•  Mix of Hollywood and Local Market Content•  Now Available on a wide selection of devices across web, mobile, tablet, connected TV with GameConsoles planned for late 2012 early 2013.•  Currently available on Mac & PC, Samsung, LG, Phillips and Panasonic CTV’s, Android and IOS– XBOX and PS3 in development•  Primarily PlayReady DRM to meet studio requirements•  Search and Recommendations Tools
  6. 6. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012SF Current StateProfitable Organic Growth•  4 million transactions per year•  50% growth•  1 million registered customers across the network•  900% growth•  Smart TV has been a big driver of growth•  10% of total transactions on CTV in just 2 years•  Affiliate programs also key to growth•  30+ affiliates driving 75% of all transactions•  Affiliates include IPTV operators, ISP’s, Telco’s and Utilities
  7. 7. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012SF Anytime Problems
  8. 8. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012SF Anytime Problems2009•  PC only download model•  No product to manage rights across multiple devices•  Static customer growth (Around 100,000 customers)•  No device roadmap•  Limited back-end infrastructure to meet changing requirements around metadata, subtitles,customised catalogues and geographic expansion.•  Limited support for distribution via channels (affiliates)
  10. 10. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012Many In-Market Technology Options
  11. 11. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012Many In-Market Technology OptionsNone are “End to End Products”Always considerations around:•  Integration with back-end systems•  Front-end user experience•  Rights management on multiple platforms (e.g. web vs iPad)•  Content ingestion and mastering tools (e.g. whats provided by the studios oen varies)•  Encoding•  Cross-platform DRM
  12. 12. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012How We Helped SFCreated a Structured Product RoadmapDevices Rights Hardware User Experience Management
  13. 13. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012Device Roadmap
  14. 14. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012Device RoadmapInvest Upfront Time•  Understand what devices you want to be on over the next 5 years•  Invest time in researching device proliferation in your local market•  Speak to hardware manufacturers early as there is oen a mutual benefit•  Current –•  Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Phillips CTV•  IOS and Android Tablets and Windows Phone•  Mac and PC•  Late 2012 / early 2013•  XBOX, PS3, Sony Bravia CTV
  15. 15. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012Content Rights
  16. 16. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012Content RightsUnderstand and Leverage Your Rights•  What rights do you currently have?•  What rights do you need to negotiate?•  What restrictions exist per device?•  What rights do you need to purchase?•  2 years ago SF decided to•  Decommission Download and focus on Streaming.•  Build a strong indirect affiliate channel to expand their market•  Keep a watching brief on EST
  17. 17. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012Device Hardware
  18. 18. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012Device HardwareCreate Partnerships•  Partner with your target device manufacturers•  Negotiate premium homepage space•  CTV is harder to navigate, so homepage space is critical for user engagement•  CTV is now a key driver of growth for SF Anytime
  19. 19. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012Multi-Platform User Experience
  20. 20. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012Multi-Platform User ExperienceSignature User InterfacePlan this upfront, not ad hoc as you decide to add devices to your solution•  Create a signature experience across all devices to foster brand loyalty•  Saves time and money by identifying possible design roadblocks early•  Optimise feature set based on device capability and use case•  A style guide or pattern library that scales across all devices in your roadmap (e.g.www.bbc.co.uk/gel)•  Plays to native device strengths but has your brand DNA•  Allow flexibility for “white label” affiliate networks
  21. 21. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012Product Management
  22. 22. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012Product ManagementAcross Multiple Devices•  Different devices have different rights considerations (e.g. iPad 1 vs iPad 2/3)•  To operate a dynamic retail environment there is a need to push different offers (packages) todifferent devices•  Ability to promote and manage content based on factors such as popularity and margin•  Top Lists•  e need to quickly on-board and manage affiliates and custom catalogues.•  SF have developed a sophisticated Back Office Product to give them the ability to manage theday to day operations of the Product as a vibrant retail offer for their customers.
  23. 23. CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT 2012SummaryKey Success FactorsDevices Rights Hardware User Experience Management•  Mix of direct and in-direct channels to extend market reach and provide economies ofscale (i.e. single catalogue, multiple brands)•  Breadth of device coverage – mix of traditional (IPTV, Set-Top-Box) and emerging devices(web, mobile, Connected TV, consoles etc)•  Back-end tools to manage and promote the catalogue•  Simple, practical solutions for search & recommendations (i.e. no need to build a ‘perfect’algorithm)
  24. 24. Contact Detailschris.flintoft@neonstingray.comImage credits:www.istockphoto.comhttp://www.teradatamagazine.com/v09n04/Features/One-size-does-not-fit-all/http://www.digitaltrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/samsung-app-tv-platform-apps-yahoo.jpg